Looking back on it I think the Rodney King media-fest was meant to cause the LA Riots and hurt the reelection of George H. W. Bush. Same with the constant media drumbeat about the bad economy – which wasn’t anything unusual at all. Then, the mass media allowed a third party mainstream coverage for once, Ross Perot and the Reform party. Ross Perot hated George H. W. Bush for some reason – some CIA shit I assume.

But really you can go all the way back to the early days of cinema and radio for propaganda as bad as anything these days – in fact, go back to the newspapers which were full of complete fiction.

Truly it is some sort of cognitive failure that we assume truth is normative and lies the aberration when it is clearly the reverse.

As for the 2020 Summer of Hate, it was really very obvious early on. I predicted “Race Riots” in the summer of 2020 within a week of the so-called “Covid Lock Downs” back in March at the latest – the posts are still up.

This Aubrey thing in Georgia was the trial run but it didn’t get traction because the video wasn’t particularly riveting. But the George Floyd video was perfect, plus it involved police, so they went with that.

Just like Rodney King, they played the video over and over and over and over and over again.

Imagine if they played video of one of the many Black on White and Asian crimes.

Remember when the black kids tortured the retarded white kid because he “like Trump” thus was a “racist?” They barely played that video.

But imagine if they had played that video every single day for months, over and over again, along with constant messaging about Black Crime.

Obviously, the Democrats would accuse the media of hate-mongering against blacks and trying to rile up mob violence against them.

And they would be right.

So when it is done to white people?

It’s not an “accident.” The media isn’t “filling a market need.”

This is called political propaganda and it is straight out of CIA’s Color Revolution strategy. Ethnic conflict has always been the core tactic of CIA Color Revolution.

It worked in the 2020 Summer of Hate, didn’t it?