Frequent commenter guest pointed out that electric cars will win because soon they will be selling them at Walmart for $5,000.

We just got one step closer – Ford is selling an electric motor for $3500. It will be available in their own new truck – with the retro body of a 1978 F-100 – but also for the aftermarket, which could be really quite interesting. Got a classic car? Just put an electric motor in it.

They used to do this with Volkswagens. If you had a Beetle or a Bush, you could mail order a knock off air-cooled motor from aftermarket mail order sellings for quite cheap. Being that it was air-cooled, they were dirt cheap and simpler than a coolant based engine.

The custom pickup also provides some hype for the automaker, as it prepares to launch its electric F-150 Lightning pickup during the first half of next year. Many view the pickup as a barometer for whether pickup truck customers — which dominate annual U.S. sales charts — are ready to switch to electric vehicles.

I would totally buy one.

The concept pickup can produce 480 horsepower and 634 foot-pounds of torque, Ford said. It was designed and created by Ford Performance and built-in collaboration with aftermarket companies such as MLe Racecars and Roadster Shop.

That’s pretty damn good for an electric, and in a truck no less. Sure, it is terrible for the earth because those lithium mines are awful. But I ain’t no hippie dippie liberal tree-hugger!

The Ford F-100 Eluminator was unveiled Tuesday in Las Vegas for SEMA Show, an annual conference for the automotive specialty and aftermarket industries.

The aftermarket business is extremely important to the automotive industry. Automakers annually unveil unique vehicles at the show to gauge consumer interest and showcase new aftermarket products such as Ford’s e-crate motor.

A huge, huge win for electric is just how dirt-simple electric motors are. Only 20% of the parts of an ICE. If they had any sort of major breakthrough in battery technology – not at all a sure thing – it would happen immediately afterward.