This fucking guy. He’s an advertiser on all the right-wing blogs and podcasts, and he is running the typical scam.

I was triggered because he lied, saying that he noticed that “everyone” was buy fractional gold coins. Instead of buying a one-ounce coin, people were buying one-tenths, or one-halfs.

Why? Well, because they were so worried about “inflation” that they were worried they might have to start using their gold coins at the supermarket, and they didn’t want to have to use an entire ounce, which is $1800 or so.

Of course, this is absurd. No matter what inflation happens, you will never be using gold coins at the supermarket. Never. No supermarket is ever going to be taking gold coins. You will be using some sort of food stamp coupon long before that.

So why the rush to sell fractional gold coins, one-tenths, etc?

Well, it is obvious, of course. “Ira,” gets a huge markup on the fractional coins. They already take a huge margin, but they double it on one-tenth ounce gold coins.

Ask yourself: if you are a right-winger, why do people like “Ira,” target you for their scams? It is because right-wingers tend to be stupid suckers?

It’s about the same for Alex Jones. Who puts ads on Alex Jones? “Supplements” – dick pills, and over-priced vitamins. Why? Because they know the audience are suckers who will buy whatever bullshit.

Don’t take financial advice from me. But there is nothing wrong with saving money in gold. In the US, there is only one option: US Gold Eagles. Anywhere outside of the US, you may prefer Kruggerands, the South African coin that was the first modern gold coin with wide circulation. You can buy and sell Kruggerands at any Chinese street market in Timbuktu.

Silver is a complete waste of time and money, don’t bother. But if you want some emergency savings not likely to be inflated away, physical gold is fine.

But don’t buy it from “Ira,” the guy scamming all the idiot right-wing preppers who listen to the bloggers and podacasters.

Are you a sucker for pitches such as these?

“Buy Your Precious Metals From Actual Patriots Who Love This Country”

Are you buying precious metals from someone who believes in “America First”? You should be. The best kept secret in the precious metals industry is that many “American” companies hold major investments overseas and even contract out YOUR purchases through foreign proxies.

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.