Ghislaine Maxwell will spend the rest of her life in prison – would anyone be surprised if she wound up like Epstein? – and all the secrets will die with her.

Remember, when the Manhattan residence was raided, law enforcement confiscated DVD’s labeled “Young [Name] + [Name].” The implications of these DVD’s are clear: “Young Virginia + Bill Clinton” … “Young Sally + Bill Gates.”

Considering the context of what they were doing it is obvious what these DVD’s are.

But now the story is over.

I’m waiting for the Joel Greenberg trials. Joel Greenberg was sexually trafficking underage girls to the “top levels of the Republican party” – presumably to include his close collaborator Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, caught on video with Greenberg stealing Florida state identification cards, presumably to use for the underage girls they were trafficking, to trick people into believing they were of age.

Then perhaps Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who sent the entire government of Florida to … Israel, the foreign state half way around the world, to have the first official government meeting in Florida in Israel, presumably, to get his orders.

The implication is that Ron DeSantis will have smooth sailing to the Presidency as long as he does whatever the Israelis tell him, otherwise, he might suffer his own Bimbo Eruption and the videos of these 50 something year old men attending “parties” with 17 year old girls who are not their daughters (nor granddaughters.)

Remember, Greenberg was paying the girls via online payment systems with the transactions visible to the public and he hardly tried to hide what he was doing, he listed one payment as for “ass.”

This sort of “blackmail” only works when you have control of the mass media that will publicize the scandal when you want to back up your threats.