Karl Wagner has ventured a long way from The Knolls neighborhood in Central Peoria. In almost 30 years with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, he was stationed around the globe.

Now, with COVID-19 affecting just about every aspect of life, Wagner has helped develop a cellphone application that could make it easier to travel and to work.

Wagner is CEO and co-founder of ConfirmD by BuddyCheque. It’s a new digital wallet that allows its user to upload and share test and vaccination records medical professionals have verified.

ConfirmD complies with federal health-privacy laws. Its current primary focus is on storing COVID-related data, but it’s to be expanded to cover tests and vaccinations for other communicable diseases.

“I travel all over the place. How do I share my medical records?” Wagner said last week as he was preparing for a trip to the west African country of Burkina Faso. “I can’t do it very easily, especially that information I might have to share with others.

“We didn’t find anything like (this), so we created it. … I travel all over the world with this app, and everybody’s accepted it everywhere I’ve gone.”

Wagner said he doesn’t have a health-industry background. His specialty is cybersecurity. It’s something he honed in the CIA and in his subsequent job, onetime senior director of global security for Tesla.