The story goes that Dave McGowan, beach bum turned SoCal “Cool Dad,” was lying on the beach in LA enjoying some light reading about the old 60’s rock stars he grew up idolizing.As someone who had just written two books about Deep State poitics, he was hoping for some fluff to clear his mind, only to discover in these pulp books about rock stars and their legendary parties detailed some rather spooky connections, although they were merely hints.

Just one hundred years ago, there was no Television, radio was just catching on, and cinema was a rare treat for most people. Now there are multiple video and audio streams bombarding every human living in civilization from the day of their birth.

So it sort of comes as a surprise to people, that “Show Business” isn’t exactly what you were told it was.

In 1989, if you asked any moderate-to-right leanding conservative if the USSR’s KGB was involved in promoting propaganda on Russian TV, they would have said “of course.”

But to suggest “CIA uses TV shows for propaganda” is to posit a “conspiracy theory” unless you couch it in some quasi-academic or ideological language about the “military industrial complex.”

Alex Baldwin and Madonna and all the rest of them spent half of their time shilling for various NGO-Charity “causes” and like “Kony 2012” and “Assad Gassed His Own People” these “causes” … “just happen” … to line up with current State Department agendas.

I mean, really, at some point it’s all rather childish to pretend otherwise, isn’t it? The Chinese Communsit Party is oppressing the Uyghirs and Russia Russia Russia Hacked The Elections via MK-Ultra Facebook memes that brainwashed Grandma to vote for Trump.

It’s frankly a profoundly enlightening experience to have online interactions with young people, Gen-Zers who were sometimes not even born on 9/11, and many people who were simply children at the time.

I love jokes about Boomers as much as the next guy, but I can truly relate to how the context of the times are simply so different.

So you know one of the first “9/11 Viral Videos” pre-Youtube I can remember was sometime about 2002/2003, when a Texas businessman – white, self-described “Christian conservative” “registered Republican” who had “voted for Bush” claimed that his company was involved in negotiations with the Taliban for an oil pipeline in the 90’s, and that Bush was connected to their opposition, the “Northern Alliance” which were of course a terrorist drug cartel. Unocal. It’s a long story, look it up.

In any case, prime time TV is obviously an important propaganda post. I like many people had no idea why Jay Leno, a deeply unfunny man with a face for radio, took over Johnny Carson’s slot.

But look who his wife is:

Leno has been the chair of the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan since 1997. In 1999, Leno and her husband donated $100,000 to the organization, to further the cause of educating the public about the plight of Afghan women under the Taliban. The organization successfully protested the construction of an oil pipeline through Afghanistan, which could potentially have brought in billions of dollars to the Taliban. According to Melissa Rossi, Leno was a driving force in changing the opinion of U.S. President Bill Clinton and the executives of the now defunct oil company Unocal Corporation concerning the Taliban, after Leno had shed light on the group’s treatment of women.

Now you can believe that Ms. Leno really cares about how Afghan women are treated – but I don’t. I don’t think that Mavis Leno gives two shits about how Afghan women are treated. I think, instead, that Leno is an intelligence asset that uses multiple women-focused NGO’s to interfere in foreign country’s internal politics in the interests of various private, capitalist enterprises, like Unocal and their competitors.

And having this asset’s husband as one of the most visible Television actors is an propaganda coup in and of itself.

It’s kind of, sort of a bit embarrassing you’ve never noticed all these things before, isn’t it? Just consider the timing of it.

Remember, Wikileaks released the CIA memo from 2010 saying they would use “women’s rights” as an excuse to keep the occupation of Afghanistan going for another ten years. Mavis Leno and her team were a big part of that.