How The Alt-Right Tries To Co-Opt Me:

Once I wrote a screed about Frances Yockey Parker. It was just a blog post, I didn’t even spell check it. More “notes to myself.”

I had wondered why the hell the so-called “Alt Right” was always so enamoured of these fringe “fascist” types, with their overblown rhetoric and LARPing.

Someone commented and asked if they could repost my screed. I said, sure, just spell check it first. A week later, it was on Richard Spencer’s former partner’s Colin Liddell website.

His audience didn’t like the screed, because his audience was full of Fascist LARPers.

For the next two years, occasionally Liddell would repost something of mine – without asking. I didn’t mind. But it soon became clear that Liddell rarely posted anything of mine that was good, anything I had put thought into. No, Liddell only posted something if I was trashing his former partners, like Spencer, or his Alt-Right enemies, like Greg Johnson.

Liddell spent years attempt to “satirize” his former Alt-Right partners, but his humor amounted to little more than photo-shopping Greg Johnson’s face on to gay porn. At some point, Liddell decided to go all the way and embrace Jewish Supremacism and Zionism, even going so far as to show true contempt for his own audience by pretending that Israel was “European” and even started calling himself “Antifa” – that is how dedicated Liddell was to Jewish Supremacism. Mostly this was due to the fact that he was a complete failure as a writer – his success was far, far below his self-conception as the “co-founder of the Alt Right” – and the only people who would ever give him the time of day were Zionist Jews.

So after he – someone on the Facebook list as a “Hate” figure – decided to start calling me an “implicit nazi” because of my support for the human rights of Palestinians, I photoshopped a Hitler mustache on his SPLC mugshot, and he flew into a hilarious narcissistic rage and explained how he never liked me anyway, not explaining why he kept reposting my “scribblings” for years.

But I guess it makes sense. Richard Spencer’s narcissism is well known to be off-the-charts, and the original blow-up between Spencer and Liddell was clearly two narcissists fighting over who gets what share of narcissistic supply.

I was never “Alt Right.” I resisted that label from the very beginning. In fact, I was actually grouped in with the “Alt Left” which was originally characterized as “the left-wing of the alt-right.” For myself, I only ever claimed that white people exist and have the right to their own identity and their own homelands – just like Jews. I was an “equalitarian.” If Jews are allowed an identity, Whites are allowed an identity. If Ashkenazi Jews have a homeland, than Scottish Whites should have a homeland – and American Whites should have a homeland.

Of course, the Alt-Righters like Richard Spencer seemed, at first, to be serious. Spencer gave a decent speech a couple of times. But he steered everyone into unthinking shilling for Zion Don, then immediately set about to destroy his own movement – with lots of help from The Alt-Right Fat Boys, Matt Heimbach and Mike Enoch – Enoch literally going to Charlottessville, standing with the FBI-run “National Socialist Movement” and doing “Hitler salutes” for the cameras.

Astonishingly, Richard Spencer invited the neo-con magazine The Atlanatic to his conference, where fat-ass Mike Enoch waddled up to the front of the audience and started doing “Hitler salutes” for the cameras.

You know, Mike Enoch, married to a Jewish woman, who he used to have on his show to mock Christmas, when she wasn’t attended Drag Queen Story Hour.

Real “right-wingers,” these types.

Spencer got worse and worse, literally getting wasted at after-parties where Breitbart asset Milo would film all the stupid things people would say, then openly brag about “blackmailing” them.

The year before, some innocent young guy had gone to one of Richard Spencer’s conferences, hoping to get some publicity for his novel based in European folklore. He thought it was a celebration of European heritage, only to find out that it was really just a honeypot to get regular young white guys to say “edgy” shit, so that could be used against them later.

Now, Spencer has just come out as a Democrat, attacking people who don’t want to take Phizer’s experimental gene therapy, and even trashing his one-time hero Vladimir Putin – now that he divorced his Russian wife, after getting drunk and beating her one too many times.

Spencer is really showing his establishment colors now attacking Glenn Greenwald for being a gay porn star. Why would that surprise anyone? Glenn Greenwald, a Jew, has his “family” pictures all over his social media – two men and a bunch of adopted young boys. I don’t even want to think about it, but that was all just fine until Glenn Greenwald went off the Democratic party plantation and now criticized The Party.

So now, Richard Spencer, the good spook he has always obviously been, is piling on Greenwald.

I never voted for Trump, either time, and I never shilled for him. But Spencer shilled for Trump, and now he is shilling for Biden.

So when Aimee Terese makes the obvious connection – I was making those connections five, ten years ago – well, Spencer blows up with narcissistic rage.

What sort of lack of self-awareness does it take to post this:

“right-wing talking points and conspiracy theories in an effort to play mommy to MAGA teenagers?”

That was Spencer’s entire gimmick for a decade. In fact, when he did a video about why men shouldn’t send women dick picks, during the Anthony Weiner, his teenage fans actually called him their “Internet Dad.”

I’ve never actually read much Marx. I’m the opposite of a theorycel. I characterized my viewpoint as “vulgar Marxism” in the sense of the famous Upton Sinclair quote:

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” — Upton Sinclair

Aimee Terese, and the crowd around her, is doing a far better job of explaining the new reality we find ourselves in. The Alt Right never deconstructed “the Left” the way they have.

While the Alt-Right Fat Boys just wanted to “STAND UP and fight antifa in Muh Streest!” this crowd has an actual analysis of just what “the Left” is – and all “the Left” is is the Democratic party. “The Left” is just Gloria Steinem’s “Liberal CIA,” the “forward thinking liberals of the type that characterize the JFK administration.”

I’ve said it from the day Trump announced – Trump was Likud’s Hail Mary pass. They awakened American White Populism because they had no choice – the room they had after 9/11 was constricting as the Liberal CIA types retook control starting in 2006 with James Baker’s Iraq War Study Group.

How really is Richard Spencer any different than Lynn Cheney? It was Spencer – not Terese – who hopped on board the Trump train and became his Fluffer-in-Chief.

The Right is intellectually bankrupt. Counter Currents run some great essays, but they aren’t exactly telling us anything new. No one on The Right has gone any farther than Curtis Yarvin of 2011. And for Yarin, what was good wasn’t unique, and what was unique wasn’t good.

Yarvin did personally help me understand Hobbes by putting his observations in the current context. Not coincidentally, that is what Terese has done. I don’t have to rea-read Marx to see his class analysis playing out every single day, on both the Right, and the Left.

Spencer wants to create a right-wing version of DSA – Bernie’s Democratic Socialists of America. Richard Spencer wanted the National Socialists of America, an upper middle class group of white college guys with cool haircuts and “politically incorrect” jokes, who would pretend to be philosophers by quoting Bronze Age Pervert and talking about James Bond’s as Faustian Man. They would be cooler than the previous generation of Young Republicans because instead of quoting Ayn Rand they would quote someone serious, like Neitzsche.

Of course Richard Spencer failed, spectacularly, and whether he ever took his own vision seriously, or if it was always merely a honey-pot to identify any non-compliant young white males before they could joing the Republican party, is an open question for me.

The promise of The Right is that the hierarchy would work. While The Left is always about “breaking down hierarchy” the promise of The Right is that you join up, follow orders, and in return you get solid leadership – hard-headed leadership without all those girls ideas like “egalitarianism.”

But of course it’s all if not exactly a scam, it is surely a joke. Richard Spencer’s leadership amounts to giving a moderately good podium speech, and doing a decent job fielding softball questions from the media. He couldn’t organize his way out of a paper bag.

So, to line up behind leaders of The Right like Richard Spencer, the deal is: you do all the work, stroke his ego, cheer when he gives a speech then babysit him when he’s wasted after a night of rails and mid-priced cognac.

Spencer’s $90,000 a year trust fund makes him middle-class without having to work. The kind of people who could be his followers are the same; if they have to work it has to be in politics or something independent impervious to being cancelled.

Just like Bernie Sander’s Democratic Socialists of America, any class is going to act in its class’ interests. If Spencer hadn’t have failed so spectacularly at even organizing a third-rate DSA, all of it would have been is a filter to keep the young white men they really don’t want in the GOP, a honeypot, and maybe a feeder of a tiny few people into a fringe-right social influencer crowd. Bitcoin aside, you are by definition “not mainstream” if you can’t even take Visa and Mastercard payments.

I’m sticking with Intersectionality. It is at the intersection of race, sex, and class that things happen.

At the racial level is the very first social context, as race is merely one’s extended family. At the sexual level is the first level of social specialization, and the level of actual reproduction.

It is at the class level that one’s social actions are constrained. The promise of The Right was that the plebs would have good leadership in return for their submission and cooperation. But there is no credible Right in America, there are few, if any, with any sort of leadership potential, and the few that do have it are more-or-less criminals under the system.

The Terese-o-sphere; BCryptofash, Malcom Keyeyune, Angela Nagle, et al; points out that the entire Left is merely extensions of the Democratic party.

Again – “radical feminist” Gloria Steinem, the great Social Revolutionary, was actually just a Democrat, working with the CIA, and defending the Democratic party to the New Left: “young idealistic progressives, CIA is not a right-wing, counter-revolutionary tool of the capitalist elite. CIA is full of the forward-thinking progressive liberals that characterized the Kennedy administration.”

I just learned that a 4channer SEO Silicon Vallye type bought Milo’s first 20k of followers on Twitter, getting him a higher profile in Breitbart to push the “Gamergate” narrative – which wasn’t about “feminism in gaming ethics” but was a form of media play, and an early part of the Likud-Trump campaign. Steven Bannon has hardly ever been shy about this, despite not getting into the particulars.

The “Alt Right” was nothing but Likud and Breitbart co-opting various pre-Republican voting blocks. It was never going to do anything else but astro-turf the Great Orange Retard into office, and as soon as that operative was over, they all got hung out to dry.

While the proles who followed the Pied Piper are being tortured in the CIA gulag, their leaders like Spencer hasn’t even organized a bail fund. And Spencer, like the guy from Oath Keepers – or Andrew Anglin for that matter – never seems to wind up in jail, or sued out of existence either. Spencer has never even been banned from Twitter!

Intersectionality: race, sex, class.

If you are a White group that needs a Candace Owens to justify your existence, you failed the first test. It’s OK to be White, and we don’t need anyone’s permission.

If your White group listens to a Zionist Jews like Joel Kotkin of the neo-con Clairmont Institute explaing that Cricial Race Theory really hurts Jews more than the goyim and Israel must be defended on Right principles – you’ve failed the first test. Fuck the Jews. It’s OK to be White. We don’t need a Jew’s permission.


The accusation of “simping” is like the accusation of “faggotry” or “incelism.” Those accusations can be intimidating to teenage boys, who may have never actually had a relationship with a woman. But for any White man over the age of 20, the accusations say more about then accuser than the accused.

I was once accused by a Christian White man with an Asian wife of being a “goddess worshipper” because I wasn’t sufficient anti-woman. Collin Liddell’s Affirmative Right partner, James Lawrence, wrote a five-page screed against “White Nationalists” calling them a “degenerate fertility cult” for … I’m not sure, becing insufficiently philo-semitic and not being “anti-egalitarian” enough.

I think the “goddess worshipper” things simply comes into play because goddess idols like the Statue of Liberty, or France’s Marianne, does in fact appeal to me. To even prove by Scotch-Irish Presbyo-pagan values, I’d even include The Goddess Rosie.

I also find it a fun male bonding experience when we objectify women. I know for a fact they sit around and objectify us – and yes, if you have a big dick, your girlfriend will brag to her girlfriends and you will get a reputation.


It’s never hard to figure out.

I know RamZPaul reads this, because I once wrote something about his rental properties. I seem to remember in one of his videos mentioned he had to go look in on some rental properties. But later, he said “some people” had started a rumor that had some rental properties and pointed out that he did not. I’m the only one, so my apologies – I must have misremembered.

But in any case, RamZPaul, former software manager, is clearly not rich. If he was, he wouldn’t shill for shekels making his videos.

I’m not going to fault him for that – by the time he was ten or so videos in, back fifteen years ago, there was no way he was ever getting another corporate job again.

Same with the Z-Man. He begins every show pointing out that they don’t take appreciation at the bank. So he’s shilling for shekels.

Yet it is these two that are the most pro-capitalism even as they themselves failed to make it to the capitalist class. That is the real Road to Serfdom, when you learn to love your chains.

I’m completely fine with Christian family and community values. I’ll even go so far as to accept the Just War Theory.

But I’m never going to take seriously libertarian property moralism. Property is not a God-given right, property is a social arrangement.

Really, how much more was the Alt-Right than Ayn Randroidism without her cringe Zionism and bodice-ripper fantasies? The only difference between a 2002 Libertarian Republican and a 2022 Alternative Right Republican is they upgraded to Neitzsche.

I will say this, though. RamZPaul and The Z-Man got it right on Covid. You know who got it wrong? The entire TRS crowd. Hunter Wallace. Richard Spencer. Greg Johnson.

Spencer is not indistinguishable from a Washington Post Democrat, mocking the “anti-vaxxers” and “Trumptards” and unironically praising Biden for finally getting out of Afghanistan. (I’ll give him this, Biden, the life-long DC operative, knew how to say ‘no’ to the Pentagon brass, and that was probably the very last coherent decision he made until he went back to comfortable dementia.)

So, the Edgy Right basically failed. But that is ok, because material conditions changed. Now it is normie Republican at the school board – ignoring Yarvin’s advice – demanding an end to Anti-White CRT and pushing back on male rapists in women’s spaces. The blackmailed Republican Supreme Court justices failed on that on day one, notice.

Now Spencer is spending half of his time engaged in ghoulish abortion pushing. This is the one issue The Right actually is useful for.

Really, you gotta just think here. We’re being forced injected with experimental gene therapy as the technocratic police state is rolled out. Biotechnology needs embryoes. They alread do this, they harvest white women’s ovum and embryos to use as the raw material for biotechnology. The vaccines are literally made up aborted babies. If the Republicans cannot even mount some token aesthetic opposition to this, they are just as post-human as the Democrats.

Clearly we have a monoparty, the Democratic-Republican party. Trump’s MAGA is not quite a party as it has no institutions, and they aren’t attempting to grow it past Trump’s cult of personality. Richard Spencer fits perfectly into that Democratic-Republican party, basically fighting hard for the right to mock Black proles the way his compatriots mock White proles.

Terese points out that the Socialist left is responding to the food shortages by mocking that the working class aren’t getting their “treats” and unironically claiming that Russians have nostalgia for the “bread lines” because at least they got to socialize. (No, that is not a joke, such as the “Socialists” of the Democratic-Republican party.)

Richard Spencer is right along there with them.

I’m sticking with intersectionality. Those masked services workers, I stand with them, because I am closer to them than Richard Spencer. Those resisting Phizer’s experimental gene therapy full of aborted fetuses? I’m sticking with them, not Richard Spencer.

The Right is bankrupt of ideas, and the Alt-Right was nothing more than Trump campaign astro-turf that has naturally folded back into the Democratic-Republican party after the Trump’s threat was neutralized. It shows you who is more serious in that some Antifa can always “grow” and join a Democratic party NGO for a nice cushy salary, but a former “Alt Right” can’t “grow” and join a Republican NGO because the Jews that fund both sides will forgive a formerly Communist Antifa but never a formerly “anti-semitic” right-winger.

That’s the Jew religion: Never Forgive, Never Forget.

It didn’t matter how much Colin Liddell sucked up to Jews and Israel, Mark Zuckerberg still calls him a “Nazi.” It doesn matter how much Richard Spencer sneers at the anti-vaxxers, he’s never going to be allowed on CNN ever again, although as a consolation prize he gets to keep his Twitter.

What I learned from Andrea Nolen is how cult groups are basically just narcissist leaders and narcissist followers manipulating each other, and how CIA learned how to spot narcissists with Gittenberg’s personality test in the 1950’s.

Allowing Spencer to get narcissistic supply from Twitter prevents him from trying to build an alternative. And the more he supports vaxxing the goyim and aboring their babies, the fewer times they repost his embarrassing pictures and videos, as now he’s doing their work.

The Right is all talk, no action. It is because they claim Leadership and Hierarchy are the winning formula that they have to prove it by providing Leadership and Hierarchy (hierarchy is just a particular version of “organization” by the way.)

Nothing has changed. Politically speaking, we have to stop immigration, stop anti-whiteness, and now fight to stop the vaccines passports, the police state, and try to grab whatever of that Build Back Better money we can get (UBI Now!)

The Democratic-Republican party is The Party, and you cannot fight the Democratic side by siding with their partners, the Republican side. Trump was never anything more than a spanner in the works, and that is over.

The last intelligent thing Richard Spencer ever said was that his fans should join the Trump campaign and “not fuck it up” – right before Spencer and his crowd fucked it up. So, my fans should join Trump’s new social media platform, try to raid its audience and draw them to our media. Don’t bother to join in and bash the Democrats, you just provide an alternative when they start pushing Israel and Capitalism and Candance Owens and Trans-Lady MAGA.

I remain as I was, a racist, sexist liberal. I’m a liberal not because I believe in Capitalism, I’m a liberal because I believe that decentralization is our best change at avoiding Global Post-Human Eusociality.

We were promised the sexy, alien-chick-bedding Luxury Space Communism of the original Star Trek, instead we’re getting the much inferior Next Generation’s Borg.

Do. Not. Want.