Cointel-Pro White Hate B

Remember Sibel Edmonds, the 9/11 FBI whistle-blower, explaining “Gladio B?” She wrote both a non-fiction book and a narrative novel about this “false flag” terrorist organization run by NATO out of Turkey.

Remember J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI program, COINTEL-PRO, against Black Panthers and other Black Nationalists, and the sister program, “White Hate” against Southern whites, Klans, and opposition to forced integration? The program that birthed George Lincoln Rockwell, America’s first “Neo-Nazi” whose right-hand man, a New York Jew named Dan Burros, wrote his “communications?”

The Rockwell that was praised by his FBI handlers as “cooperative” and “enthusiastic?”

Let’s take a look at a brand new Twitter account posting on this blog. “FlubsDelasio” – joined Twitter December 2021, 28 Followers, 110 Following.

It attempted to post two comments, one referring to weapons and another to killing.

First “FlubsDelasio” posted “the rule of .308 is right o around the corner” on one thread and then the next day, “i cant wait to snuff” on another.

For thirty or so days, the account has posted to Twitter:

  1. “Hey now! ooby dooby fuggy wuggy…. There’s Something Much Bigger Going On Here | Dr. Robert Malone 2022” and a link to a Youtube video.

The Democratic party has called Robert Malone “Covid disinformation.”

  1. “Lt. Michael Byrd – – where dat boy?”

This is apparently a threat directed against the Capitol police officer who shot January sixth protestor Ashley Babbit.

Part of the Democratic party narrative is that Americans who voted for Trump are “domestic extremists” and murder police officers – all false, but Twitter account “FlubsDelasio” is made to reinforce that narrative.

  1. “Jewish NGOs banned from Polish schools”

This links to an article on “The Hyphen Report.” What is the Hyphen Report?

“Please note that we are not affiliated with the National Justice Party or any other nationalist or dissident organization.”

So Hyphen Report is “linked” to the Mike Enoch influencer crowd, and also specifically “Occidental Dissent” which is Hunter Wallace.

As much as I would love to throw a maximum suspicious spotlight on these two “movement” influencers, I have a hard time believing any of their sincere fans would be behind a Twitter account like “FlubsDelasio.”

So Twitter account “FlubsDelasio” posts about weapons and violence, writes threatening statements about law enforcement officers, links to “far-right websites” and ties it all to “mainstream” Republicans.

And indeed – they are posting from an IP address linked to the Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama, which is a partner of the ADL. SPLC specializes in the “Neo-Confederate” brand while the ADL focuses on the “Neo-Nazi” brand. Both are simply Democratic party outfits, although the Republican party was fully complicit with both the ADL and the SPLC until they encouraged terrorism against Christian lobbies in Washington D.C. and the Republican baseball games in Northern Virginia.

The Langley Army Of God

If readers didn’t finish the entire HBO show linked previously, Soldiers in the Army of God, and play “Spot the Fed” with the entire documentary – it’s only an hour long – they are missing out on a very important political reality.

Let’s do a thought experiment.

It is 1982. Ronald Reagan is President, and his Vice President is George H. W. Bush, the man who “saved the Agency” and has the CIA headquarters named after him. The man who led the anti-Communist coalition when the entire Communist Bloc fell.

That George H. W. Bush.

Down the street from the George H. W. Bush Center for Intelligence is an organization called “Pro-Life Virginia” that leads a band of Christian terrorists shooting abortionists and bombing clinics.

The leaders are interviewed on network news throughout the 1990s.

And – of course – after 9/11 people were shocked to find out that some of the terrorists had attended a “radical mosque” in Northern Virginia, but don’t worry, the Wall Street Journal told us, the FBI keeps a close eye on this radical mosque hosting Al Qaeda 9/11 terrorists within commuting distance of the George H. W. Bush Center for Intelligence.

It does require a suspension of disbelief, but the system runs on the fact that you know you are not really supposed to think about these things. It’s a taboo for a reason. It’s just more trouble than its worth.

CIA Was Always Woke

Remember last year when CIA ran their “woke” ad?

Everyone had their laugh. It was almost a parody of the worst of “Social Justice Girlboss.”

The little tell was not the “brown woman” – the tell was “with generalized anxiety disorder.”

CIA employee John Gittinger’s Personality Assessment Test – one of the things that George H. W. Bush had to “save the agency” for was Gittinger’s testimony before the Senate Committee hearings – almost certainly was able to screen for certain “mental and personality disorders.”

Why CIA would want a racially and ethnically diverse set of assets is quite straightforward, but why might an organization like CIA want to recruit people with certain types of negative personality traits?

Back in the old days, when J. Edgar Hoover had FBI recruit Mormons who “lived clean and knew how to keep a secret” the “foreign” intelligence agencies of USA and UK were promoting the “James Bond” archetype.

They were not looking for young brown women with general anxiety disorder, they were looking for white men who were heavy drinkers and womanizers.

Totally not a personality disorder, but instead, the modern Playboy.

They even had a nationwide string of brothels called “Playboy Clubs.”

Back in the 1950s, you didn’t get canceled for saying “the N-Word.” You got canceled for a sex scandal in the gossip pages.

So this sort of low-level, soft “blackmail” was the cancel culture of its time.

Sexual Blackmail Was The Cancel Culture Of The 1950s

If Joe Rogan was “discovered” to have had an affair with a porn star, not only would no one care it would probably make him more popular. But in the 1950s if a prominent radio host had the newspaper “gossip columnists” – like the one threatening CIA director William Colby as documented in the CIA “Family Jewels” released during the Church Committee hearings of the 1970s – that was liable to get him fired.

A “hate group” as determined by the ADL and documented on Wikipedia put out the first “expose” of Marilyn Monroe’s affairs with the Kennedy Brothers – written by an “anti-semitic” “anti-communist” “Christian right-winger” back in the 1950’s.

These days it is having said “The N Word” but in those days the taboos were sexual, not racial.

So a kind of soft “sexual blackmail” was endemic. If the gossip caught on it could destroy a career. Nelson Rockefeller’s love child was apparently “adopted” into an extended family of foreign spies, without father or son knowing, for precisely this sort of reason.

It came out years ago that Bill Clinton was being blackmailed by Jeffrey Epstein and Israeli Prime Ministers Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu over his many affairs and his trips aboard the “Lolita Express” to “Pedophile Island.” Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, and that was within living memory of many.

Reliable Risk Takers

According to numerous mainstream sources, CIA uses the “MICE” model of human motivation, the “E” stands for “ego.”

If you are recruiting white men with narcissistic personality disorders in the 1960s you are going to project a different brand than if you are recruiting brown women with narcissistic personality disorders in the 2020s.

Oh yeah and speaking of Bill Clinton, does anyone remember when Bill Clinton’s State Department forced Germany and attempted to force Russia to allow Scientology to recruit in their countries in the name of “religious tolerance?”

That wasn’t forever ago, that was in the 1990s, right after the fall of the Soviet Bloc.

The KGB bloggers have some amazing stories about it.

We know that Democrats like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama love their Hollywood friends, but having State Department officials twist the arms of Germany and Russia to allow Scientology, a crank cult, to get the status of “real” religions?

“Movement” LOL

This blog is about the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, and 7, the Pentagon, and the anthrax attacks against sitting US Congressmen blocking Joe Biden’s PATRIOT Act. To understand the context of those attacks, it is important to consider other historical terrorist attacks both in the United States and around the world.

Those working for terrorist organizations and terrorist regimes want to censor this information, hence, they have these “Movement” brands like “FlubsDelasio” post content intended to have an excuse to censor discussions of the 9/11 terrorist attacks – and others.

But I don’t see why these Movement types would be interested in this blog – a 9/11 Truth blog – because these “Movement” people are explicitly anti-9/11 truth and have always been.

Nor would one think that two Democratic party Zionist front groups, the ADL and the SPLC, would want to censor information about the September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks. Unless they do have a reason to.

I’m a terrorism and extremism researcher. I would gladly offer any insights I may have to any legal and legitimate authorities who are interested.

And I’ll give them one for free: Twitter user “FlubsDelasio” is clearly attempting to recruit for illegal activities.

One assumes it is someone similar to the Daily Stormer author Joshua Ryne Goldberg, who was working with Rita Katz of SITE Intel, the Israeli Mossad front group in Washington D. C. who creates false terrorist propaganda by posing as both “Islamo-Fascists” and “White Supremacists.”

Well instead of contacting the FBI and filling out the form, let’s just tag @NSA.

In any case, the actual story of the “Army of God” from the 1980s and 1990s is actually absolutely fascinating.

However, similar to how now Attorney General Merrick Garland, at the direction of Jamie Gorelick, the 9/11 Commissioner blamed for protecting Israeli assets thus preventing “sharing” of information about the 9/11 attacks, had to soft-peddle his investigation into the terrorists behind the Oklahoma City bombing and its relation to the Iran-Contra drug trafficking operation …

… the professional leftists who so very very much want to bring back the scaremongering about “the Theocratic Christian Right” if you actually study what really happened they will drop the issue very, very quickly.

What was the origin of the “Radical Anti-Abortion Movement?”

Where did the “Army of God” come from?

August 13, 1982:

Donald Benny Anderson, Matthew Moore and Wayne Moore kidnapped Dr. Hector Zevallos and his wife Rosalie Jean from their home in Edwardsville, Illinois, United States. Dr. Zevallos was the director of the Hope Clinic for Women in nearby Granite City, Illinois. The perpetrators, claiming to be part of the Army of God, demanded that President Ronald Reagan denounce abortion as a requirement for the release of the doctor and his wife. Eight days after the original kidnapping, Hector and Rosalie Zevallos were freed unharmed.

Wayne and Matthew Moore were brothers, aged 18 and 20. Donald Benny Anderson was 46, married with six children, sometimes reported to be separated from his wife. Anderson already had a criminal record and was on the run from being sentenced in Texas for swindling a woman out of her home. Later the three were charged with bombing two abortion clinics in Florida and Virginia.

In May and June.

So a 46 year old criminal on the run from the law in Texas somehow teams up with two teenagers barely out of high school.

In May of 1982 they bomb an abortion clinic in Virginia, then they travel to Florida and bomb an abortion clinic in June, then they travel to Illinois and kidnap an abortionist and his wife, hold them hostage in an abandoned military barracks for a week while writing “epistles” to the New York Times.

All three were sentenced to federal prison and released on September 11, 2007.

The Army of God would appear around the fringes of the Life movement all throughout the 80s and 90s and to belabor the point, would recruit from mainstream churches in Northern Virginia.

In fact, the headquarters of the Army of God was not just within commuting distance of the George H. W. Bush Center for Intelligence, it was an afternoon’s ride to the ranch owned by the so-called “Finders Cult” that were implicated by the Department of the Treasury in child trafficking and found with custody of numerous abused children, some from as far away as Hong Kong, as well as the “eco-commune” that the man responsible for much of the worst abuses of the CIA program that came to be called “MK-Ultra” retired to.

It’s a small world, Northern Virginia, the headquarters of the CIA, and the most notorious Christian terrorist group with spokesmen featured on mainstream network news throughout the 80s and 90s, and America’s most radical mosque hosting Al Qaeda guest speakers both before and after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Again – I’ve done a lot of research and analysis and offer my services to any legal and legitimate authorities.

Start with Twitter account “FlubsDelasio” which is clearly part of the SPLC’s “Movement.”

Really, the Army of God, a better question might be, who WASN’T a Fed?