So I listened to Fash The Nation and Jazzhands McFeels went into a “Deep Dive” on China and homosexuality. He seemed all but surprised that the Jews weren’t the ones behind homosexuality in China. In fact, China had at various times more or less tolerance of homosexuality. They had a form of “gay marriage.” They didn’t have laws on the books until the British Empire. The age of consent is fourteen. And they have a transgender law, after a sex transition, one can marry someone of your original sex, now opposite sex, and it is considered just a normal marriage.

Part of McFeel’s gimmick is to disabuse his audience of the notion that China is “based” and while he can find plenty of anti-semitism in Japan, he can’t in China. He has also pointed out that Iran is “based” because they are very much anti-semitic.

But I guess McFeel’s doesn’t know that Iran is a capital of sex-change operations, and they have the same law as China. In fact, party of the current American Civil War between the “LGB’s” and the “TQ’s” is that the former see sex reassignment surgery as “conversion therapy” – turning LGB’s into straight people, thus, “fixing” their homosexuality.

I had an “A-Ha” movement when I came across a Youtube video called “Michaelangelo’s Code.” fifteen years ago. To get the basic gist, read James O’Meara’s Trad Queen Story Hour. In the Youtube video, the narrator, who was investigating homosexuality in the Catholic Church, said he got his best research material from conservative Catholic layity who were outraged by the rampant homosexuality – and pederasty – among the clergy, and why nothing was done about it.

Of course, the reason why nothing is done about it is because 90% of Catholic celibates are homosexual including most Popes. The entire Catholic Church is gay – and if you think of all the pomp and circumstance, it’s like flamingly gay. Just watch Pope Benedict marry his Georg Gänswein – oh, not “marry” him, “concecrate” him, but the ceremony is gayer than a gay wedding.

McFeel’s tries to hand-wave classical Greco-Roman pederasty, but it is like he is actually surprised that a 10,000 old culture like China has always had social institutions around homosexuality.

Relatedly, there is a former Youtuber, now Bitchuter, called Mouthy Buddha, that makes some high quality films with some very good content that deals with human trafficking, child trafficking, Pizzagate, QAnon, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, etc.

But – again – he is like one of the conservative Catholic layity that keeps finding homosexuality in the celibate priesthood, continues to get surprised every time, then even more surprised when “nothing is done.”

In this case, he mentions Oprah’s sidekick “Dr. Phil” and his “ranch for wayward youth” he sends bad teenagers too. Paris Hilton, the “Cash me outside girl,” and another young women have come out recently about the “molestation” and “physical abuse” they suffered at these “reform ranches.”

Now Mouthy Buddha has truly uncovered some very sinister things, especially very real sex trafficking networks that include both adult women and girls and boys. That is organized crime, thus it is actually a “conspiracy.”

But I think the “reform ranch” thing is somewhat turning something quite obvious into a “conspiracy.”

One of the young women discussing her “molestation” at the ranch was 17 years old. She had a nose ring, gorgeous hair, and was clearly fully sexually developed. My mother’s generation married at 17. By 17, virtually all of the boys and girls I knew were having sex.

A “sexual assault” of a 17 year old by a, say, 25 year old?

Throughout the vast, vast majority of human civilization, 10,000 of civilization, that would have been considered more or less “marriage.”

Obviously, I don’t know this young woman. She could very well have been “assaulted” or it could very well be her “seducing” someone. We used to have certain rules in place precisely because notions of “consent” in the modern sense are, basically, unenforceable – it’s nothing but he said, she said.

And it is precisely the break down of these rules that we now have situations where real abuse can occur, because instead of well defined cultural institutions, you have nothing but gray areas.

Also, let’s point out, the reason these teens get sent to these “reform ranches” is precisely because they are acting out so badly their parents have given up on them. Sociopathy and Borderline Personality Disorder are expressed by teenagehood. The “cash me outside” girl was physically abusing her mother – the alternative to the “reform ranch?” Juvie – Juvenile prison.

So, really, there is no “conspiracy” here. Pedophiles are attracted to jobs where they will have access to children. Sadists are attracted to job where they can abuse people – see, Steve Martin’s dentist in Little Shop of Horrors.

A Catholic boy who doesn’t have any sexual interest in girls, and doesn’t want to get married? Well, traditionally, he often joined the celibate priesthood, and once he knew that “everybody was doing it” he often joined in himself.

Also, I just gotta say, the Freemason stuff is hysterical. Only in the conspiracy theories are the Freemasons actually cool and edgy, as opposed to extreme dorks.

Also, all the stuff in the music videos and the Hollywood films – especially the sex stuff. Yes, it is all put there on purpose, and yes, it is precisely to “trigger” people like you. For the same reason Motley Crue sangs songs like “Shout At The Devil” to scandalize the parents of Christians so their teens would rebel by buying their records.

So let’s run down the list. QAnon? Pure Trump campaign spam, an “online game” run by Ezra Cohen-Watnik and probably the guy from 4chan, Ron Watkins.

Early on, I actually took one of his “drops” and did real research on it, and what I found proved it was all horseshit. QAnon “dropped” a bit about a young woman that owned a modeling agency, and had her picture taken with Bill Clinton on an airplane. QAnon basically said, “look at the last names of the people Clinton pardoned.”

So, what QAnon was hinting at is that Clinton had pardoned this woman’s father and she was his “payoff.”

But – it was all bullshit, and easy to figure out bullshit.

First, the plane was not Jeffrey Epstein’s, it was Ron Burkle’s – not that he is any less sleazy. Second, while the woman did have the last name of a man pardoned by Bill Clinton, the guy pardoned by Clinton was still in prison, and had been before this woman was even conceived. They were quite obviously not related at all, they simply shared a rather common last name.

So, it was easy to see that QAnon was complete bullshit very early on.

Pizzagate was mostly bulltshit too. But, there was something of substance to that story. Yes, James Alefantis, his “boyfriend,” his Instagram friends, all posted pretty obvious “pedophile” type content, sometimes seemingly in jest, sometimes seemingly quite serious. The Podesta brothers are into some really creepy shit – would it surprise anyone if those two like to abuse children? One was best friends with Republican Dennis Hastert, the most powerful Republican for twenty years, and according to the judge that sent him to prison, “a serial child molester.” In the Wikileaks emails, Podesta is telling a friend that Hastert should “disappear to a Japanese island.”

“Cheese Pizza?” “Hot Dogs?” I think those are more or less Internet memes. The pedophile symbols from the FBI database? I don’t know. I suppose it is possible, but I don’t think that every business that uses a triangular spiral has a secret back room where they murder children. That isn’t the way these thing work.

If you want to see a sexual horror shows? Easy: just look at the world wide prostitution industry. It is in every country, it is the most god-awful exploitative thing imaginable, and the vast, vast majority of those women, and girls, and boys, are coerced in some way. Plenty of them are kidnapped.

There absolutely does exist a White Slave trade out of Eastern Europe where young beautiful Slavic women are bought from their families, or simply kidnapped, and otherwise cajoled, that wind up sex slaves. Happens all the time – see the Dyncorp scandal. Seriously – read “Dyncorp’s Shame” – the article is still online. The wealthy absolutely do by slaves – they always have. Literally slavery is as old as human civilization.

Now that I think of it – don’t tell Jazzhands McFeels about Chinese Court Eunuchs, he’ll have a fit!

Now, what about the “cult” stuff? The “Satanism?” The “Spirit Cooking?” The child sacrifice?

I don’t know.

But if you want to see how horrible our elites are, just take a look at a recent Supreme Court hearing.

Supreme Court Hearings On Palestinian Man Anally Raped and Hung from Hooks By CIA Causes Biden Administration to Tremble

The Supreme Court is currently hearing the cause of United States v. Abu Zubaydah, which deals with the largely known details of a Palestinian man who was captured in Pakistan by the CIA and tortured in a barbaric fashion.

In 2002, Zubaydah, a veteran who previously fought the Soviets in Afghanistan, was shot and transferred to the CIA. It is believed that he was transported to CIA black sites, referred to colloquially as “dungeons,” in Poland, Thailand, and other countries, where he was subjected to crimes against humanity.

Just to be clear – no one at all suspected him of having anything to do with 9/11.

According to a brief filed with the Supreme Court, Zubaydah was waterboarded at least 83 separate times in one month, had his head repeatedly smashed against the wall, and was sleep deprived for 11 consecutive days.

Additionally, he was stripped naked and hung from hooks and stuffed into a small box for hours. The disturbing practice of “rectal hydration,” where prisoners are essentially sodomized, was also utilized.

In a 2014 Senate investigation regarding the practice, CIA torturers were exposed as using “rectal feeding” — which experts have held has no medical or physiological use — as a means to sadistically rape men by grinding up food from their lunch trays and forcing it up their rectums.

If there is some sort of Satanic Cult, it is clearly CIA, and the Pentagram.

Zubaydah’s attorneys have for years been battling the government to subpoena and force testimony from the two CIA psychologists who developed the torture program, James Elmer Mitchell and John “Bruce” Jessen, who so far have been able to invoke the “state’s secrets” rule to keep the atrocities they oversaw from the public eye. The two men were paid over $80 million dollars to develop experimental torture techniques intended to force prisoners to “collaborate.”

Some of the torture was done to get false confessions for 9/11. But not this program. No – this was MK-Ultra. This was psychological conditioning to “brainwash” a subject and “rebuild” his personality to make him perform actions on cue.

Of course, it doesn’t really work. But hey, James Elmer Mitchell and John “Bruce” Jessen got paid $80 million dollars and got to act out their sadism. They were respectable academics, psychologists, with PhD’s and papers in journals. They weren’t in any “Satanic cults” – I doubt they were Freemasons either.

I know the Right loves to counter-signal the Enlightenment. But a large part of the Enlightenment was trying to raise society above the levels of the Laws of the Jungle.

You ever see your cute little housecat torture a mouse, or a bird? Yes – that is torture. The little feline sadist enjoys inflicting pain on its prey.

You watch those nature documentaries on the cable? You see the one about lions?

Sociopathy is real, and institutions select for it. Sociopaths are our Natural Elite, they are not just more charismatic, more even sexier, than a “normal” person. Women literally get horny for the man who wins a fight and kills another man – that is mammal behavior, lionesses go into heat when the lion kills their cubs. Kill the babies, re-breed the females.

The real breakthrough of Christianity – not my idea, there was a whole school of sociology based on this – is to put that tortured man in front of the crowd and force the people to have sympathy for him, to put themselves in his place. Typically, people would show up and cheer for public tortures and executions.

We’re all just one inch away from animals.

Sex and violence – lust and bloodlust – are intimately linked. Since the human animal hasn’t changed, biologically, for hundreds of thousands of years – we have all the same parts – there is no variation on sex and violence that hasn’t already been done in a million different variations.

There is no sexual perversion that is new nor torture that is novel.

Remember the TV show Dexter about the serial killer? What was the point of the opening credits, the theme song, the little music video of him making breakfast?

A deer hunter is a serial killer, literally skins his prey, starting but cutting around the anus and pulling the guts out.

Ever worked at a butcher’s shop? Of course you haven’t.

There is no “hidden conspiracy” – it is all quite out in the open.