I challenge anyone – find anyone who has tied Burkle to the Epstein thing other than me. We know that the writers for these Conservative Inc. shows read the “edgy” bloggers then launder the talking points. So I bet some intern reads my blog, he mentioned Ron Burkle in a meeting with his fellow interns, it got put on the list of GOP Bill Clinton/Jeffrey Epstein talking points, some writer for Carlson put it on a treatment sheet, then eventually the editor adds it to the script. These people have all been around long enough to remember Ron Burkle.

Also – LOL at Hillary Clinton saying she ain’t no Tammy Wynette standing by her man all while affecting a Southern accent. I actually remember this, sort of, vaguely. And yes – I pretty much just bought it all at face value. I think Bill & Hill were playing the “Televangelist” thing which was common at the time.

Now, I see two sociopaths barely able to sound like normal humans. But back then I just thought, husband and wife with Southern accents who were Democrats and he had an affair, which all those TV people do, but the wife isn’t going to leave a man who might be President just because he had an affair.

In fact, Hillary did a credible job with the whole “if you drag a dollar through a trailer park you’ll pick up trash” thing. That is very Loretta Lynn, “You Ain’t Woman Enough To Take My Man.”

Women like you they're a dime a dozen you can buy 'em anywhere
For you to get to him I'd have to move over and I'm gonna stand right here
It'll be over my dead body so get out while you can
Cause you ain't woman enough to take my man

Or, even more on the nose:

You've been making your brags around town
That you've been a-loving my man
But the man I love, when he picks up trash
He puts it in a garbage can

I'm not a-sayin' my baby is a saint, 'cause he ain't
And that he won't cat around with a kitty
I'm here to tell you, gal, to lay off of my man
If you don't wanna go to Fist City

Seriously, as a teenager, I remember Bill Clinton running, and I remember the scandalous Paula Jones thing – they even gave her a nosejob which was supposed to make her look more victimized or whatever – but really, Hillary totally sold it as pissed off wife.

I totally bought it at the time.

I was never able to believe the Hillary as Evil Mastermind Behind The Clinton Mafia. Nor was she a “threat to manhood” because she’s a “successful woman who has it all” or whatever. She was just First Lady Karen who was going to fix health care.

She was a light-weight, not devious enough to ever wield any sort of power.

Steve Sailer once made a good point that about the only time Hillary Clinton came across as a normal human being was when she was giving a talk to her closest fans about when she met Bill for the first time. The ladies were eating out of her hand, ooh-ing and ah-ing about a young Bill. In her book, Hillary described him as a “Viking.” She seemed like a normal white woman talking about her normal white husband.

Also – Tucker Carlson is tearing into the Empire over Libya. I’m telling you folks, there is a change a-foot. The Boomer Coca-Cola Imperialist Era is over. That is bad for the Empire – but it’s good for America. The Empire was always a cancer – after all, Americans were the first people subjugated by the Empire.

You gotta remember, the Mena Arkansas airport was where Oliver North was flying in the cocaine to fund the Contras. Bill Clinton had their number, which is why he was able to team up with the Zionists to take down George H. W. Bush who was pressuring Israel to stop genociding the Palestinians, and Bush had gotten on TV and complained about “thousands of Jewish lobbyists on Capitol Hill” trying to ruin America’s foreign policy in the Middle East.

So, they had to take him down – George H. W. Bush, the man the CIA headquarters is named after, the man who “saved the agency” when the government tried to shut them down. George H. W. Bush was basically the American Godfather, the man that small time drug lords like Manuel Noriega feared.

If you watch the excellent NPR documentary With God On Our Side about the “Religious Right” of the 80’s, they have a lot of clips of a young George W. Bush turned to hardcore “Evangelical Christianity” because that was exactly where his father’s campaign had been weakest. So Bush Jr. made sure to team up with the Zionists – in that iteration, the neo-con Trotskyite “former” Communists – and then 9/11 happened just in the nick of time to turn George W. Bush into a Heroic War President.