The central contemporary political development is the increasing obsolescence of the 20th century’s unidirectional mass broadcast technology.

To be sure, Joe Rogan is himself a product of unidirectional mass broadcast technology, whatever nominal “audience feedback” they have in some chat room or whatever. But he’s an example of the government-business arrangements shifting because of the shift in technologies. It took a huge amount of money to build a radio station and an antenna twenty years ago, so it was by nature centralized. Now broadcasting audio is free and multi-directional. That means a lot of rent-seeking is no longer viable.

Joe Rogan isn’t a “pure play Internet star” like those Youtube people that no one reading this blog can even name. Rogan got his start on the absolutely greatest and most hilarious sitcom of the 1990’s, News Radio.

NewsRadio: The Jerry Seinfeld Interview

Fill in the details, I don’t remember, but Rogan slugged it out with his podcasts and Youtube videos about MMA, built a huge audience, then he and Spotify split the money from moving his massive audience from Youtube or wherever.

Spotify: It’s like radio, but on the internet.

Silicon Valley No Revenue | Radio On Internet

In 1920, the Establishment was much more forthright about what they meant by “democracy.” The Establishment would used electronic mass media like the radio to broadcast professionally prepared propaganda to the voters who would then vote to endorse the establishment’s policies. By the time Television came along, the Establishment learned quickly that most people would believe whatever bullshit they put on TV no matter how absurd, “magic bullets” whatever you name it.

Everyone watched Johnny Carson, then the audience split between Leno and Letterman, now the voters watch a hundred different Tik Tok channels. The newspapers once had the gravitas of simply being in physical form, now the Washington Post is just one WordPress blog among ten million others.

The Diss-Right likes the idea that America is only held together by an economic zone, but really what held America together for one hundred years was the greatest propaganda broadcast technology in all of human history. That was centralized, and now it is no longer centralized.

The current Establishment has long presented itself as liberal minded global visionaries promoting freedom and prosperity. The average American doesn’t see them that way at all, and a huge, huge percentage of the real American population voted with their feet and stopped watching CNN and instead followed the Reality TV Show of Donald Trump vs. the Swamp and the fantasy spin-off series, QAnon.

It is nearly as real as the “mainstream” of magic bullets and jet fuel and WMD’s.

Remember that woman who killed her baby and stuck it in the trunk? Neither do I. But it was a major “issue” for some people because they played the trial on TV constantly. Jussie Smollett – Justice For Juicy – was supposed to be a Big Important National Issue too, but it became a joke.

These days if it’s not on Rogan, it didn’t happen.

When the Social Media Internet Walled Gardens were free, the most crass part of the populist right got really, really popular really, really quickly. That is why they had to censor.

They have tried to “cancel” Joe Rogan for really stupid shit, and now with the whole “horse de-wormer” nonsense, but unless the corporation Spotify actually bans him, it is not going to have an effect.

The Democrats and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League have successfully forced every major company to boycott Tucker Carlson (just like they did to Glenn Beck ten years ago, and Donohue ten years before that) but Tucker Carlson is more popular than anyone except for Joe Rogan.

If you are paying attention to CNN hosts discussing partisan politics, you’re in a tiny, tiny fringe audience that increasingly doesn’t matter. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, they have a huge infrastructure of commentators, actors, etc., and twenty years ago they had an audience and now they do not.

Just as the Washington Post is now just another blog so is CNN just another podcast with a generic host no one even remembers or cares about. The era of “Celebrity Journalists” like Walter Cronkite? Long, long over.

Eventually that infrastructure – all those hosts and glorified bloggers and podcasters – are not going to be subsidized anymore. It’s already been shown that you can swap out the actors and barely anyone can tell the difference. The Koreans even have animated hosts now. GPT-3 can write text better than a Brooklyn SJW, and while it is true that Brooklyn SJW’s come cheap, GPT-3 is basically free.