There are three basic anti-white propaganda narratives, Black Legends, that were developed post-World War II:

  1. Whites stole the land from the Indians.
  2. Whites enslaved Africans
  3. Whites didn’t help the Jews enough in World War II.

Most people would smirk at number three these days, but go take a look at Mass Media during the 1970’s – for a decade, there was a Holocaust movie on TV every night, and it was considered “hip” and “radical” to say “Americans didn’t bomb the railroads going to Aushcwitz because they hated Jews just like the Nazis.” I’ve used the illustration before, but I think the peak of this Jewish Anti-Americanism came with Philips Roth’s Plot Against America which more or less embarrassed Jews considering how, er, visible Jewish and Israeli interests were during the 9/11 Wars Against Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and if the Jews have their way, Iran next.

As far as I can tell, the Anti-Defamation League had made a lot of enemies in the last century, and once Abe Foxman announced he was retiring, the knives came out. Foxman was humiliated on video after he started lashing out at young Jewish activists asking him relevant questions about Israel and Palestine. His replacement Greenblatt’s first act was to hire a Jewish comedian to lecture Americans on “anti-semitism.

But instead of hiring a good Jewish comedian, like Larry David, he hired the guy who did Borat.

It was always ironic. Sacha Baron Cohen’s entire shtick is racist mockery of groups Jews – like Greenblatt and Cohen – tend to hate: Slavs, Arabs, and Texans. So now Sacha Baron Cohen is going to lecture us about how we’re all “anti-semites” full of “hate.”

I mean – is this a bit? Because if Larry David was doing this routine, I’m fairly certain I’d be laughing my ass off. But Cohen? Not so much.

As for number two, it is true in the same sense that the sentence “Blacks murdered Europeans.” I’ve seen Steve Sailer’s “Redlining” line in the wild.

Does anyone remember the Simpsons bit where Apu is becoming a citizen, and as part of the tests he’s asked, “what caused the Civil War” and Apu launches into a basic history then gets interrupted as told, “just say slavery?”

I’m pretty sure it happened at some point in the 1990’s, in academia it wasn’t a matter of the “Lost Cause” narrative had fallen out of fashion, it was that it was now technical disinformation to advocate any Civil War narrative other than “just say slavery.”

Isn’t it interesting to see people whose ancestors were half way around the world in 1860 show such sensitivity about discussions around a historical event they had no connection to whatsoever? Yet these people are waving the Bloody Shirt like a Radical Republican who served with Grant?

Now as for number one, stealing the land for the Indians.

It’s all been said before. So, just as “declaring your pronouns” has become a Lefty fad, so is name-checking the “original inhabitants of the land we are occupying” which means that some White – or Asian – or Spanish – person went to Wikipedia and learned how to pronounce some obscure “Indigenous” name that appears in some settler’s travel diary from 1815.

A tribe of one hundred and fifty people are the “true owners” of all of the state, forevermore. Mind you – the Leftys aren’t actually giving anything to anybody. But they will say a little prayer, an affirmation of their Civic Religion, that Whitey is Bad and Indians are Holy. Not that they know anyone who is a part of the tribe that supposedly owned the land they are now occupying. Surely, the Yankee Republicans genocided all of them after they finished Freeing the Slaves – African good, Indigenous bad – so it is not the Lefty’s fault that he can give anything back to the real owners of the land he is occupying. But he said the prayer, which is what matters in religion.