I was in a hipster coffee shop in Baltimore, Maryland – “The City That Reads” – and looking at the bulletin board where people are selling their fixie bikes, or looking for a roommate, or shilling for their neopostfolk (i.e, “hipster”) band.

Since these are either trust fund kids slumming it, or lumpenhipsters who draw caricatures for tourists for food money – they are really, really white. And the handful of “hipsters” who are not, in fact, “technically white” have internalized whiteness deep in their hearts. They may call themselves “Bipsters” – “black hipsters” – but real niggas call them “oreo cookies.”

Look – this is Intersectionality. I don’t make up these rules, I was instructed in these rules and I follow them to the best of my ability, because I am a very obedient serf.

So anyway some chick had written her Deep Feminist Thought on the bulletin board, something close to:

The proof that men don’t respect women is how the only way they will leave you alone is if you tell them you have a boyfriend.

The idea being that men see women as property and will respect another man’s property rights to a woman. But if she isn’t owned by a man (in the pimp vernacular, she’s an “independent bitch”) she is fair game.

The feminist isn’t entirely wrong.

To be fair, like a lot of feminists she is likely more autistic than average and perhaps not as smart, nor as unique, as she thinks she is. There is a lot of truth in the neo-reactionary idea that Social Justice is the successor religion to Congregationalism. One hundred years prior our feminist would have been a Quaker Women’s Minister posting handbills about demon rum and the sexual exploitation of working class factory girls (like Mary Phagan.) Let’s also acknowledge that this is a healthy and adaptive instinct.

And if you are in the misogynist incel crowd, you’ll point out that women very much have reciprocal property rights over men. In more than half of the states, if some home-wrecking bitch seduces a woman’s husband, she can sue her for “alienation of affection” – that is a tort, she can sue for damages. The wife has property rights over her husband, this is well established in common law and legislation.

Of course most of this stuff is never going to reach court. If even half of the people actually went to court for such things the entire society would grind to a halt in a month. Just like a guy who thinks he is being flirtatious but is actually kind of creepy isn’t going to get sued for sexual harassment in 99.999% of cases, everyone every day deals with personal relations and conflicts and only in the most severe cases does anyone want to get lawyers involved.

This basic and obvious reality is why Americans have a tradition of “limited government.” That is an American ideal – meaning, it is an aspiration, not something America has ever come close to achieving.

On this exact subject, I was consuming a Marxist-Leninist podcast called “The Marxist-Leninist School Of Communism Podcast” and they were discussing Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars.

The co-hosts were a man who fit the stereotype of an old Irish Communist reliving his glory days from ’68 and a woman who was presumably a history professor or something.

The man told a bunch of “dad jokes” about Will Smith and his wife Jada – stuff about the car ride home, sleeping on the couch, that sort of thing – and the woman laughed at the idea of Jada getting to have her knight in shining armor defending her while also getting her young stud boyfriend on the side.

What was so interesting about the exchange was these far ultra-left literal Marxist-Leninist Communists had zero discussion of “patriarchy” or “feminism” – it sounded like a conversation your aunt and uncle might have over a bit of romantic mini-drama-scandal in the neighborhood. Everyone assumed their traditional sex roles and reacted the way you would expect.

They also had nothing to say about “racial expectations of black men” or whatever nonsense, either.

Clearly, the enemies of The Family are not “socialists” – they aren’t even Communists.

“Making the personal political” is a Leftist tactic that appeared well after orthodox Communism, although like everything it is as old as human civilization.

Consider the artificial US political construct, “women and minorities.”

Obviously, “women” are not a minority. In every society there are always slightly more females than males.

In American political discourse, we understand “minorities” to mean, first and foremost, African-Americans. Second, the Democrats are always trying to turn “Latinx” into some unified anti-white “minority” with little success. In San Francisco, “Asian-Americans” – especially Chinese – are a very big deal in city politics.

We all know that Democrats struggle with basic biological concepts like “sex” but, in fact, for every one of their “minority” groups, a little more than half of those people are, in fact, females. Since only adults vote, they are, in fact, “women.”

Democrats also have problems with basic dictionary definitions of words, so to help them:

“A woman is an adult human female.”

So, “women and minorities” basically means “women, and ethnically minority women, and ethnically minority men.”

So you already have “ethnically minority women” in there, so what do you mean by “women” with no modifier?

Oh, by “women and minorities” you mean “WHITE women and minorities.”

Well why didn’t you say that?

If ethnic minority women and ethnic minority men vote as a block, why would WHITE women be in some different category than WHITE men?

In this writer’s youth, the Leftists often used this verbiage, “keeping the government out of people’s bedrooms.” The idea was that there were these “Evangelical Christians” that were somehow invading people’s sex lives. In reality, First Lady Tipper Gore – a Democrat – and a bunch of “Concerned Moms” wanted there to be “Parental Advisory” stickers on cassette tapes so their kids weren’t buying records with cursing and talk about rape and drugs and murder and “pimping” and the like.

For whatever reason the rest of the Democrats thought this was an awful, horrific imposition and Tipper Gore became this ultimate symbol of Mean Mommy not letting them say “bitch ass ho” in songs sold to children. This was somehow “invading people’s bedrooms.”

But I mean obviously the only bedrooms being invaded were the Media Companies selling these vulgar cassette tapes to little kids.

Note that Tipper Gore didn’t ask for anything to be banned, she just wanted a damn STICKER that said “Parental Advisory.”

You know, like an “R rating” for movies.

Of course now public school teachers are singling out vulnerable young pre-teen girls who perhaps have some emotional issues and convincing them they are really boys and need to have their breasts removed and be given daily steroid injections to “block puberty.”

This is serial killer stuff, Doctor Frankenstein style medical malpractice, body horror, of course. The coming “Detransitioner Trials” are going to be make Tobacco and Asbestos look like child’s play.

Democrats need to get out of other people’s children’s bedrooms, and keep their bedroom activities out of other people’s children’s classrooms.

The Democrats are probably going to get a well-deserved shellacking in the next two elections. We’re going to need them to hold back whatever insane World War III the Republicans are cooking up and will unleash on the world the second they take power.

So, Democrats, take the L, deal with your Groomer Problem and get back in the game. Maybe get back to at least paying lip service to Free Speech? And keep your bedrooms out of our politics.

And for the GOP, once you get the half-Lebanese Aussie Sheilas on your side, it’s yours to lose. You either win gracefully or instead be a typical Republicuck and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Panic Room, 2002 – When biological males dressed in disguises stage a home invasion, Jodi Foster must save herself and her daughter in their specially constructed Anti-Democrat Groomer safe room.