I’ve always found that a select few “mainstream” articles on certain subjects are written quite candidly, relying on understatement to get the point across.

Unlike previous presidents-elect — and some members of his own national security team — Trump himself received no briefings on the CIA’s covert action programs until several weeks after his inauguration. The history terms this chain of events “a significant departure from the way briefings were handled during the previous two transitions,” but does not offer an explanation.

On really perilous subjects – I can recall in the cases of 9/11 and Epstein/Maxwell – they quite often fill out the background context and simply stop the narrative right at the point where it would really be an issue.

Take Vicki Ward’s infamous 2002 expose of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell – and by extension Les Wexner and associates – The Talented Mr. Epstein. Even without the allegations of sexual abuse, it was obvious what the narrative was.

Same with the late 90’s article in New York that interviewed Richard Fuisz – years before he would become a central figure in the 9/11 attacks – and his quite open testimony about how he facilitated the import of “models” – underage girls from impoverished families in Russia – and got their “teeth fixed” and “protected” them from media scrutiny while they were introduced to the “Masters of the Universe on Wall Street.”

The article could not have been more plain about the prostitution and espionage contexts of the story. They didn’t just spell it out, they all but beat you over the head with it – while still being someone understated.

As with Ward, the implications were hinted at, attributed to an anonymous source on background.

I realize this is all so much Kremlinology, but that is what USA is in the Current Year. We’re reduced to scrutinizing the official pronouncements to try to understand what they are lying about and why.

Even the New York Times reported the extreme temperatures at Ground Zero weeks after the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings. They just never spelled out what that implied. All the major newspapers reported the steel being loaded up and shipped to China before investigations were even started. They just never spelled out why.

Now, of course, Trump not getting his classified briefings for weeks after he became President is not quite on the level of 9/11 or even the Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell/Harvey Weinstein Israeli Mossad child sex trafficking and blackmail operation, but it is something.

The “IC” knew that Russiagate was all bullshit. I’d like to believe that Patriotic CIA men, old Arabist hands at State, knew that Trump was a Likud asset and revolted. But I know that is absurd, they were just mad Trump was Likud instead of Jeffrey Epstein’s Ehud Barak faction.

Hey – that is not me – that is Yair Netanyahu and his father, legendary Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. They pointed out that it was their rival Ehud Barak that sponsored Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell – the Post published pictures of Barak going in and out of Epstein’s “Manhattan townhouse” along with human females of indeterminate age.

Part of the Ghislaine trial testimony includes a witness saying that Bill Clinton was on the Island at a time “sexual orgies were a daily occurance.”

They are going to want you to get engaged in the salacious details, but it is the political implications that are far more serious.

We know that “MEGA” was the spy in Clinton’s White house, and that it actually referred to Les Wexner’s MEGA Group. We know that Benjamin Netanyahu was threatening Bill Clinton with his phone calls with Monica Lewinsky.

At the same time Likud is threatening this, Ehud Barak’s man Jeffrey Epstein was literally running “Pedophile Island” where Bill Clinton was a guest while “sexual orgies were a daily occurance.”

Who else was in Les Wexner’s “MEGA Group?” Legendary Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, whose friends and associates include the writer of Wag The Dog, a movie about a President starting a war to distract the public from a scandal of him sexually assaulting an underage girl.

This film was put out by Zionist Jews who were all friends and associates with Spielberg’s people and Les Wexner’s people, at a time when Bill Clinton was under pressure by Israelis of both parties over two different sexual scandals.

Everything I’m saying has been on the public record for ten, twenty, or thirty years. Wall Street Journal exposed Wexner and Spielberg’s MEGA in ’98 and both the Times and Washington Post wrote about the “MEGA” spy in Clinton’s White House.

Les Wexner – Jeffrey Epstein’s boss – was the “MEGA” with an Israeli spy in the Clinton White House, and when Bill Clinton put some pressure on Israel to stop the war, both Israeli political parties went after Clinton as both had sexually compromised him, seemingly independently.

If you want to know why they use the phrase Zionist-occupied government – this is it.