I know you like them to be troublesome
Take it to the maximum

-- Power Station, Murderess

It must be nice to be a billionaire. Apparently, Elon Musk engaged in some popular culture and saw the singer Grimes and thought, I want that for a while.

So she became Elon Musk’s concubine, she had a son by him, then after three years they “semi-separated” and she becomes a Marxist hoping to overthrow her capitalist master.

As a Gen-X’er of a certain type, I saw the pictures and I can say it says something that Musk picked this ultra-goth artsy chick. Donald Trump’s second wife was a Georgia stripper. Back in the 50’s it was Marilyn Monroe types or showgirls. In the 60’s she was the go-go girls/hippie, and the 80’s were back to cheerleader types.

I have some old whiney commenters who will try to nitpick about “goth” but the Millennials called it “scene” and it is all more or less the same thing.

First of all, it’s white. It’s whiter than the Ku Klux Klan. I once had a Mestizo who was 75% Spanish and had a huge chip on his shoulders about “Anglos” and pointed out how popular Goth was in Latin America. And I thought, well, yeah, of course – the whiter and more Spanish the part of Latin America, the more you are going to have a Goth scene. It is just the way it is.

Clearly it’s a Pagan thing, specifically, a Pagan backlash against Catholicism, which is why Goth isn’t quite the same in Protestant culture.

So anyway, the story of That’s Poppy.

So, Artsy White Guy dressed up his girlfriend in weird outfits and films her being, well, “artsy.” They are called Mars Ago.

They break up, he replaces her with a younger, skinnier version and now they are called That Poppy.

The old girlfriend sues the boyfriend not just for the rights to the videos, but of course for “emotional and physical abuse.”

Art guys are often sociopaths, but chicks love them for the same reason they love serial killers. Sociopathy and the “Dark Triad” are sexy, because violence is the essense of masculinity.

So the Art Guy is literally objectifing his girlfriend, literally turning her into a piece of art. And of course the sex is part of it, so her emotions get all bound up in that art, which to her is just an extension of the sex.

Then you break up with her, replace her with a younger model, then deprive her of the meaning of her entire term as your sub. She loses essentially her cult leader. It’s cruel.

Musk of coures has enough money to keep all of the members of his harem on call, essentially, in case he wants to impregnant one again.

That is why Gen-X men are actually the most sexist of all generations. The 50’s just wanted the sex. The 60’s just wanted the comformity. The 80’s wanted the respectability they thought the 50’s had.

But for Gen-X we demanded “authenticity” and objectified our women not just physically, but mentally. They didn’t just have to put on a smile, they had to really believe it

Gen-X sexist men don’t just see a “sex object” they see a “more than just for sex slave.” You’re not just a sex object, but object d’art, not merely arm candy, but a decoration.

Brian Laundry and Gabbie Petito would have wound up like this but apparently Laundry got too rough.