An officer must have a realistic and often uncharitable analysis of the character and motivation of his agents. — Chris Simmons, Human Chess (paraphrase)

Want to tell you about the girl I love
My, she looks so fine
She's the only one that I been dreaming of
Maybe someday she will be all mine
I want to tell her that I love her so
I thrill with her every touch
I need to tell her she's the only one I really love

I love simping for Aimee Terese because doing so collects all my various blogging gimmicks into one, I count at least five. Plus, it is true, I honestly do think that Aimee Terese has a really sexy voice, especially when she’s emoting. To each his own – I wonder if she can sing? Because if she can sing that just makes it even hotter.

But, you know, never dip your pen in company ink. Aimee Terese has a sponsor – she is sponsored – which in no way diminishes her work and her dead-to-rights exposes of all the various DNC front groups that control the “left discourse” in the United States.

Now if she is a crisis actor, I’m screwed, because when she did her little wistful bit about family, her voice doing what it does, if she was faking it, I have half the EQ I thought I did. But she grew up with a Lebanese father in ultra-socially liberal Anglo Australia, so you know he was always bitching about these shielas walking around with no clothes on. When Aimee Terese says she is “socially conservative,” she thinks “puberty blockers” are crimes against children, that men with autogynophilia don’t belong in the women’s restrooms, and how women these days should stop being so slutty and/or bitchy she’s not like the other girls because she loves men and doesn’t even think women should be in combat – I believe her, I really do. I think she’s completely sincere.

But I mean obviously she’s part of the Claremont Cabal – she is getting paid, presumably – but what is more interesting is how the hell she hasn’t been permanently banned from Twitter, and even was allowed to sock puppet for a year and then get her original account back. There are sitting US Congressmen that have less pull with Twitter than the Claremont Cabal – also know as “the publication of the Paypal Mafia.”

On Sunday morning, when we go down to church
See the menfolk standing in line
Say they come to pray to the Lord
When my little girl looks so fine
In the evening, when the sun is sinking low
Everybody's with the one they love
I walk the town
Keep searching all around
Looking for my street corner girl

Just because Aimee Terese spends all day spamming Twitter because she is sponsored in some way or another, five levels down, by the Paypal Mafia, doesn’t mean that she is wrong about the workers having their surplus value expropriated by the capitalist class, nor that the Bourgeois Left hates the proletarian nuclear family. She is correct about all of these things.

But – what? No one else finds it at all interesting how the Paypal Maifa, via one of the world’s richest oligarchs, Peter Thiel, is funding the Future Leaders of the GOP like J. D. Vance? No one finds it interesting that Peter Thiel, the brilliant but awkward gay German from Stamford, was discovered in college by no less than the Godfather of Neo-Conservatism, William Kristol? No one finds that interesting? That is just a big “conspiracy theory” with no relevance to anything?

No one finds it at all interesting that a couple of years ago Claremont Institute went from a no-name college think tank to collecting virtually the entire “Dissident Right” and “Intellectual Dark Web” under their masthead? All of these writers and bloggers eventually wound up openly working at Claremont publications.

And I mean he’s known for the Artificial Intelligence that is trained on everyone’s Facebook profile. You know, the ones the Democrats went ballistic over? Facebook had to apologize for giving Thiel direct access to all, derandomized data or whatever “i” wasn’t dotted or “t” wasn’t crossed.

If you people haven’t messed around with GPT-3, I mean, I would guarantee you that the majority of people that you like would fail a Turing test with a Twitterbot trained on GPT-3 in any genre of politics, libtard, contard, or Dissidentard. I mean, if Thiel offered to pay me, I wouldn’t turn it down, but I’m assuming that other than podcasting, text generation for online political campaigning doesn’t need much direct human input anymore.

The Yorham Hizony attempt at “National Conservatism” – remember, they even had Tucker Carlson at their opening conference – was a dud – a huge dud – because it is the East Coast, it is far more cynical. But the West Coast types, there are no institutions in California except for businesses – even the schools are simply East Coast schools but physically located on the West Coast.

See Ron Unz’ analysis of post-war California politics.

J. D. Vance is a product of the Paypal Mafia too, and I’ll admit, I think it made me a little jealous listening to Aimee slobber all over him like an overexcited puppy. Vance, the liberal media’s favorite white trash ‘splainer, I suspect has a very bright future ahead of him.

While we should not underestimate the international scope of the Paypal Mafia – remember, they purchased New Zealand and disarmed the population – they don’t seem to be as widespread as World Economic Forum nor the traditional British Imperial Rhodes Scholars.

That is the difference in the East Coast West Coast thing. The East Coast, like Europe … well, think of it like a garden. Sometimes it gets tended, sometimes it just grows wild, but it has never really been dug up fully. It is just infinitely more more complex when it comes to the networks of people and the social institutions and traditions based on that.

California wasn’t like that. It went from a couple of Russia trading posts, to a few towns, then over the course of fifty years the basically virgin state birthed the world’s fifth largest economy. California was population by Americans from the East and Midwest who literally could “start from scratch” with unlimited resources and their accomplishments are amazing to behold.

There are no long established communities, no longer than fifty, seventy years maybe, it was all just imported or invented. So, just like (pace Unz above) state politics was immediately a commercial enterprise based not on party politics but instead mass media advertising. California has the reputation as the land of Fruits and Nuts because of all the New Age, hippie, “experimental communities” and frankly cult groups.

So Neo-Cons, an international network of Jewish Zionists that go back to Poland and Ukraine in the 19th century, are just a lot more sophisticated than these people. I bet the “Gentile” members of the Paypal Mafia are libertarians and probably into freaky shit like life extension by mRNA therapy. But these Neo-Cons aren’t into all that weird shit. They are serious political players, connected to institutions.

Not isolated, eccentric weirdos like Elon Musk and Peter Thiel with no real loyalty to anything other than their own whims.

All ones has to do is go to Wikipedia, which tells the story. Look at who the Gentile billionaires like Musk and Thiel give their money to. Then, look at who the Jewish billionaires give their money to. The Jewish billionaires give their money to Jewish causes that help Jewish people.

Do Musk and Thiel spend their philanthropy on helping – lol – “the Gentile Community?” Has Musk done anything to help Afrikaaners? Has Thiel done anything to help German-Americans?

J. D. Vance never forgot where he came from, he started his political career by writing a nasty book about his poorer relations he occasionally had to visit. I’m sure he’ll make a great Senator from Ohio. You can tell he really identifies with the people of Ohio and not his billionaire friends at his vacation home in Christchurch.

In the bars, with the men who play guitars
Singing, drinking, and remembering the times
My little lover does a midnight shift
She followed around all of the time
I guess there's just one thing left for me to do
Gonna pack my bags and move on my way
Cause I got a worried mind
Sharing what I thought was mine
Gonna leave her where the guitars play