Quick: name a headline out of this week’s Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Chances are, you can’t name one because their haven’t been any.

If you want a lesson in ruling class mystification, Fake News, “Manufacturing Consent,” any sort of power analysis from the Right or the Left, this one has it all.

But, as all those media/power theories would suggest, the story is being ignored. What little coverage there is is scandalous sexual details, ultimately the least significant aspect of the story.

After the 2020 Summer of Hate, the continent-wide race rioting by the Democratic party, under the banners of BLM/LGBT/Antifa, and the constant, every-six-months Media Race Hoaxes of the Trump era (Sandmann, CNN/Reddit, NASCAR Noose, Justice for Juicy, State Department Swastika, Floyd, Aubrey, etc., etc.) one would think the racial aspects of the Ghislaine Maxwell case would be a constant focus of media attention.

We have numerous, corroborated accounts of Ghislaine Maxwell expressing racism against African and African American women, and white supremacist, specifically Jewish supremacist, ideology.

Conservative Republicans still remember the fatuous hectoring Eric Holder of the Obama administration used to do about America’s “cowardice about race.” The entire Democratic party runs of Boomer sensitivities about the 1960’s.

But if we really want to discuss the Legacy of Slavery, it would frankly be a good thing. Slavery has always existed, and still exists. It has existed in a million different forms since before anything we recognize as “civilization.”

Ghislaine Maxwell was a slaver; less than one hundred years ago the newspapers would have used the term “white slavery.”

What little narrative about this trial exists in the “mainstream” media is simply the age of the girls, but historically this is the norm, not the exception.

One larger narrative of the entire Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell narrative is the fact it is literally a globe-spanning human trafficking operation. Literally – not figuratively – people placed orders for certain “types” of slaves they wanted, and Ghislaine Maxwell and the rest of them – to include Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump – literally – not figuratively – accosting schoolgirls on the streets and offered them money and inducements. They often drugged the girls and confiscated their passports.

This is nothing new. Anyone familiar with European (and American) naval literature knows about press gangs. The farm boy succumbs to the vice of the city, and the nice man in the saloon offers him a few “free drinks” and then he wake up aboard scrubbing the deck the next morning on the way to god knows where for who knows how long. It’s not a job, it’s an adventure!

Obviously I understand why African-Americans are particularly interested in “their” historical experience with slavery in the New World. The racialization of certain forms of slavery had enormous impacts obviously.

But in fact the European White Slave Trade has existed as long as, if not longer, than African slavery, and certainly is far older than the European discovery of the Americas.

And Ghislaine Maxwell’s victims fit exactly the racial profile that has always been typical of the European White Slave Trade: fair eyes, fair skin, light hair. The more “Nordic” looking often sell (or rent) for a higher price.

This story could spawn a thousand Lifetime Movies. It could be daily tabloid fodder for a year. We keep getting told that the media has “Missing White Girls” syndrome, that any time a pretty white blonde girl is in trouble it’s national news.

Where, this story has it all. But other than some tearful clips and some salacious paragraphs, the media just doesn’t want to touch it.

Remember, NBC and ABC were both caught squashing the story to protect their Israeli partners – both CEO’s had to resign over Epstein and Maxwell and the related case of Harvey Weinstein.

And that is of course the “controversy” here. If only Ghislaine Maxwell was a Catholic and Jeffrey Epstein a priest. If only they were Italian, or Methodist.

But no, they are Jewish and their entire nexus were Zionists working with Israel intelligence and Jewish organized crime.

So, here is a fun little tidbit in my genre, so to speak.

Bruce Belden is some sort of low-level partisan. This was a guy who was “volunteering with the Kurds” at the height of Obama’s Syrian war. If you don’t know about “the Kurds” and their “special relationship” with … “the American Left” (cough) … well look it up.

So Bruce Belden comes back from playing soldier and becomes a star of the “Dirtbag Left.” He is a Twitter celebrity and does podcasts.

And one of the podcasts he has done for the last couple of years is all about Jeffrey Epstein. And it’s been interesting to listen to, because of how all of the really interesting aspects of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal are covered-up and ignored.

It is pure damage control.

And you can tell what the damage they are trying to control is by what they are censoring.

Maria Farmer, an Epstein victim and witness, was extremely explicit about the Jewish nature of the slave ring she was caught in, and relayed their own statements of Jewish and white supremacism including explicit eugenic statements, about how the girls were “lucky” to be pregnant with a “Jewish baby.”

Brace Beldin admitted to censoring that part of her testimony and bragged about “helping her” “not single out specific religions.”

You can imagine if Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were Evangelical Christians telling the girls they were carrying the “prophet’s child” but since these are Jews, not Christians, the media won’t touch it.

So, that is a big part of the “damage” the “Left” is trying to cover up here, the fact we’re dealing with a racist gang of criminal religious fanatics engaged in slavery and human trafficking but they are Jewish, and Israeli, so we can’t say anything cause, you know, Nazis and stuff.