Jennifer Finney Boylan, apparently a Trans-Person, says we have to “re-think” classic Boomer rock because a lot of the musicians weren’t particularly good people. For instance, Don McLean, of “American Pie” fame, once pled guilty to domestic violence.

Also, the Rolling Stones Brown Sugar references the slave trade, which isn’t good in the sense of “empowering Black women” but is bad because … whatever.

Can I still love their music if I’m appalled by various events in the lives of Johnny Cash or Elvis or Jerry Lee Lewis? Or by Eric Clapton’s racist rants and anti-vaccination activism?

The answer is, “yes.” But no one makes you listen.

Of course, there is no easy answer here.

Yes, there is an easy answer.

For a lot of baby boomers, it’s painful to realize that some of the songs first lodged in our memories in adolescence really need a second look. And it’s hard to explain why younger versions of ourselves ever thought they were OK in the first place.

Here is a theoretical scenario.

Let’s say I am a sexual assaulter with a autogynophelia fetish – I enjoy dressing up like a woman and demanding women treat me as one. Part of my gimmick is pretending to take offense for women that aren’t actually offended – especially “Women of Color” despite being White myself – and playing hyper-sensitive Church Lady is part of that.

In any case, as I want the Democrats to lose the next couple of elections, I heartily endorse Jennifer Finney Boylan cancelling Boomer Rock.

‘What went wrong is stupid wokeness’: James Carville explains Democrats’ terrible Tuesday

Democratic strategist James Carville said some members of his party need to go into “woke detox” after Republicans made gains in races from the Virginia gubernatorial race down to hundreds of school board positions across the country on Tuesday.

“Well, what went wrong is this stupid wokeness,” Carville told PBS NewsHour Wednesday. “Don’t just look at Virginia and New Jersey . Look at Long Island, look at Buffalo, look at Minneapolis . Even look at Seattle, Washington. I mean, this ‘defund the police’ lunacy, this ‘take Abraham Lincoln’s name off of schools,’ that — people see that.