Here is a fascinating South African documentary from 2009, The Glow Of White Women. I saw this documentary years ago on satellite TV.

The actual film:

The Glow Of White Women

A review:

It appears this LinkTV documentary is somewhat censored. It has been preserved on the Internet Archive, but good luck finding it on Youtube or a mainstream video sharing service. It is, at best, “PG-13” rated. It isn’t the sex that is controversial, it is the race.

Depending on who you ask, this is either a documentary about white women being sexually fetishized by non-white men, or non-white women being fetishized by white men.

It was made by, and stars, an Indian/Desi (“colored”) man who grew up in South Africa and as a boy cut out pictures of white women’s breasts and other body parts from the South African version of the Sears catalog, the beginning of his life-long fascination with white women.

It seems he finally achieved his goal and had sex with a white woman, then made a documentary about himself and other non-white, “colored” and “black” men who are sexually obsessed with white women. Like that Jewish guy who made a documentary about trying to get a date with Drew Barrymore.

There are also plenty of white women and men interviewed with seemingly similar racial fetishes and complexes. One white woman’s “oppression orgasm” story was really quite fascinating from a psychological perspective.

Interesting film, I thought this would be exactly the sort of “Intersectional” documentary they would be showing to freshmen year college students in era of Social Justice.

But then again perhaps they really don’t want to have the conversation.