So it was all an accident – I started a blog, a bunch of people started posting about “Mencius Moldbug” and all my favorite bloggers were declared “neo-reactionary” by the Claremont/Peter Thiel Spam Campaign of 2014. Most of them actually thought of it as a kind of “honor” – they were invited into this elite club of intellectual bad boys that only the cool kids knew about, and their reward was a link, and a few commenters telling them how they were brilliant and they should read all of these Claremont/Thiel funded bloggers who were also brilliant.

It ain’t rocket science, it is all just marketing, and this is America. It is a mercantile society. So if you have money – and the American Elites have unlimited money, they just print up however much they need – you can get very smart people to do whatever you want. $10k a month and some legal benefits will get you fifty hours a week from some very smart white guys. These white guys have no shame and will do whatever you pay them to – scamming credit card charges out of people? They wouldn’t think twice. Marketing some shitty slave made tech product to Valley Girls in Santa Monica? Done. Trick twelve year old boys to type in their parent’s credit card number to get a goodie box in some video game? White guys will do it without hesitation, and they will make up whatever bullshit justification they need to, because white men are generally speaking greedy pricks who only care about money. And American white guys are obviously worse about this than Europeans and the other white diaspora communities.

So then the Breitbart Spam campaign – also known as “the Donald Trump campaign” – swept in and did the same thing, but a more low-brow version and a lot more spam that was less targeted than the NRx people.

Since Trump won, this freaked out the Democratic-Republican party, especially the CIA, because the CIA knows that Donald Trump and his entire team of people, to include his flesh and blood family, are all 100% literal agents of a foreign state, the Zionist regime in occupied Palestine.

I’m sorry – this is politics for grown-ups. Ideologies don’t matter – people matter. And people will adopt whatever ideology they need to in order to benefit from their material circumstances. With the Zionist Jews behind him, Trump is a world wide celebrity, a billionaire with his own private jet with a literal gold toilet, and even the President of the United States.

Without the Zionist Jews behind him, Trump was a former millionaire that went bankrupt and had to do infomercials selling board games and frozen steaks – the professional wrestling gigs were a step up. And he didn’t even write his book, obviously, that was just a branding exercise.

Sure – some of this was not entirely obvious in 2015 – even though a lot of it was – and if you haven’t figured it out by now, what is there to say?

Vladimir Putin is quite popular in Israel. Half of Israeli Jews are Russians, or quasi-Russian. Especially the Likud faction of Israel are particularly pro-Putin and particularly pro-Russia. And of course as Donald Trump himself said about his son-in-law Jared Kushner, “he is more loyal to Israel than the United States.” Another person familiar with the matter said that Jared Kushner “saw Benjamin Netanyahu as his boss, the one he answered to.”

What else is there to say? It’s has been quite amusing to see various Neo-Reactionary and Dissident Right commenters try to hand wave all this stuff away – “oh, the problem is actually, er, democracy and egalitarianism.”

I mean – sure, I can acknowledge the shortcomings of democracy and egalitarianism. Some of these neo-right people make some really good points.

But what does any of that have to do with Donald Trump’s entire political and personal team being essentially the American branch of Likud? It certainly wasn’t “democracy” that caused that. It certainly wasn’t “egalitarianism” that led to that.

It was something else.

Now considering Next President Ron DeSantis is even more comically controlled by this same group of foreigners – to the point where his first official act is to travel to the foreign state to get his orders – tell me …

… how does “democracy” fit in here? How did “egalitarianism” led to this state of affairs?

For me, it is sort of like the people who say really, really stupid things like “jet fuel softens steel beams.” That is a thought-terminating cliche to avoid dealing with apparent reality. Typing “egalitarianism” and “democracy” like these words are some magic incantations doesn’t really change the reality everyone can see with their own eyes.

It is a pity too, because this is exactly how the “Nazi” people even get a hearing. I’ll be the first to admit it – I listen to the Daily Shoah guys. I think they are funny – Howard Stern but with race not sex – and occasionally they make a good point or have a good analysis of some specific thing.

But as an ideology? “Nazi” is just role-play. “National Socialism” – yeah it is an ethos, it is about as realistic as Communism, or Theocracy. It is almost impossible to even have something remotely close to “nationalism” in the era of flight and the Internet, and you also want a centrally planned economy?

That is about as intellectually serious as the “No Nukes” crowd from the 1970s or the morons who think we can power civilization with solar panels and windmills.

But since no one is allowed to discuss the real Zionist issue, people will naturally gravitate to the extremely wrong analyses given by the Nazis and the “Traditionalist Catholics.”

Which I suspect is actually the entire point. For my entire life, these “Nazis” have been around – Hal Turner is still around, apparently, with yet another popular radio show – and half of these “Nazis” have been themselves Jewish. They are uniformly a joke but are the only ones allowed to actually discuss this real and major issue.

Remember – we don’t have free speech in America. In 2006, Mearsheimer and Walt not only could not find an American publisher, the Zionist Jews that had taken over The Atlantic refused to publish even the article they had asked for.

Just read the Wikipedia pages for Philip Giraldi or Kevin MacDonald. It’s nothing but slander from the ADL – the ADL being literally, not figuratively, a money laundry for Jewish organized crime.

Here is hoping for the Jewish Giuliani. They always said that Giuliani was able to take down the Italian Mafia because he was Italian and they couldn’t make up some bullshit that he was “oppressing the Italian community.”

Where is our American Jewish Guiliani?

Where are the moderate Jews?