The Democrats are partisan not ideological. So leasing the party structure to a private company, like Pfizer, to collect revenue from the Democratic-controlled state, is fully in keeping with the nature of the party.

This isn’t Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson’s Democratic party – they axed the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner ten years ago because it was “racist” – this is FDR’s party. And Eleanor Roosevelt openly took payments from private companies to advertise their products.

Remember Old Man Biden up there saying he is “losing patience” with us for not signing up to give Pfizer another $50 for a dose of their experimental mRNA gene therapy? They could have used Wilford Brimley and the effect would have been the same.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a consummate broadcaster but Eleanor Roosevelt was the actual radio professional. During her years in the White House, ER made some 300 radio appearances, about the same number as her husband. But for dozens of those broadcasts she got paid handsome talent fees by advertisers. Her shows were sponsored by the makers of cold cream, mattresses, coffee, typewriters, building materials and beauty soap. It was a novel and controversial career for a president’s wife. ER was criticized for commercializing her White House role and for meddling in public affairs best left to her husband.

Eleanor Roosevelt: The First Lady of Radio

Oh, and yes, she is shilling for margarine, a non-food that has probably contributed more to the health epidemic in the US than anything. It was originally meant to be an industrial lubricant, but it didn’t work so they sold it as a “healthier” version of butter.

But of course it isn’t healthier than butter, it is far worse for you than butter. Butter is good for you.

So, there you go, the Democratic party shilling corporate poison a hundred years ago. Some things never change.

I’d have less of a problem if they had Biden on TV pitching non-carcinogenic baby powder instead of Moderna’s experimental mRNA gene therapy “jabs.”

SETTING: Press Conference JOE BIDEN at podium:

JOE BIDEN: These days, it's more like Hail to the Chafe, am I right? That's why I only use J&J Organic Non-Carcinogenic Baby Power to keep my adult diapers from rubbing me the wrong way - like the opposition! [SOUND EFFECT]

Surely this must be one of those moments where the toupee blows off.

At this point everyone has seen the videos. Last year all the Democrats – elected officials and media celebrities – were saying “I ain’t taking no 5G Trump vaccine!” At the same time, wearing a mask was “racist against Asian-Americans” and literally Democratic politicians staged photo ops in Chinatowns to “prove they weren’t scared of catching Covid from Asian people.”

Then Biden got into office and everything immediately switched on a dime. Before, to be pro-Vaccine was to be pro-Trump, now to be anti-Vaccine is pro-Trump.

As mentioned previously, the fact that Pfizer and Moderna and hundreds of other front companies have their “intellectual property” over these various medical technologies – and even more to the point, zero liability of any kind – makes the incentive really quite clear. If we were in the middle of a serious, world wide medical emergency, commercial contracts and “patent rights” would be the first to go.

But in this case, it is the opposite.

This is very simple to understand: for every “free jab” Pfizer and Moderna get cash money, from the public, from taxpayers, from “the government.” So literally Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and all the rest of the people in the media saying “get your jab” are literally – not figuratively – literally spokesmen for these private, for-profit corporations.

From what I have read, the majority of white female Democrats are on perscription drugs. Democrats have now rolled back regulatory roadblocks on selling dangerous pharmaceuticals to children, even infants. In fact, the Democratic party is opening pushing dangerous “puberty-blockers” for younger and younger children.

In 2020, the Democratic party exists mostly to advertise drugs to the American population, at the behest of their corporate owners, who pay the bills, and when inducements don’t work use the police state powers of the state to demand the population be drugged.

I’m guessing the Crimes Against Humanity trials will be how they finally bring about some sort of unified global governance structure. The funny thing is by the time that happens likely only the youngest people involved now will even still be alive.

So some young, fresh-faced up-and-comer joining a Pharma corporation or a Democratic party non-profit? Eventually, you will be the one left holding the bag.

You won’t be able to say you didn’t know.