It’s a General Strike.

A wildcat general strike. If one were a Leftist, a Berniebro, a Communist, you should be elated. Americans are fed up with the economy, with their jobs, with the bosses. They are saying “fuck the man, take this job and shove it.”

Workers are in a better position when there is a labor shortage.

But the Left isn’t celebrating at all. They are angry at the workers. They are cheering if they get fired. They are elated at the idea of their working class enemies getting shafted.

A record number of Americans are quitting their jobs

A record 4.3 million people quit their jobs in August, evidence of the considerable leverage workers have in today’s economy.

About 2.9% of the workforce quit in August, up from 2.7% in July, according to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) report, released Tuesday. That marks the highest quit rate since the report began in late 2000.

The number of workers who quit rose by 242,000 from July as more Americans demanded higher pay, better working conditions and more flexible arrangements. Those number of people who quit rose in accommodation and food services, wholesale trade and state and local government education.

“If you’re unhappy with your job or want a raise, in the current environment it’s pretty easy to find a new one,” said Gus Faucher, chief economist at PNC. “We’re seeing people vote with their feet.”

It’s quite obvious some of this is the MRNA Mandates. Some of it is due to the economic collapse of the last two years. Some of it is Corporate Wokeness.

But the point is, it is general. It’s widespread. It’s completely decentralized. In fact, it is not even spoken about really.

This is what they call “Exit.” The Neo-Reactionaries used that term fifteen years ago. It is a phenomenon similar to Brexit, Poleave, and Yellow Vests.

It is a giant, society-wide Vote of No Confidence.

It is interesting that “Boomer” has become such a hot button issue. There is a real cultural “exit” of the younger generations from the whole “Boomer America” world-view, whether in its 60’s Liberal version, or its 80’s Ronald Reagan version.

The transgender thing is really quite interesting. It is truly post-irony. It’s also just a nakedly obvious “2+2=5” moment.

Societies have taboos for a reason. The real big taboos, the biggest taboos, are the ones about things that are quite obviously a kind of “non-aggression pact.” “Fedposting” is a good example of this – we call it that for a reason. The second is what might be called “politeness.” Yes, we know your wife is fat, but you are polite to people in public.

With transgenderism, it is a clearly an example of gaslighting people, making up a new category, “transphobia,” which means anything and everything. The sentence, “a woman is an adult human female” is “transphobic.” Literally, the reason “transphobia” is bad is because its claimed that if someone “misgenders” them, it will make them suicidal. It’s also claimed that they suffer from high levels of murder due to “transphobia” but it’s a lie: more transgenders are murderers than murder, but the ones that do suffer murder are typically involved in the commercial sex industry, which is of course organized crime, so of course it is going to be violent.

The America Medical Association is using terms like “birthing person.”

The point is, there is probably 0.001% of the population that is transgender. Why is this even an issue? Why must the language about basic things like sex, men and women, birthing, all be changed to accomodate 0.001% of the population?

It clearly has nothing to do with them. The point it to make people submit. This is simply a new theological plank to be added to the established religion. It’s simply anothe way to make the greengrocers put up the Workers of the World Unite sign. Putting you pronouns in your bio is exactly that: it is either to actively status signal, or it is done defensively to preempt anyone asking why you aren’t status signaling. Failure to actively consent is seen as defiance.

That bargaining power comes from their willingness to quit jobs they don’t like and look for new ones. And this shift is not merely centered on simple economics — but a broader reassessment around quality of life and purpose.

“This is what happens after great wars or depressions,” Brusuelas said. “It’s hard to spot while you’re in it, but we’ve gone through a shock that has elicited an unexpected change upon the population. And it will take some time to sort through.”

After a great war or a depression.

In the short run, however, the worker shortage will continue to complicate the reopening of the global economy, contributing to rising prices, supply chain stress, product shortages and shipping delays.

Now is the time to re-nationalize the economy.

The United States needs to come to grip with the new realities. China, Russia, and to some extent Europe are simply no longer reliant on America. America is the other side of the world from Eurasia – what makes in it a great defensive position is also why it’s in a rather bad offensive position.

The US had fifty or so years of military dominance. The rest of the world has more or less caught up. The surface Navy is nearly obsolete. It’s long been said there are two types of boats, submarines and targets. That is even more true with the new generation of weapons. The drone wars are here.

Most of “global trade” is nothing more than labor arbitrage. It’s irrational to fill boats full of molded plastic and ship it from Shanghai to Los Angeles. The system only works because of the US dollar’s role as a reserve currency, which everyone knows can’t last – and many are saying it is more or less over already.

Last year after the BLM Antifa riots, the press was full of stories of Whexit – regular, middle class, professional white families were selling their homes and moving as far away from “diversity” as possible. But this was more than just the White Flight of the previous generation, when Black crime ethnically cleansed Whites from cities like Detroit and Baltimore. This is suburban Whites exiting from the New America altogether.

All it would take is a slight change in the laws, and the mass immigration would stop immediately. More of a change in the economy, and we could see reverse migration.

It seems obvious that Biden is going to be a one term President. It’s also obvious that the Democrats have no one to run. So, it’s going to flip over to the Republicans in an attempt to appease Whites, and there will be an attempt to get back to business as usual. But there is zero interest, literally zero, in Ronald Reaganism, “tax cuts,” “free trade,” “deregulation,” and especially “nation of immigrants.”

The US Empire is falling, now, it may have already collapsed really. Afghanistan was a huge black eye. Taiwan likely will be soon – there is zero chance Americans will get behind any sort of hot war with China over Taiwan.

One reason for the general strike and the collapse: the end of the era of Television. This cannot be stressed enough. Who watches Sean Hannity? The only mainstream video I ever watch in Tucker Carlson on Youtube, and at the end of each clip is Sean Hannity telling me to subscribe, which of course I won’t.

Who the hell watches CNN? The last time I saw CNN I was stuck at the airport and accidentally glanced up. Who cares what a New York Times editorial says? How much narrative control do they have anymore? The heavy handed censorship is proof that they have completely lost the narrative, so people are increasingly tuning out.

Remember Kony 2012? That was a ham-fisted failure. Assad gassing his own people? Who was paying the slightest bit of attention what the warmongers like the Neo-Con Jews in the GOP, or the Young Turk Progressives were saying about Assad?

America was mad about Biden’s screwing up the exit from Afghanistan, but they are firmly in favor of being gone.

Will people comply with the new internal passports, the new restrictions, the new surveillance? How much will be malicious compliance?

Clearly people are voting with their feet.