Tell Matt Gaetz to watch his back, tell him to watch his children, tell him to watch everyone. I’m coming for him, he’s going to fucking die. He’s a fucking despicable fucking tyrant and I’m going to fucking kill him… Watch your back, I’m coming for you. I’m going to put a bullet in you and I’m going to put a bullet in one of your fucking kids too. I hate you. — Eugene Huelsman:

Remember – Matt Gaetz was a close associate of Jewish organized crime figure Joel Greenberg, who was sexually trafficking underage girls to “the top levels of the Florida Republican party” and paying them via Venmo – all out in the open.

Matt Gaetz was then approached by Israelis who offered to make his legal problems “go away” if his father would pay millions of dollars to an Israeli company. Gaetz refused – and now the Jewish mafia is sending out one of their cronies to threaten his children.

Don’t forget that the CEO’s of ABC and NBC had to resign after it came out they were working with the Israelis to cover up Mossad threatening the victims of Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. So, again, it is not ideological – it is about organized criminality.

They always accuse their opponents of what they themselves do.

The Democratic party does not “stand” for anything, there are no “issues.” It is simply a ruling party. Thus, it “stands” for its own power.

Therefore, it you threaten its power, Democrats will react the same way an organized criminal mafia reacts – with death threats and violence.

Just because it is sometimes dressed up in “ideological” language doesn’t mean any more than when the Mafia claims to have a “code” or be “soldiers” or even Catholics.

In this sense, the modern Democratic-Republican party of the United States is not particularly different than the Communist party of the Soviet Union and various Communist parties of Western Europe.

They support neo-liberal capitalism instead of communism, but that is more an emphasis in economic management rather than political-economic substance.

As we know from the “woke” crowd canceling each other – that has nothing to do with ideology and everything to do with getting your competitors fired so you can take their position in the game of musical chairs as the positions for over-produced PMC’s has fewer and fewer chairs.

Never be confused by the ideological pretenses. There is no ideology. It’s simply power.