This Reddit comment describes working in the news.

Providers offer subscription-based turnkey packages of written stories, which are often read verbatim during a newscast, and video footage.

From a human or bureaucratic perspective, it’s all quite banal unless one has a high opinion of show business and “journalism.” Like any job, it is a job. What you watch on a particular news program has absolutely zero to do with the opinion of anyone working at that station – not the people in front of the camera, not the people behind the camera, not the people ostensibly in charge.

There are three “official” sources of “news” – AP, Reuters, and CNN Newsource. All of the TV stations, their Youtube channels, their podcasts, their radio spots, all of that is just reading AP and Reuters and running video from CNN Newsource.

AP and Reuters are an example of a particular form of American … whatever you want to call it … just like Coke and Pepsi, Ford and Chevy, McDonalds and Burger King, Playboy and Penthouse, Republican and Democrat.

America has a free market so you can choose between Coke and Pepsi, unlike the communist world where there was only the People’s Brown Sugar Water Drink.

Capitalism means Ford and Chevy compete to make a better car and the consumer decides the winner. In the communist world there was only the People’s Car.

In the free world you can choose Playboy or Penthouse, in the communist world you only had Women Working In Wheat Fields Weekly.

In Putin’s Russia, RT watches you. But in America we have a choice between AP and Reuters and you can watch the video from CNN Newsource on over a hundred different device channels.

All major companies have Public Relations departments that have media packages – text, graphics, audio, video – they will give to anyone who wants them. Various forms of political lobbies are little more than PR firms that do just that.

The Christian Right had their Coalition, and the Jewish Left has the Anti-Defamation League – the ones that tried to get Tucker Carlson fired – do nothing but create text, graphics, audio, and video about “hate groups” by which they mean anyone they oppose – like Tucker Carlson. The Jewish Left SPLC does the same thing, mostly attacking Christians for being pro-life.

The ADL and the SPLC makes sure to have their smear pieces ready to broadcast and will send a spokesman in anytime to help the broadcast station.

In fact, any even barely competent organization of any kind that deals with the public and the media would be doing this as a first order of business.

A lot of “conspiracy theories” are based on the limited imagination, experience – and I’d even claim responsibility – of the average person.

An obvious example, the Rockefeller Foundation’s “Lock Step” paper about how to coordinate various governments and NGO’s in the case of a pandemic. During the Covid Phenomenon, it became a “conspiracy theory” because various governments and NGO’s more or less followed the Rockefeller Foundation’s recommendations.

But of course there is no real “conspiracy” here, because that is what the Rockefeller Foundation’s job is – the same as the Bill Gates Foundation – to manipulate governments and NGO’s to do what is in the interests of the people who control the Rockefeller Foundation.

Didn’t you ever do a Fire Drill, in school or at the office? Don’t you have both personal and professional emergency plans for various contingencies?

If one were to engage in politics on a public and organized level, Public Relations is more or less job two (after fundraising) and kind of the entire point.

And in some cases it is easy, especially if you do all your Public Relations ahead of time, so when there is a contingency, you already have set the narrative.

If you do this successfully, people will think you have some sort of prior knowledge – and in a way, you do.

You have flashlights and candles for when the electricity goes out in a storm, don’t you?

It doesn’t really take any sort of prophet to know there are going to be storms during a storm season, after all. Keeping an umbrella in the car just makes sense because eventually it is going to rain, right?