How many dead from 9/11, Afghanistan (20 years!) Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Somalia?

Really, though, how does America have any self-respect?

Especially – ESPECIALLY – the tough white conservative minded military guys?

I mean, no thank you for your service assisting the people that staged the terrorist attacks against American citizens, then spent twenty years harassing, suing, threatening, censoring, smearing, jailing, and murdering the survivors.

Technically speaking that is aiding and abetting.

When it came time to put your ass on the line for your nation, you chose to side with the terrorists, not even just for a paycheck, but to get a pat on the back. I honestly don’t know how you look yourselves in the mirror, but whatever.

You are domestic collaborators with foreign occupiers. That situation, historically, has always been temporary.

When it does turn over – and it will – 99% of you will be amnestied, because you were never free men acting of your own free will.

99% of white American men chose the steady paycheck and the tranquility of servitude. They crouched down and licked the hands that fed them. Especially muh troops.

So, like children, like slaves, like livestock, they are not responsible. They will simply be transferred – like livestock – to a new owner, and they will continue to bleat and occasionally turn over a spring lamb for the feast.

I don’t know if Henry Kissinger really said that military men are animals meant to be used, but clearly it is true.

They are big, tough, killers, but they actually won’t do shit but continue to comply. They did, in fact, get reconstructed and integrated.

Now, like livestock, they even get whatever injections the farmer administers with nary a peep other than a baa, baa.

Because they aren’t free men nor are they particularly interested. Which is to be expected, that is the default state of mankind.

But like retarded children, American white men have to be told they are “special” – “American exceptionalism” – when they, in fact, are anything but.