Well I guess that got shut down quick.

Hail Canada, I for one welcome out new Northern overlords, eh? As a popular blogger I can be useful helping to round up Americans to toil away on their Maple Plantations.

I’d make a joke about the Teamsters but I’m sure everything said about them would have been said about their Great White Neighbors to the North, but this is a wildcat strike. So what if the Teamsters gets involved?

So, anyway, why would it be a surprise to anyone that this class war is over job requirement. Not only are the workers expected to literally cover their faces at all times outside of their homes, but now they must submit to injections every six months of whatever substance their bosses decide.

For one hundred years, this sort of forced human experimentation has been considered crimes against humanity under universal human rights jurisdiction, but for at least a year the entire ruling class of America, Europe, and the European diaspora has been engaging in this openly.

The class analysis is pretty obvious, of course. The democratically elected governments take direct orders from “Big Pharma” – institutions like Pfizer, which each politician owns a stake in, thus aligning their interests not just in the abstract but in the sense of “direct conflict of interest.”

There is right now a massive, world wide Wildcat Worker’s General Strike against the new totalitarian work regime that Covid is being used as an excuse to roll out. In every country.

Of course, “the media won’t cover it” for the same exact reason that “Toyota won’t give me a free car.” If I want a Toyota, I have to pay for it, and if I want information, I have to pay for it. If the information is “free” it is an advertisement.

People like to make fun of the Boomers for watching TV, but the Millennials read Twitter, which is something no Boomer would ever stoop to. People read Twitter and they get a “sense of public opinion.”

LOL – truckers don’t spend all day posting about politics on Twitter.

White right-wingers love to make fun of BLM home boys burning down their own neighborhoods. But if ten percent of truckers strike, and this disrupts “supply lines” and this means bare shelves …

… those bare shelves are going to be at the grocery stores that proles shop at – at Walmart. It won’t interrupt Governor Newsom’s dinners at The French Laundry anymore than Covid means Newsom has to wear a mask – the mask is for you, the serfs.

This is clarifying:

Q: What does the US do to really threaten Russia other than kinetic warfare?

A: They threaten sanctions and especially cutting them off from SWIFT, the global financial network.

What did GoFundMe do to the truckers? They stole all their money and shut down their account. Facebook banned the page for the American Trucker Strike being formed now.

So, to be clear, the occupation regime treats Americans worse than Russians.

Also, let’s get rid of the right-wing idiocy right off the bat. It isn’t “government bureaucrats” doing this, these are private companies, capitalists that control social choke-points and they use their economic power to discipline the workers like parents discipline children.

After five years of “Fuck Trump” they censored Let’s Go Brandon. If the Republicans don’t move to shut down Alphabet and jail its management, well what is the point? Google is the enemy, the media is the enemy, these companies – like GoFundMe – are the enemy.

I predicted the Long Hot Summer of 2020, I wonder if we’ll see a repeat of 2022? Every society is three meals away from civil war.