Jerry Falwell was straight up taking money from the Israelis who bought him a private jet. His son, Jerry Falwell Jr., was being blackmailed by Donald Trump’s Jew mobster handler, Michael Cohen, and the Jews at AMI/National Enquirer, the same people who were attempting to blackmail Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

The entire point of getting rid of Jim Bakker was to get control of his satellite broadcasting network.

And it was the Jews, by means of their front man Jerry Falwell, that set Jim Bakker up.

Why I Owe Jim Bakker an Apology and Thank You, October 26, 2019, Robert S. Griffin, Ph.D.

Everything the “Religious Right” warned about in the 1970’s came true, in spades, and the results are everywhere.

Christianity is like a Pearl of Great Price. What makes a pearl? The oyster swallows a piece of sand, an irritant, and it covers over the irritant with mucus, which dries and hardens into something beautiful. What is the irritant? I’m sure you can guess.

Jim and Tammy did nothing wrong.

It is not a coincidence that when the Evangelical Christians started to contest for power – the first time White people had pushed back against the Jews since the 1960’s – all of these fake “scandals” happened.

Adultery is a sin, not a crime. Jim and Tammy were not persecuted because of some financial irregularities, they were attacked because they owned a sophisticated media platform that was extremely popular among conervative, family oriented White Americans.

But they were not bought off by the Jews, like the Falwell family.

Same exact thing with Jimmy Swaggart.

Jimmy Swaggart was a rock star, literally, the cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis, the man could sing better than Frank Sinatra, that’s for sure, and he played the piano beautifully. He could preach, preaching being a traditional American folk art. He made all of his money from record sales, on which he paid taxes. The non-profit church was just that, a non-profit. Yes, of course, Swaggart and his wife and their friends got paid good salaries, which they earned, after all, running a large business bureaucracy just like any CEO of a going concern.

So what’s the big deal? Why all the hostility? Have you ever seen a Jew Rabbi dragged in front of the TV cameras over some fake “scandal?”

Not a single one, not ever, not one time.

But wow, did they have it in for the Christians in the 1980’s.

Think about how hated the 1980’s Evangelical Christian culture was. Why? It’s literally middle class Church ladies singing songs about loving people. Jim and Tammy Bakker did a puppet show for children. Literally, like Seasame Street or Mr. Rogers.

And the entire Jew media, the combined powers of the entire Hollywood system, all of the Commercial Advertisers, the Fortune 500, the newspapers, the New York political media, Saturday Night Live, etc., they all spend a decade smearing these people in the nastiest, most underhanded ways.

Remember Nicholas Sandmann? He was the kid from a Mid West Catholic school that went to the Washington DC March for Life. Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, the Christians show up one day in a large, peaceful protest in front of the Capitol, to protest literally killing babies.

And, boy, do they ever get so much hate for being against literally tearing unborn children out of their mother’s wombs. Whatever you may think of them, surely, being against such a thing would hardly garner so much hostility and opposition, but there you go.

Remember what the media did to him? Think about it.

You like somewhere in the Mid West, a nice white suburb, you go to Catholic school.

You get a wonderful field trip to go to the nation’s capital, Washington DC, to see the White House, the Constitution, the Smithsonian, and participate in the March for Life.

So you show up in DC, and the first thing that greets you are the True Jews, the Black Hebrew Israelites, who started screaing in your face, calling you “white boy” and “honkey” and “jew” and “fa**ot.” Then the Black Hebrew Israelites start screaming at the Indian, some phoney grifter who pretends to be a vet and an “Indian Elder” who starts beating a drum in your face and calling you names.

You literally stand there, politely smiling, ignoring all of these freaks around you.

And then the media accuses you of being a “racist” for “smirking at an Indian elder.”

They even just made up a complete lie saying that all the Catholic school kids were chanting “build the wall!”

Why Jim Bakker? Because he, like Jimmy Swaggart, was not controlled by the Jews.

Billy Graham of North Carolina started it. He was the first Protestant Christian media star of the film/television era. He was considered quite “liberal” at the time and was the first, before the Jew-Negro controlled “Hollywood Rat Pack,” that held non-segregated shows in the South.

In case you are tripping over the religious aspects, consider these two non-religious examples: Steve Case, of AOL, and Ted Turner of CNN. What do they have in common?

I was shocked when I watched the series about Phyllis Schlafly vs. the feminists, Mrs. America. It wasn’t just a matter of taking creating license, they literally re-wrote history, to make their insane side seem normal and the normal people, like Phyllis Schlafly and Anita Bryan sound crazy. They reversed well known historical episodes.

I was shocked when I watched Law And Order. They take a headline, reverse the races to make the white man the murderer and the black man the hero.

One I saw, I couldn’t believe it, it was so hilariously biased as to be a self-parody.

So, some woman is raped, she goes into the 40 hour pharmacy, begging for the “morning after pill” but the intolerant Christians refuse to give it to her and start yelling at her about abortion. The woman is actually being raped by her husband, who is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, handsome, normal white man, a professional, upper middle class, but of course he is an evil sadist sociopath, who … of course! … owns a gun.

So the intrepid woman police officer finally has enough evidence to make the arrest, but she gets there too late to save the lady from being stabbed by Evil WASP Husband.

Then, the neighbors helping with the case, an old white couple, reveals a secret. The woman was married to her white husband, who beat her and raped her, so she shot him with his own gun while he slept, got an abortion so as to not birth the baby of the Evil White Seed, then winds up infertile. Then, when her new husband finds out after 40 years, he dumps his wife because he is mad that she didn’t tell him she was infertile, because he wanted children.

Who the hell comes up with this stuff? Who has such seething hate for normal families that they come up with these nightmare scenarios? Who the hell in Hollywood has such a hate-on for normal white men they come up with these narratives?

I mean – it’s racist. They would never allow Blacks or Jews to be treated as such in popular culture.

It was a Jew radio DJ that started the attacks on Bakker, and Bakker sealed his fate when he went on the show and named the Jews as the people behind the anti-Christian culture. You see, the radio DJ was supposed to be “secular” who “happened to have a Jewish family” so when he attacks Christianity, it’s not “as a Jew” it is “as a secular person.”

And if you see throught that, like Jim Bakker did, they will move to take you down.

We know for a fact, due to the Nixon tapes, that Billy Graham knew damn well it was the Jews that ran the media, and said as much, and expressed great fear of Jewish power in the media.

Jim Bakker knew it.

When Jerry Fawell and the Jews set to take over Bakker’s communication satellites, the only “scandal” was that Bakker had an affair with his secretary. Well, who hasn’t? All of the so-called “financial irregularities” were bullshit. The Jew media was full of salacious false stories about Bakker’s “gold plated toilet” and other such bullshit. Fawell even accused Bakker of being gay – literally stabbed him in the back, in public, after Bakker went to him for help – Falwell just made up this accusation out of left field and made sure it got on camera.

You see this pattern time, and time, and time again, especially in the media but in other businesses as well. The Jew Mafia takes down any indpendent White media business, or institution, that it can’t corrupt. And the Jews always have the help of their goyim like Jerry Falwell.

Now, the Jew Anti-Defamation League can order the banks and credit card companies to blackball any business they don’t like, and they can order Google and Facebook to ban anyone they say.

Then, thirty years later, Jew Hollywood will make a movie about it where you’re the bad guy.

Those women, like Phyllis Schlafly, Anita Bryant, Tammy Faye Bakker, even to some degree Tipper Gore, the former Second Lady, were all more or less correct in what they warned about. They were the “Karens” and the “TERFs” of their day, basically attempting to protect the social and economic space for middle and working class mothers and wives like themselves. They were against drunk driving, and you know what? When they started taking drunk driving seriously a lot fewer kids got killed in drunk driving accidents.

They didn’t want pornography and protsitution invading the cultural space. They warned against pedophiles and child predators.

Were they really so awful? The Jew media has demonized these women, these shiksas, who dared to try to have some influence on the wider culture they had to live in. They were “intolerant” because they didn’t want Drag Queen Story Hour. In fact, they warned about Drag Queen Story Hour, and were ruthlessly mocked for it.

But they were completely correct.

Phyllis Schlafly wanred they would draft women and there would be men in the women’s bathrooms – and she was, of course, completely correct. Anita Bryant warned that homosexual men wanted to cross dress while teaching your children at school, and she was ruthlessly mocked for it – but she was, of course, completely, 100% correct. They wanred they would come for your children, and now they openly sing songs about it.

So, the Christians were correct. All of their darkest predictions came true, in spades, and that is why they had to be taken down and their media shut down.