Defense Secretary James Forrestal’s brother Henry said, “The Jews or Communists Did My Brother in.”

Covert Action, being a Leftist site, has to pretend that it is somehow illegitimate to even accuse a Jew – any Jew at all – of working in their own interests. So you can see their embarrassing apologies for what Henry Forrestal said. But it is likely true.

The FDR administration was full of Communist Jews. Many of them were working for the Soviet Union, seen by Jews at the time as “their” state, as the early Soviet regime was dominated by Jews, and Jews ran the secret police. They were in the middle of a massive genocide, with the full throated support of Jews in the West.

Forrestal was against Communism, and he didn’t want the US to recognize the newly forming state of Israel, because he feared it would drive the Arabs into the Soviet camp.

Was the 1949 “Suicide” of Defense Secretary James Forrestal the First Major Domestic Political Assassination of the Emerging U.S. Deep State After WWII?

A generation later, John F. Kennedy would be assassinated right in the middle of his showdown with Israel over their illegal nuclear weapons. Immediately, LBJ reversed course and even went so far as to cover up Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, probably meant as a false flag attack to be blamed on Egypt.

What the CIA Is Hiding in the JFK Assassination

The reason these long over incidents are still so tightly classified is not to protect “the CIA” – it is to protect the Jewish ruling class. Biden’s cabinent is virtually all Jewish, and literally people like Secretary of State’s Antony Blinken’s grandfather was himself a Zionist agent – quite possibly working directly with the Zionist agents who murdered Forrestal.

That is why all of these historical events are still classified. It is to protect the Jewish ruling class that came to power in the United States via the assassinations of military officers, politicians, and even Presidents.

The US military was fully aware of Jewish power, Jewish organized crime, and Jewish Communist front groups:

The ‘Jewish Threat’: Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army, review by Kevin MacDonald.

Jews and Bolshevism: The “Jewish Threat” shows that the commonly held belief in a strong association between Jews and Bolshevism was based on a very wide range of official and unofficial sources spanning a great many countries over the entire period from World War I into the Cold War period after World War II. This information thus buttresses scholarly accounts from other sources of the predominant role of Jews in leftist radicalism (see MacDonald, 1998/2001). While prone to exaggerations at times —— as expected on the basis of psychological theory —— the attitudes of U.S. Army officers were basically sound.

Nevertheless, Bendersky ascribes any special attention given to Jews as revealing “the conservative, racial, and nativist perspective of the officers” (p. 51). For example, an agent in Paris reported in 1919 that among Jews there was “a remarkable unanimity of opinion in favor of the Russian Bolshevist movement.” Jews were “dazzled by the sudden access to power of their race” (p. 48). Such reports —— and there were many like them —— should be taken at face value that Jewish policy, in which numerous mainstream Jewish activist organizations were engaged from at least 1880 —— was to topple the Czar. Jewish celebration over the success of the revolution is not in the least surprising, if only because the revolution ended czarist anti-Jewish policies, and it is well attested by other sources, including some cited by Bendersky (e.g., Szajkowski 1974). For example, in 1907 Lucien Wolf, a leader of the Jewish community in England, wrote to Louis Marshall of the American Jewish Committee that “the only thing to be done on the whole Russo‑Jewish question is to carry on persistent and implacable war against the Russian Government” (in Szajkowski 1967, 8). “Western Jewish leaders actively participated in general actions in favor of the liberal and revolutionary movements in Russia both during the revolution and after its downfall” (Szajowski 1967, 9).

It’s frankly astonishing to read White leftists and liberals, who literally, not figuratively, believe that Jews are the center of the world, anything that helps Jews is good and anything that hurts Jews is bad.

Except for Israel – they know that is wrong but they aren’t quite sure what to do about it. Because they know anything bad about Jews is “fascism” the ultimate evil. So Jews can get away with open racism and the Left never calls them on it.

In the same way, when Bendersky (pp. 109, 114) reports that MID agents in Riga and Berlin commented that the Soviet embassies were staffed primarily by Jews, I am inclined to believe the agents, not Bendersky’s assumption that all of the masses of similar data are the paranoid ravings of racist military officers. Such a finding fits well with the general finding that Jews were massively over-represented in the early Bolshevik governments.

Bendersky also makes it appear that MID reports of Bolshevik atrocities are fantasies. Reports stated that Bolshevik methods included not only seizure and destruction of property but also “barbarism and butchery” (p. xii). Included in the intelligence reports were photographs of “naked bodies with butchered flesh, hanging upside down from trees, while ‘the Bolsheviki soldiers were laughing and grinning and standing about'” (p. xiii). Bendersky writes as if such claims are unworthy of being rebutted, yet there is more than enough evidence that such things did happen. Indeed, the recently published Black Book of Communism not only documents the horrific slaughter of some 20 million Soviet citizens, the widespread torture, mass deportations, and imprisonment in appalling conditions, but reproduces the photos from 1919 of a naked Polish officer impaled through the anus hanging upside down from trees while Bolshevik soldiers are laughing and grinning and standing about (Courtois et al. 1999, 202‑203).

Bendersky acknowledges that large numbers of immigrant Jews flocked to leftist movements but faults the MID for not making subtle distinctions among leftists. However, his own findings show that MID placed considerable importance on the fact that American socialist groups, including the Socialist Party, “expressed jubilant support” for Bolshevik Russia (p. 123). Bendersky acknowledges that the great majority of radical leftists were immigrants but states, without support, that the concentration of the MID on Jewish neighborhoods was unwarranted (p. 124). However, MID based their estimates on the numbers of radical meetings in particular ethnic neighborhoods and on their observations at these meetings. The findings of the MID fit well with the general finding that Jews were the only immigrant group that developed an important and influential radical sub-culture, that in fact the immigrant Jewish community in the U.S. from 1886 to 1920 can best be described as “one big radical debating society” (Cohn 1958, 621; see also MacDonald 1998/2001).

Bendersky repeatedly implies that MID should not have had U.S. interests at heart but Jewish interests. For example, after the Bolshevik revolution, the U.S. saw Poland as a bulwark against Soviet expansion. But from the Jewish point of view, the Polish government was anti-Jewish, and American Jewish leaders opposed recognizing or giving assistance to the Polish regime until it guaranteed minority rights. The MID was informed that Polish Jews were sympathetic to the Bolsheviks, and this new issue was mixed in with traditional Polish-Jewish animosity related to Jewish separatism, clannishness, economic domination, and disloyalty —— all of which have a firm foundation in reality (see MacDonald 1998, ch. 2). When the Soviet army was expelled from Vilna in 1919, the Poles attacked Jews who were accused of collaborating with the Soviets and shooting at Polish soldiers. Jewish organizations rallied to the defense of Polish Jews, while the U.S. tilted toward Poland. The MID had reports, often from multiple sources, that Jews welcomed Soviet troops with flowers or bands, that Jews refused to fight in Polish armies, that Jewish Bolshevik leaders engaged in “unspeakable barbarity,” that foreign Jews had stirred up anti-Polish propaganda in Jewish‑controlled newspapers by exaggerating the extent of violence against Jews, etc. In fact, these allegations were substantially true. Polish Jews did welcome the 1919 and 1939 Soviet invasions of Poland, because of perceptions of Polish anti-Semitism combined with favorable opinions about the treatment of Jews in the Soviet Union —— that in fact Jews were an elite group in the USSR (Checinski 1982; Schatz 1991).

When you read people talking about “fascism” you are witnessing Jewish interests being centered. Actual facism was a short-lived European political movement, it is not a perennial political development, unless you are a Trotskyite Communist. Totalitarianism has far more often come from the Left not the Right, something that White progressives just can’t seem to wrap their heads around.

Christianity was a deeply embedded aspect of the culture of the Northern Europeans, but it played a remarkably small role in the battles with the emerging Jewish elite. Far more important for framing these battles were Darwinian theories of race. The early part of the 20th century was the high water mark of Darwinism in the social sciences. It was common at that time to think that there were important differences between the races ‑- that races differed in intelligence and in moral qualities. Not only did races differ, but they were in competition with each other for supremacy. Schooled in the theories of Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard, Henry Pratt Fairchild, William Ripley, Gustav Le Bon, Charles Davenport, and William McDougall, this generation of U.S. military officers viewed themselves as members of a particular race and believed that racial homogeneity was the sine qua non of every stable nation state. They regarded their racial group as uniquely talented and possessed of a high moral sense.

But, more importantly, whatever the talents and vulnerabilities of their race, they held it in the highest importance to retain control over the lands they had inherited as a result of the exploits of their ancestors who had conquered the continent and tamed the wilderness. And despite the power that their race held at the present, there was dark foreboding about the future, reflected in the titles of some of the classic works of the period: Grant’s The Passing of the Great Race and Stoddard’s The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy and The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under‑Man.

For years, anytime anyone discussed the Mafia they were called “anti-Italian bigots” engaging in “anti-Italian conspiracy theories” and given a lecture about how poor old Italian immigrants were not immediately invited to the Presbyterian golf club, thus were “oppressed.”

Jewish organized crime has been in America since the late 1800’s and it meta-sized in the 1960’s. It still exists, it is the most powerful orgnaized crime faction in history, far, far more powerful than the Italian Mafia ever got.

But no one will discuss it, because the Anti-Defamation League will do a full-court smear campaign on you. After all, that is exactly why the ADL was founded – to protect Jewish organized crime. It’s been exposed over the years as being essentially a foreign espionage operation and it’s openly Zionist.

The White liberal and leftist collaborators need to be shamed for their collaboration, and somehow have the social status taken from them. It should be low-status indeed to act as protection for Zionist organized crime.

It’s already more or less happened – the Internet spread the information that was routinely suppressed for years all around the world.

CIA was started as the OSS – it was infiltrated by MI6 since the very first day, and by the time it was turned into CIA, it was completely infiltrated by Communist and Zionist Jews. James Jesus Angleton was Israel’s man in CIA since the 1950’s.

Nice White Liberals should not be let off the hook for their collaboration with organized crime, the slavers, the child traffickers, the genociders.