Honestly I thought the social conservatives were already decomposing in their graves after about 2005. The Mormons were somehow behind the scenes extorted into dropping their opposition to “gay marriage” and when they fired Brendan Eich from Mozilla, for donating to a Christian charity that supported marriage, it was a message to the entire white collar work force: any non-compliance with “LGBT” anything is a firing offense.

Even more than abortion, “LGBT” was what really killed the social conservatives, because they didn’t understand it, because it isn’t even really a thing. The reason they keep adding letters is because it isn’t really even a thing, it is the very definition of “social construct.”

So the trick is they want you to “take a side” on this artificial construct, “LGBT.” If you start talking about “sodomites” well now you’re a hate group. If you start saying “sexual preference doesn’t matter but biological sex is real” well now you’re on the defensive.

Can you even define “queer?” As the radical environmentalist Derrick Jensen pointed out, fully half of the founding text of “Queer Theory” was about so-called “boy lovers” as in homosexual pedophiles and how their rights were supposedly being violated.

The Anti-Grooming Bill is a winner, and the smart Republicans got the message when the lesbians, who hate Republicans, had no choice but to beg Republicans for help because they were be sexually harassed and assaulted by men claiming to be “transgender” and were terrified what they were going to do if they got access to young girls.

In politics, you have splitters, and you have joiners.

“LGBT” is a minoritarian tactic. “LGBT” splits little fragments off of the whole, the joins them back together into an artificial tribe, an “identity.”

In political terms, “the military vote” is more than just men on active duty in one of the branches. Last stats I read, about ten percent of the population of USA is either current military, former military, or family of military. That is a large tribe.

“LGBT” doesn’t include just “people who are LGBT” – it also includes family, friends, people who otherwise have some reason. Obviously, “gay men” are a tiny minority and would have no political power (except among small groups at high levels, similar to Jews, in fact.) Same with “lesbians.” What even is a “bi-sexual?”

The starting point is to split the artificial construct of “LGBT.”

Then, Caitlyn Jenner, the new FOX News employee? I am not interested in participating in that particular sexual fetish, thank you very much. I did not consent to engaging in fetish role play with Caitlyn Jenner – no thank you.

So the Republicans saying, “keep this shit out of elementary school” is a winner. It is specifically a winner because it is popular among suburban moms, wanna-be moms, and grandmoms, and the Republicans are sometimes weak among suburban white women. (You also won’t get any push back from black people, nor “Latinxas” nor any ethnic minority because they don’t like the “LGBT” stuff anymore than white people do.)

They are also – I’m actually surprised they haven’t fucked this up yet – avoiding getting into some stupid debate about “gays and lesbians.” I had assumed Republicans would be immediately jumping to the “Democrats are the REAL homophobes” thing but so far they aren’t. This has nothing to do with “gays and lesbians” or “sexual orientation” or anything. No one is interested in “gays and lesbians” and no one is interested in an argument about “gays and lesbians.”

This is a winner, the Republicans can be winners, good. Now, it is time to take the next logical step and do NOT let them trick you about this.

A couple of years ago MindGeek, a shadowy international corporation registered in Canada, was kicked off of Visa and Mastercard because they were encouraging boys and girls under the age of 18 to post pornographic pictures and videos of themselves on their site, and some watchdog group discovered a huge amount of child sexual abuse material and noted a number of cases of girls who had spent years begging MindGeek to remove the videos of them being raped.

The pressure was put on Visa and Mastercard, and it worked, they were forced to stop collaborating with MindGeek.

The very one time that George W. Bush ever did anything for Christians was when he prosecuted two particular Florida pornography companies for “obscenity.” All of their videos were of adults, but the “sex” they portrayed was something that no one could defend. The Republicans made the Democrats defend it, and the Democrats backed down, because they couldn’t defend it.

Of course, Republicans should not get into an argument about “what is pornography really” or even “who is to define obscenity?”

No, the point is you find a target – and any pornography company is a potential target – and you punish them politically, financially, and socially. Let someone else have an argument about “what really is porn?”

Nor should anyone think that the Republicans are going to scare away men who watch porn. No one is every going to “ban porn.” That isn’t the point. Nor is any Republican going to say, “well I was going to vote Republican but they were going to ban my porn so I voted Democrat.” Even if that were true – it obviously will never happen – such a loser would never dare express such a thing in public and if he did he would just encourage other men to vote Republican to just not be like him.

The point is to understand that a lot of pornography is misogynistic hate speech and while everyone supports free speech, speech has consequences.

If your business model is to exploit economically disadvantaged young women and then get men to pay you to watch and masturbate – well, with the right pressure no one will do business with you. You may not even get invited to the golf club anymore.

How the Republicans need to spin this is by protecting women and families from all these “queer” perverts and pornographers, rapists, and creeps.

Don’t worry about the men – white men are all going to vote for the Republicans no matter what.

In 1994, the Christians were scared they wouldn’t be “cool” like the seculars who were like really relaxed about sex, man, dude like no hang ups.

Now, it is the opposite. We’ve reached the point in the 1980s where the old 1970s “hot tubs and mustache” set were not cool and edgy, they were gross and diseased.

It became Hip To Be Square.

It is not the 1970s anymore. In the era of David Bowie, perhaps a little bit of gender bending seemed cool. Now, it means experimental surgery, artificial sex hormones, and gross and unsanitary things.

All the Republicans need to do is to tell the white suburban moms, “we’re going to get the freaks out of your schools and we won’t let them groom your kids over the internet either” and they have their vote.

The fact that this campaign will also hurt some awful people is a just wonderful side benefit, a happy accident.

I used to be a renegade
I used to fool around
But I couldn't take the punishment
And had to settle down
Now I'm playing it real straight
And yes, I cut my hair
You might think I'm crazy
But I don't even care
Because I can tell what's going on
It's hip to be square
I like my bands in business suits
I watch them on TV
I'm working out most every day
And watching what I eat
They tell me that it's good for me
But I don't even care
I know that it's crazy
I know that it's nowhere
But there is no denying that
It's hip to be square