Thanks to frequent commenter bob saffron and new commenter Dissident Right for pointing me to DC Dave’s work on the murder of Defense Secretary James Forrestal, according to his brother Robert, by “Jews or Communists” – or perhaps, both.

Who Killed James Forrestal? (short version)

Who Killed James Forrestal?

This part stuck out to me:

For over a year he had been subject to a vilification campaign in the press the likes of which hardly any public official has ever had to endure in America. Leading the campaign, from the left and the right, respectively, were America’s two best-known and most powerful syndicated columnists, Drew Pearson and Walter Winchell. They painted Forrestal as a corrupt tool of Wall Street and the oil companies who put the interests of his cronies ahead of concern for the well being of refugees from European persecution. His big offense was that he was outspoken in his opposition to the creation of the state of Israel. The entire foreign policy establishment, led by Secretary of State Marshall, felt the same way, but the strong-willed Forrestal was the lightning rod for the supporters of Israel. He had received threatening telephone calls and he complained of being followed and electronically bugged. It has also been credibly reported that the Zionists attempted to blackmail him over the financial assistance that his investment banking firm, Dillon, Read, had given to the Nazis prior to World War II.

A quick trip to Wikipedia adds some details about these two “powerful syndicated columnists,” Walter Winchell and Drew Pearson.

Andrew Russell Pearson (December 13, 1897 – September 1, 1969) was one of the best-known American columnists of his day, noted for his syndicated newspaper column “Washington Merry-Go-Round”, which used unprecedented leaks from inside government to hold the powerful accountable and influence public policy. He also had a program on NBC Radio titled Drew Pearson Comments. He often attacked conservative politicians, such as Joe McCarthy and Ronald Reagan. He was highly influential on public attitudes and elite analysis, but had a poor reputation for accuracy.

Of course, this is pure propaganda: using leaks from inside the government has nothing to do with “holding the powerful accountable” and has only political purposes, as they have to acknowledge, to “influence public attitudes and elite analysis.” But at least they admit, albeit euphemistically, that had had a “poor reputation for accuracy.” Fake News, in another words.

According to his one-time partner, Jack Anderson, Pearson saw journalism as a weapon to be used against those he judged to be working against the public interest. When forced to choose between a story’s accuracy and Pearson’s desire to pursue a person whose views he disliked, Pearson had no qualms about publishing the story anyway.

In relating his disclosures on Washington politicians, newsmakers, and the politically connected, Pearson frequently resorted to a pattern of combining factual or corroborated leaked news items together with fabricated or unsubstantiated details, the latter designed to emphasize and sensationalize the basic story. Pearson’s method included paying waiters and chauffeurs to eavesdrop on their charges, gleaning information on politicians from political enemies, bribing a navy clerk to reveal classified data, or even ordering a subordinate to break into the desk of a prominent Washington attorney. A favorite Pearson tactic was to reveal salacious details of a subject’s sexual proclivities for the purpose of embarrassment or intimidation.

Walter Winchell is much the same.

By the 1930s, Winchell was “an intimate friend of Owney Madden, New York’s no. 1 gang leader of the prohibition era”,[10] but in 1932 Winchell’s intimacy with criminals caused him to fear he would be murdered. He fled to California and “returned weeks later with a new enthusiasm for law, G-men, Uncle Sam, [and] Old Glory”.[10] His coverage of the Lindbergh kidnapping and subsequent trial received national attention. Within two years, he befriended J. Edgar Hoover, the no. 1 G-man of the repeal era. He was responsible for turning Louis “Lepke” Buchalter of Murder, Inc. over to Hoover.

Both it should be said were supporters of FDR fanatical warmongers who specialized in character assassination against anyone supporting peace. Winchell apparently was part of Joseph McCarthy’s Jewish circle.

He uncovered both hard news and embarrassing stories about famous people by exploiting his exceptionally wide circle of contacts, first in the entertainment world and the Prohibition era underworld, then in law enforcement and politics. He was known for trading gossip, sometimes in return for his silence. His outspoken style made him both feared and admired. Novels and movies were based on his wisecracking gossip columnist persona, as early as the play and film Blessed Event in 1932. As World War II approached in the 1930s, he attacked the appeasers of Nazism, then in the 1950s he aligned with Joseph McCarthy in his campaign against communists. He damaged the reputations of Charles Lindbergh and Josephine Baker as well as other individuals who had earned his enmity. However, the McCarthy connection in time made him unfashionable, and his style did not adapt well to television news.

To put these two individuals in context, let’s discuss another popular gossip columnist, roughly contemporaneous with Pearson and Winchell, named Lloyd Shearer.

What is so fascinating about Lloyd Shearer is that his correspondence with CIA director William Colby was included in the so-called “CIA Family Jewels”, documents detailing some of CIA’s illegal operation, which Colby leaked to “journalist” Seymour Hersh which partially published them on the front page of the New York Times in 1974. In 2007, they were declassified and leaked in full, at which time a number of “mainstream journalists” summarized the papers yet went to great lengths to mystify the implications of the documents.

Typical is this piece from NBC, CIA opens the book on a shady past: The CIA declassified nearly 700 pages of secret records Tuesday recording its illegal activities during the first decades of the Cold War.

It is difficult to tell if the author, M. Alex Johnson is purposefully misrepresenting the correspondence between CIA director William Colby and popular gossip columnist Lloyd Shearer – or if Johnson really doesn’t understand what the documents imply, simply being ignorant of the subject.

CIA director’s unusual literary pursuits

The section title alone is precious.

The papers also include some disclosures that can only be described as odd.

In 1972, Colby submitted an article for publication in the Sunday newspaper supplement Parade, titled “Should Lesbians Be Allowed to Play Professional Football?” Parade Editor Lloyd Shearer replied in a letter in April that he found the article “intriguing” and planned to publish it “in a future issue.”

This is either a very clever, or very stupid, reading of the documents. There is not the slightest bit of evidence that CIA director William Colby wrote an article about lesbian football players. What there is, however, is a letter from Lloyd Shearer sarcastically thanking Colby for such an article toward the end of an increasingly hostile exchange of letters regarding press revelations about CIA’s Vietnam Operation Phoenix.

Originally, Colby had sent a letter asking Shearer to retract a statement regarding the existence of the program, which Colby denied. In a series of responses, “gossip columnist” Shearer makes a number of astonishing statements and references numerous important figures, all with a background context of implied sexual scandals and blackmail. One does not need to be an expert in espionage – or writing gossip columns – to observe that Shearer is being sarcastic.

The tone is also astonishing. While Colby maintains a professional tone, Shearer shows no respect for Colby, and more revealingly, no fear, and makes a point of his contemptuousness, “rubbing it in Colby’s face” so to speak.

You can read them yourself at the National Security Archives at George Washington University.

What becomes quite clear in the case of Lloyd Shearer is that he engages in blackmail of public figures. He is also extremely well versed in espionage topics.

This is hardly merely a historical phenomenon.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Accuses Tabloid of Attempted Blackmail: Tech executive alleges National Enquirer parent American Media threatened to publish embarrassing photos of him

If one will recall, Donald Trump’s Israeli son-in-law, Jared Kushner, himself the son of Mossad asset Charles Kushner, the facilitator of secret homosexual relationships of the New Jersey governor during the 9/11 investigations, worked with Israel’s Saudi ally, MBS, to stage an astonishing coup and then murder “Washington Post journalist” (cough) Adnan Khashoggi. Trump’s close Jewish/Israeli allies at AMI, the publishers of several tabloids such as the National Enquirer, have been involved in some astonishing events.

In 2001 in Boca Raton, Florida, Bob Stevens—a photo editor at Sun, a sister publication under the National Enquirer’s parent company, AMI—was exposed to a letter with anthrax spores and was the first person to die as a result of the 2001 anthrax attacks. The entire AMI office complex in Boca Raton was closed, and remained fenced off for two years after the attack; AMI moved its headquarters to another building in Boca Raton.

During the same episode, another AMI staffer, Ernesto Blanco, was hospitalized with symptoms of exposure to anthrax bacteria. “The 73-year-old mailroom worker nearly died of inhalation anthrax, but has since recovered,” the New York Post reported November 9, 2001, in an article titled: “AMERICAN Media head honcho David Pecker is off his Cipro.

It’s important to put this in context. The Anthrax attacks were originally to be blamed on Saddam Hussein, and the alleged 9/11 hijackers living in Florida had many direct connections with the employees at AMI and what were to be the alleged Anthrax mailers.

However, the FBI discovered quite quickly that the Anthrax was “an inside job” and that the Anthrax had come from Fort Dietrick. So this part of the story was censored from the media and covered-up. Because everyone knew that the Anthrax attacks and 9/11 were related. Thus, if the FBI realized that the Anthrax was an inside job … you get the picture.

The National Enquirer has publicly admitted to participating in the practice of “Catch and Kill” regarding the case of Karen McDougal, a person claiming to have had an affair with President Trump. Stormy Daniels has also claimed the title was involved in the “Catch and Kill” of her affair with Donald Trump as well. The prosecution of Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen has also involved the purported use of “catch and kill” practices by the title.

Using a legally enforceable non-disclosure agreement, the tabloid purports to buy exclusive rights to “catch” the damaging story from the individual, but then “kills” the story for the benefit of the third party by preventing it from ever being published. The individual with the information frequently does not realize that the tabloid intends to suppress the individual’s story instead of publishing it. The practice is distinct from using hush money, in which the individual is bribed by the third party to intentionally conceal the damaging information.

The media has always been Fake News – and character assassination, espionage, and collaborations with organized crime – and Zionist terrorist networks.

The CIA’s secret assassination manual

“Angleton was was a leading architect of America’s strategic relationship with Israel that endures and dominates the region to this day,” Jefferson Morley writes in The Ghost: The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton. More than any other man, the longtime chief of U.S. counterintelligence made possible Israel’s shift “from an embattled settler state into a strategic ally of the world’s greatest superpower.”

Angleton did so chiefly by burying any effort in the U.S. intelligence establishment to question Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons in the 1960s. “Angleton’s loyalty to Israel betrayed U.S. policy on an epic scale,” Morley writes. “Instead of supporting U.S. nuclear security policy, he ignored it.”

This sort of behavior is typical:

The Israelis rewarded him with the greatest coups of his life as a spy. The first was Nikita Khrushchev’s rumored speech to a Communist congress in 1956, condemning the late Joseph Stalin for terrorizing workers and mass repression. A Jewish editor at the Polish news agency in Warsaw got his hands on a copy of the speech, titled “On the Cult of the Individual and Its Consequences,” from his girlfriend, a Jewish official in the Communist Party in Warsaw, and he brought the pamphlet to the Israeli embassy (!), which passed along photos of the document to Tel Aviv. After Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion ok’d it, an Israeli asset/friend of Angleton’s passed the speech along to him. Angleton gave it to Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, who gave it to the New York Times. The breakthrough was to Angleton’s glory.

Angleton’s judgment turned out to be accurate. Israel executed a lightning six-day victory in that war, and he was credited with prescience. So it was no surprise that Angleton would lie down over the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty on the fourth day of that war, which killed 34 American Navy personnel, or that Israelis threw a party for him on his 50th birthday in December 1967, at a time, Morley says, when he was falling apart back home. “I don’t understand how a person could drink so much without getting drunk,” one Israeli agent said of him.

It is hardly surprising then that “dual loyalty” is an “anti-semitic trope.” After all, Donald Trump himself said that Jared Kushner is “more loyal to Israel than America.”

The spy chief’s greatest service to Israel was his willingness not to say a word about the apparent diversion of highly enriched uranium from a plant in western Pennsylvania to Israel’s nascent nuclear program, a suspected case of successful espionage documented by Grant Smith and Roger Mattson in other books. Committed Zionists had bought the plant in the 1950s and got licenses from the Atomic Energy Commission. The company’s president was head of the local chapter of the Zionist Organization of America. Over the 9 years from 1959 to 1968, 267 kilograms of uranium went missing at the Numec plant, even as CIA agents were reporting to Langley, VA, that Israel was building a nuclear plant in the desert near Dimona.

Later the Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission looked into the missing fuel and “found their efforts stymied by a lack of cooperation from the CIA and from Numec [president Zalman Shapiro], as well as studious lack of interest from Capitol Hill.”

Angleton was close to the Mossad chiefs Amit and Efraim Halevy, who told Morley he met with Angleton as often as five times a week.

Angleton was also having monthly lunches with Yitzhak Rabin as ambassador to the U.S. In a letter the author discovered that shows he never lost his poetical gifts, Angleton said that people observing the two in deep conversation had to wonder “who was the goy and who was the golem.”

Angleton of course spent his time accusing everyone in the agency of being a Soviet double agent, which meant ferreting out those insufficiently loyal to Israel and World Jewry, Angeton’s handlers. Jews in the Communist world would leak to Israel and Jews and their Zionist allies in the West would leak to Israel.

On the international front, Angleton was obsessed with the KGB and believed that it plotted to control the world. He scoffed at the rift between Joseph Stalin and Tito, believing this was a sham as was the split between Russia and China. These were political feints to Angleton, insidious designs to make the naive West let down its guard. What convinced Angleton that there was a KGB mole or moles inside the CIA was the claim made by a KGB defector, Anatoli Golytsin, of such a counterspy. this former KGB spy, who was once described as a charming con artist, insisted that a Soviet spy worked right in the heart of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Angleton was the only CIA official who took Golytsin seriously. He spent thirteen years, from 1961 to 1974, doggedly pursuing this mole in a vain and often ridiculous effort.

It’s not that the CIA was infiltrated by the KGB – it was infiltrated by Zionists, who worked with their counterpart Zionists in the Communist world.

It’s also not a historical problem, but a very much contemporary one. With open Zionists like Antony Blinken, scion of America’s leading Zionist families, literally the grandson of the founder of the Israel Lobby, it is hardly a surprise that Israel gets from the Jews in the Biden administration everything it wants, just as Israel got everything they wanted from the Jews in Trump’s administration.

This includes green-lighting an Israeli attack on Iran, which will draw the United States into more Middle Eastern conflicts not in the interests of the United States, but in the interest of Israel.

Consider The Lincoln Project.

These are supposed to be Republicans that oppose Donald Trump, yet they are pulling stunts like this, and for some reason, are funded by Israelis.

This Boomer taboo of discussing Jewish treason, dual loyalty, and organized crime really needs to end. Look at how much damage that taboo has caused in the last one hundred years.