Considering that Joe Biden himself wrote the “PATRIOT Act” before 9/11, let’s compare and contrast what the federal government is doing now, in 2022, with what they did in 2009, a decade ago, all based on their conspiracy theory from 2001.

Here is the Associated Press account of a terrorist plot that was foiled.

You have to watch it backward to understand what actually happened.

The narrative goes that a terrorist – and they show a picture of some black guy – got an “Underpants Bomb” – yes, an “Underpants Bomb” and this wasn’t the first time, before that it was in their shoes – from an Al Qaeda terrorist – and then they show a picture of some Arab guy.

Listen to the very end and the Associated Press gets to the actual lede, the actual story. Starting at minute 2 second 17 (2:17) an Associated Press Official Blonde makes this statement:

“Officials from the US and Yemen are telling us that the suicide bomber that Al-Qaeda and Yemen gave this bomb to last month was actually working for the US and Saudi intelligence forces.” — Associated Press

So – if I am following this correctly, and I invite readers to watch the video and correct me if my interpretation is wrong – thousands of miles away across the world in the Middle East, “Al Qaeda” gave an “Underpants Bomb” to an Arab, and that Arab gave the “Underpants Bomb” to an African, who tried to set off his his Underpants Bomb on plane to Detroit. But the African didn’t know that the the Arab that gave him the bomb was actually an agent of the “US and Saudi intelligence forces” who then told the Americans that he had given the “Underpants Bomb” to the African, then the Americans arrested the African.

Thus, preventing an Underpants Bomb Attack on America.

You’ll notice the Associated Press interviews a spokesman for the Chertoff Group, the company owned by Israeli Mossad agent and former US Chief of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, and his side kick, former NSA and CIA chief – the one who didn’t stop the 9/11 (and Anthrax) terrorist attacks but instead assisted the cover-up – Michael Hayden.

The Chertoff Group ad man tells us now we have to have Naked Airport Scanners to stop future Underpants Bombers mysteriously let onto international flights without ID and bombs in their underpants.

And his company, the company run by Israeli double agent Michael Chertoff and traitor Michael Hayden, “just happens” to sell Naked Airport Scanners, so it is very convenient – just send money.

Remember, they spent twenty years in Afghanistan based on this.

For all you young people reading this, people took this seriously for nearly ten years. Consider the “Covid Phenomenon” and all the ridiculousness that goes along with it, and just remember that the Boomers, and your parents, and your older siblings, they all more or less bought the “Underpants Bombs In Airplanes” idea quite seriously, and just walked into the Airport Naked Scanners to x-ray their hee-haws because there might be a bomb up there.

If you dared to suggest that this was all just a bunch of bullshit, you were accused of being a Muslim-loving conspiracy theorist by the conservative Republicans.

So when you read these Democrats saying that the Capitol Siege of ’21 was the Worst Attack On Washington Since The War Of 1812 – just remember, fifteen years ago the Republicans were even more Clown World than the Democrats are now.

At least back then the Republicans gave us some scary looking Muslims – remember, Jewish Hollywood is REALLY racist against Arab people. We had been watching Arab Villains on TV and in the movies for our whole lives, so we believed it. But Underpants Bombers? I know, I know, we all feel pretty silly now. But you still have to go through the Naked Airport Scanners anyway.

Just like everyone knows the cloth masks are bullshit, but you have to wear them anyway because then everyone has to admit they were lying, then you would have to arrest someone, and look squirrel!

But now a days, these Democrats, their paranoid fantasies are filled with – I guess – a funny white male Yoga instructor wearing a Fred Flintstone Water Buffalo Lodge Hat calling himself the “QAnon Shaman.”

Honk honk! 🤡

NPR: Could Terror Suspect Have Had Outside Help? December 28, 2009

Mr. KURT HASKELL (Attorney): I saw them just before we boarded at the Amsterdam airport near the final ticket agent.

SIEGEL: And the younger man, the Nigerian man, you later recognized at the end of this entire thing in Detroit?

Mr. HASKELL: Right. He was the one that tried to blow up our plane a few hours later.

SIEGEL: And who is the older man or what did he look like?

Mr. HASKELL: Well, nobody knows who he is. He was a wealthy-looking Indian man, maybe around age 50. He had a suit on. And, you know, he's the one that tried to get the terrorist onto the plane without a passport.

SIEGEL: What do you mean without a passport? He was...

Mr. HASKELL: Well, what I saw specifically was the two men go to the ticket agent counter together. Only the Indian man spoke and what the Indian man said was this man needs to board the plane and he doesn't have a passport. And the ticket agent then responded, well, you need a passport to board the plane. And the Indian man said, well, he's from Sudan and we do this all the time. And the ticket agent then responded, well, you'll need to speak to my manager and pointed the two down a hallway to speak to her manager.

SIEGEL: Now, did this older man, did he appear to work for the airport or the airline or security? Did he have any badge on him identifying himself?

Mr. HASKELL: I can't say 100 percent for sure. But to me, he didn't appear that way. He appeared to be maybe trying to bully the ticket agent into letting this man on. And it seemed he was more some kind of authority figure to the terrorist.

SIEGEL: You saw the young - as it turned out - not Sudanese, but Nigerian man at the end of all this when he was taken off the plane, I guess.

Mr. HASKELL: Correct.

SIEGEL: Did you see the older man, the man you described as an apparently well-to-do Indian man later?

Mr. HASKELL: No, I never saw him again. He was not on our plane.

SIEGEL: The point where you were in the airport, could one have gotten there without a passport? Did you have to show your passport when you change planes, say, from East Africa?

Mr. HASKELL: Yes, we did. Yes, we did.

SIEGEL: So, did it make sense to you that somebody could have been at the counter without having demonstrated he had a passport already?

Mr. HASKELL: If all procedures were correctly followed, he shouldn't have been there. But I really question whether they were or not.

SIEGEL: You don't know if this older man was in cahoots with the younger man or whether he'd been brought into it by the younger man to get him on the plane.

Mr. HASKELL: It appeared to me they were, you know, together.

SIEGEL: It looked like they were together, huh?

Mr. HASKELL: Yeah.

SIEGEL: Now, I had the impression that all of you, all the passengers from Flight 253 were - you were essentially sequestered in Detroit when the plane landed.

Mr. HASKELL: That's right.

SIEGEL: Were you questioned about this? Did you tell the FBI about this?

Mr. HASKELL: Yes, I was, and I did tell them.

SIEGEL: We should add here, you're a former IRS lawyer yourself. You've...

Mr. HASKELL: That's correct.

SIEGEL: You're not a complete stranger to federal law enforcement.

(Soundbite of laughter)

Mr. HASKELL: That's correct. I worked in the federal government for six years.

SIEGEL: Is it conceivable to you that the young man who was described as Sudanese at the counter was not the same person as Abdulmutallab? Or was there something which is so clear to you that it was the same guy that...

Mr. HASKELL: It was the same guy.

SIEGEL: Same guy, wearing the same...

Mr. HASKELL: Mm-hmm. There were very few black men or black people at all on this flight. And he's a rather different-looking person, so it was pretty obvious to me.

SIEGEL: Did you get the impression that anybody else who'd been about to board this flight got wind of this exchange that you heard?

Mr. HASKELL: No. I don't think anyone was paying attention and it was really a non-event. To me it was just two men that looked strange together and nothing else.

SIEGEL: Well, Mr. Haskell, thank you very much for talking with us.

Mr. HASKELL: Sure.