Deep State operatives Miles Pompous and a shadowy, cigarette smoking double agent named Michael Bolton launch a secret biological weapons attack against China and Iran, but one fatal mistake has caused massive blow back as the US and her allies bear the brunt of the pandemic.

Intrepid Washington Post reporter, a beautiful and brilliant part time karate expert Zoe Rand [Aubrey Plaza] is passed a top-secret document from a source inside the Department of Deep State, proving that Pompous and Bolton had warned a third party country and made plans to escape the pandemic by absconding to an elite global conspiracy compound in New Zealand.

Zoe’s only hope is that she can convince her boss, a cigar chomping old timer that never takes her seriously, to get her story trending on Twitter before the secret agents Pompous and Bolton have sent can kidnap her and torture her to reveal her source.

With terrorists in hot pursuit, Zoe darts into a Dupont Circle coffeeshop and bumps into Lt. Col Mike “Yank” Holt [James McAvoy] recently returned from building schools for Afghan girls. With time running out Zoe has to convince Holt before the smoking man can board at National – she never call it Reagan because her grandfather died in Beirut 1983 and never forgave him.