So no one had any clue who Hal Turner was until the Obama administration decided to prosecute him over something he said on his radio show.

Here is a tip. There are some people you can talk about, and some people you cannot talk about. They are trying very hard to turn “journalists” into a protected class – which means the government will issue “official journalism credentials” to certain people but not others. What they are very much trying to do is to prevent what the “New Right” outlet is doing here:

Liberal writer extremely mad that young people are converting to Catholicism

Aging female Salon writer (childless?) reveals bizarre fixation with Kaitlin Bennett’s pregnancy; oozes hatred for Christianity

Salon harpie: Those darn Christian parents caring about their “rights” and their “children’s education”

Shocker: She’s funded by a Who’s Who of globalist organizations… Rockefeller Foundation, UN Foundation, Thomson-Reuters, etc “journalists” – bloggers – and Antifa are allowed to single out some random person for smears in their “mainstream media outlets.” But if you start criticizing a “journalist” they want to be able to prosecute your for some sort of crime.

They aren’t there yet, but something you are very much not allowed to do is to discuss specific judges. In fact, it is best if you don’t even know their names. You can talk shit about the President, you can say anything you want about a Congressman – and you are allowed to have some opinion about the Supreme Court – but you are not allowed to discuss a judge – federal or state – by name unless they are involved in a specific media story.

Hal Turner made some intemperate remarks about some Federal judges, and he was “racist,” so the incoming Obama administration decided to prosecute him for some real or imagined crime.

Hal Turner’s defense was simple: he was a paid operative of the FBI – and he had the cancelled checks labeled “Federal Bureau of Investigations” to prove it. So it came out that one of America’s most “dissident radical right-wing white nationalist” was a “Fed.” One of the interesting things that Hal Turner said was that the FBI at the time was fine with him saying bad stuff about Black people – but they didn’t want him saying anything negative about Jews, or even discussing them. So take that as you will.

The idea of “the Feds” running a supposed “dissident” group is – again – something everyone learns in literal eleventh grade when they read 1984. It is very uncool to mention Orwell these days, it is very “midwit” as our WN elite tell us, because again, it’s an eleventh grade book and you don’t get any smart people points for young adult fiction.

But then everyone just goes around pretending that one of the central premises of the book isn’t actually one of the biggest political taboos of our time.

Ask yourself: why do you have to take off your shoes at the airport? It is because of the “Shoe Bomber.” Remember that? You’ve never thought twice about it.

Even more damning: why do you have to go through those naked scanners at the airport? Well, because of the “Underwear Bomber.” The Underwear Bomber incident was the fakest and gayest op ever and it came out almost immediately that it was fake – and it was even kind of admitted on network TV – but then they just dropped it. Then, former Homeland Security chief and Mossad agent Michael Chertoff makes billions of dollars selling naked scanners to the airports.

So, yes, a foreign agent staged a fake terrorist attack with a guy with a bomb in his underpants then made billions forcing the airports to buy his naked scanners to search everyone flying on a plane for underpants bombs.

Look – YOU people put up with it. Everyone was so afraid of being a “conspiracy theorist” they would just make some cynical comments and then talk about something less controversial, like health insurance and tax rates.

It’s important to note that the Obama administration did prosecute Hal Turner even though Hal Turner was a Fed. Maybe the Obama administration didn’t know at first, or maybe it was a Republican program and they were trying to do something different.

In the first year of the Obama administration, there was a mini-scandal about a “botched documentary” about the Ku Klux Klan – yes, in 2010. A bunch of Obama Democrats were financing a film going “down South” to some poor white county to “expose the Ku Klux Klan.”

But it got out that they were literally offering cash to people to go on camera and either claim to be in the Klan or to know someone in the Klan. So when it started spreading on Facebook they had to shut it down because it was too obvious – after all, you can easily find people who will tell you lurid stories about redneck racists if you offer someone a thousand dollars. So it became a big embarrassment and the cooler headed Democrats said “we don’t want to open old wounds let’s just drop it.”

I mean – politics is fake. It is theater. It’s “Fake News.” It always has been. Politics is a job which means people are maximally cynical – in the same way you are maximally cynical about your job. Even if you love your job, you are still doing it for the money, not some “higher goal.”

Well, obviously, politics in the same way. Democrats don’t give a shit about “issues” they care about winning elections, money, and power. So do Republicans. Obviously. But the political parties are like cars, it only matters who is driving them, they don’t drive themselves.

So Oathkeepers was started the day Obama got into office and they had a massive media campaign introducing them as the “armed radical militias against Obama-of-Color because they are so racist.” And it came out that the guy running it is basically a Fed.

And now the Democrats are prosecuting him, and he’ll probably use his Fed status to defend himself.

If you are surprised by this, or your first thought is “conspiracy theory,” you aren’t serious. “I’m shocked there is gambling going on here!” Come on. Next you’ll be telling us that jet fuel flowed thousands of feet down the elevator shafts of the World Trade Center and blew up the lobby. Oh wait – they did say that, and most people bought it, just like most people bought the idea you have to go through naked scanners because a Muslim had bombs in his underpants.

Face it people will believe anything.