Back in April 2020 or so, after a bunch of “viral videos” supposedly of Chinese people collapsing on the sidewalks due to Covid-19, and the Chinese Community Party nailing people into their apartments, an aerial photograph made the rounds on Reddit, purporting to be Mass Graves in Manhattan, Covid corpses dumped into pits because they didn’t have time or space to bury them properly.

All of it – the Chinese videos and Reddit’s Manhattan Mass Graves – were all hoaxes, of course. Ambiguous video and photo, out of context, that could be more or less anything. The “official media” didn’t necessarily “confirm” these hoaxes, but they were always “hoax adjacent.”

I found two Reddit comments quite interesting.

Now, reader, think about this. If this was 1999, and you were watching your local ABC news affiliate, and they broadcast “man in the street” interviews with two people who made the following comments, and your friend told you, “I think they are lying, they are actors, it’s a hoax. Fake News.”

In 1999, on Television, it would have been really difficult for you to not suspend disbelief. ABC News? It’s a “mainstream news organization” so while they may make mistakes, they aren’t creating fictions and hiring crisis actors or anything.

But Reddit? Anybody can post any old bullshit on Reddit. Do you believe either of these two?

I work in healthcare and can confirm what you say. But as far as being able to engage with these people who have their minds made up that this is a government conspiracy or just a cold, I can’t anymore. They don’t listen. I lost my stepdad because of this shit. I blame Fox News and the rest of the conservative media. They have brainwashed a lot of mostly smart but very conservative people who think government and authorities are a problem, not a feature of society. — elvenrunelord

Los Angeles was close to the same situation not long after. The air quality in LA became markedly worse for about a week from all the excess bodies that were being cremated. People were forced to burn their loved ones because mortuaries could not handle the load. The Army Corps of Engineers were brought in to bolster all of the main hospitals in the city and increase the dwindling oxygen supply. People were dying from heart attacks and other preventative deaths in makeshift waiting rooms in hallways because ERs were overwhelmed. And my small town aunt tried to argue with me that it was all blown out of proportion and just the flu. Get the fuck out of here. Most people I know have already forgotten all that and have moved on like it was no big deal. I’ve stayed hunkered down because I knew this shit could shift sideways at any moment. fadingsignal

‘It’s Coming’: NY Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Potential Omicron Spike (

The Covid Agenda was set internationally. It did not originate in governments, it originated at NGO’s and ultimately was initiated by concentrations of private capital.

Consider: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and the Gates Foundation were all given a chance to put their Covid vaccines in the public domain. If we are in the middle of a humanity threatening crisis, why aren’t we simply suspending intellectual property and the like for vaccines and other measures?

But despite being directly asked about this, Bill Gates himself said no, they wouldn’t be doing that.

I don’t see any Democratic politicians demanding that Pfizer release its vaccines so anyone can manufacture them.

We have to shut down the entire economy and institute a technocratic police state, but we also have to treat Pfizer’s intellectual property with kid gloves?

You can be forced to get injected with experimental gene therapy, but Pfizer’s right to “patent” various “abstract gene sequences” shall not be infringed.

When there are literally bodies piling up in Manhattan and LA?

I guess people will just believe what they want to believe.