I’ve decided to start a new Controlled Opposition Fed Honeypot group, Day Of The Pillow – “Pillowman” – like Weatherman, no variations, “Pillowmen” “Pillows” allowed.

We can work in this angle with the My Pillow guy. We can meme My Pillow and no one will be able to take it seriously because the My Pillow guy is hilariously goofy, he smiles while putting his head down on a pillow.

So this will cause the “Mainstream” quasi-volunteer intern writers at third rate sites like Salon, Slate, and Washington Post, to write about the “growing QAnon Alt-Right Multiracial White Supremacist Boogaloo Boys threatening violence via My Pillows.

“Day of the Pillow” is a “code-word” – a “dog-whistle” – not for a New Civil War (which we know can’t happen in America) but instead the Far-Right Pillow Fight. This is the day when Pillowmen go out into Muh Whose Streets Our Streets and pillow fight. Aryan White Women Karens with diverse hair colors and textures are obviously invited and should wear pajamas, because the right uniform to set the mood is paramount.

I figure if we come up with a PR package, a set of three to five major memes, two or three copypasta texts, and put two dozen bots on it, we could have two major media articles, two dozen mentions in other publications, and probably four of five follow ups on Huffington Post.

We’ll know we’ve won when Oprah or Joy Reid says “Far-Right Pillow Fight” on network TV.