1. The protest was completely riddled with Feds.
  2. The script had been written in advance, hence all the absurdities like “the worst day since 9/11.”
  3. They were expecting – they were planning – hundreds of casualties. But the Trumptards didn’t take the bait. In fact, the Trumptards were frankly rather respectful of the Capitol building, staying with the rope lines, etc. If they were interested in destruction they would have torn the place up. But other than messing up Nancy Pelosi’s desk, they didn’t really do anything.
  4. Since the MAGAtards didn’t take the bait, they didn’t have the hundred deaths they were hoping for. But – like the 9/11 Anthrax Attacks, another false-flag that similarly failed (because FBI discovered the Anthrax came from Fort Dietrick, not Saddam Hussein’s Iraq), they just kept the script because they didn’t have a Plan B.

That is why the Democrats sound so absurd. “The worst attack on America since the War of 1812?” 9/11? This all seems so crazy you don’t know what to think.

But once you see they were planning to get a hundred people killed, it all DOES make sense. If one hundred people, protestors and cops, had actually died, all this “the worst since the War of 1812” would have made more sense.

But the only person who got killed was Ashley Babbit, a MAGAtard – and a veteran – whose murder they are still covering up.

The idea was a serious riot with a hundred deaths, then they could have instituted a post-9/11 style police state and literally rounded up thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of Trump/Republican/populist activists.