“Jewish student reprimanded for revealing class’ Nazi salute”

If you read the story backward you can understand what actually happened.

From the very last paragraph:

Mountain Brook’s school system responded to community complaints about a diversity program produced by the Anti-Defamation League, which combats anti-Semitism, by dropping the lessons.

So some local Democrat, or some “Republican Friend of Israel” (cough) forced the local school system to spend money on a “diversity program” from the Jewish Anti-Defamation League – in other words, “Critical Race Theory” – and the parents were shocked when they found out what these Zionist Jews were teaching their children.

The parents complained to the school board, the school district dropped the program and told the ADL, no, sorry, our parents don’t like this we’ll have to end the contract.

So then the ADL, in cooperation with local members of an extremist sect, staged a hate hoax against the school.

“Mountain Brook Listens” is the name of the ADL front group, it is a Democratic party pressure group claiming to “promote diversity in the virtually all-white city of 22,000.”

22,000 is a small town. They found a small town in Alabama and a local ADL front group used a Jewish high school girl to stage a HATE HOAX because there were too many white people in town, and the refused to pay the Jewish ADL money to teach their children anti-Christian Critical Race Theory.

The Jewish girl at the school – obviously put up to it by an “activist” at the local “Mountain Brook Listens” – uses her phone to video tape a history teacher explaining what the ADL is doing, and how the Bellamy salute – how Americans have traditionally saluted the American flag – is the same thing as the “Roman salute” or the “Hitler salute.” You are raising your right hand, like taking an oath but without crooking your elbow.

But the Jews at the ADL demand that no one ever use this gesture, that goes back to the very mists of human history, even before there were “Jews,” because the German Worker’s party used this salute too – just like the Americans and everyone else did – between 1933 and 1945.

Not only that, but you can’t even explain it to schoolchildren because a bunch of New York Jewish Democrats will smear you. Democrats are out on social media posting lies that the school teacher was teaching “Nazism” to kids in Alabama.

Imagine if a teacher drew a swastika on the chalkboard, and explained to the children that this symbol has a long history and has been used in different cultures, including by the Nazis in World War II.

Then, a Jewish student told her parents, who told the ADL, who told the Associated Press to smear your high school class, the teacher and the students, as “Nazis.”

Because that is exactly what happened here, and it happens all the time. They were just a town of 22,000 people and the local Jewish ADL front group staged a hate hoax when they wouldn’t pay the protection money. The ADL *IS* is the Jewish mafia.

It is frankly child abuse what these Jewish groups do to Ashkenazi teenagers who would otherwise simply be among their peers, but instead their Jewish communities lie to them that their neighbors are “secret Nazis” out to get them. Zionism is simply racist indoctrination.

Can you imagine some poor teenage girl just trying to fit in and having her parents, members of a cult that mutilates children’s genitals, force her to “inform” on her friends – and have to lie about it?

We need a comic book hero, like Superman, for children to learn to reject their racist parents in the Jew Klux Klan and be good Americans.

Judaism, religious or secular, has no place in public schools. You have the right to teach your children Judaism, Zionism, Scientology, whatever – it’s a free country.

But you can’t force your religion on other people’s children.