They love to bury the lede.

I know it omits Milk’s endorsement of Jim Jones and the People’s Temple

OK let us play Wikipedia. Day of deaths:

November 18, 1978:

  1. San Francisco Democratic Congressman Leo Ryan
  2. Jim Jones
  3. A dozen of spooky people connected ot the San Francisco Democratic party political machine

LATER THAT WEEK, on November 27, 1978:

San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk – two close political associates of Jim Jones and the People’s Temple – are murdered by another San Francisco Supervisor, Dan Brown.

Yet I’ve barely read a single person ever mention this very obvious context. Instead, these are presented as two completely unrelated incidents.

But they are not even two different incidents, like 9/11 and Amerithrax, they were part of the same event.

I mean, Congressman Leo’s aide spelled it out at a press conference, and it is still on audio at least:

So what was Ryan doing?

[Ryan] became famous for his vocal criticism of the lack of Congressional oversight of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), authoring the Hughes–Ryan Amendment, which would have required extensive CIA notification of Congress about covert operations. Ryan once told Dick Cheney that leaking a state secret was an appropriate way for a member of Congress to block an “ill-conceived operation”.

Then he goes down to Jonestown and the San Francisco Democratic party gets decapitated.

Survivors of the purge? Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, and Willie Brown, who Vice President Kamala Harris will have sex with to get her start in the Democratic party.

“There is no conspiracy, we all know each other, we are all friends.”