Once you break the taboos and keep things in that context, it is easier to understand what is happening. Back in the Soviet days they called it “Kremlinology” and the point wasn’t to figure out if they were lying, but to figure out why they were telling a particular lie.

Star Republican Matt Gaetz is a wholly controlled asset of the foreign state of Israel. This was made blatantly obvious by all of the “scandals” that Matt Gaetz has had in the last couple of years.

This isn’t ancient history – this is 2021.

Matt Gaetz was best friends with Jewish Mafia (“Mishpucka”) capo Joel Greenberg. What Gaetz and Greenberg were doing was sexually trafficking girls and young women. Gaetz and Greenberg were doing exactly what Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were doing, but they got caught before they reached that level.

More than zero of the sexually trafficked females at the cocaine yacht orgies that Greenberg and Gaetz were hosting in the Caribbean were children. Greenberg has already pleaded guilty to at least one count. The chances of Gaetz and Greenberg only trafficking one minor child is precisely zero.

Then, Matt Gaetz’s father was approached by agents of the Israeli Mossad and extorted for several million dollars to make his “son’s problems go away.”

This isn’t some obscure “conspiracy theory” – this has been major news in the Washington Post and the New York Times for three or more years now.

But now Matt Gaetz is on the front pages again because he did a little clown performance with the Secretary of Defense and claimed that the US military is “socialist.”

I want you, the reader, to really let that sink in. This is what passes for the Republican party.

Of course it is a stupid Republican throw away line – “socialist” is the Republican version of the word “racist” – it means everything, and nothing. It appeals to fat old Boomer men who grew up hiding under their desk from Commie Nukes.

This is the “TV Generation” – these are the people who would 100% believe it if the TV Evening News told them the Moon Men were invading so we all had to join the United Earth and get a Space Vaccine or whatever. There is literally no limit to what people raised in the TV Generation will believe, they were damaged from youth.

But keep everything in context:

Matt Gaetz, the rising Republican Star, is already known to be involved in sex trafficking, sexual trafficking of underage girls, organized crime, money laundering, cocaine yacht orgies …

… AND he is known to have been the target of sexual and financial blackmail from the intelligence agency of a foreign state …

… and no one is talking about this, instead it is an argument about how “woke” the military is and if the US military has become “socialist.”

Really, what is there to say?

GOP Delenda Est.

Now, the unanswered question is: why are the Democrats ignoring such a juicy story? Certainly, their base – the cat ladies and SJWs and the like – they are making the jokes. They are bringing it up. But the Democrats don’t really want to even discuss this major, massive foreign espionage scandal.

Why won’t the Democrats go after Gaetz?

Isn’t it obvious? It is because Gaetz is controlled by Israeli Jews. Democrats are controlled by Jews, the Democratic party is funded and managed by Jews – all of them are 100% dedicated Zionists and loyal to the foreign state in occupied Palestine, even Bernie Sanders – and Jews are the brains behind the Democratic party. They are by far the smartest, most sophisticated, and best organized faction in the Democratic party. Plus, 80% of the bills for the Democratic party and the Left in general is paid for by Zionist Jews.

So of course the Jews that run the Democratic party want to keep Gaetz in charge of their opposition because they can take him down at any time.

And who is Gaetz’s biggest political friend? Florida Governor and next President Ron DeSantis.

It ain’t rocket science. It is just taboo.

But, you know – it is 2023. It is not 1976. The whole “don’t say Jew” thing may have been a Boomer taboo, a taboo of the TV generation, but most Americans don’t really think of Jews as some “Holy Victim” people or whatever bullshit. They are one of many political factions in America. And the Italian “Mafia” screamed “anti-italian” when they were prosecuted, just like Jewish “Mishpucka” cries “anti-semitism!”

Of course they are going to say that – when a black guy gets arrested for committing a crime the first thing he cries is “racist!” Jewish criminals are no different.