White supremacy, a republican form of government, state sovereignty, Enlightenment liberalism, and Jeffersonian agricultural democracy.

“All men are created equal” meant nothing more than the the elites in the Colonies, who were not members of the British aristocracy, were “equal” to them – which was actually quite the dog-whistle that they were, in fact, superior to them. Benjamin Franklin represented a new American man; one of middle class values, the Protestant work ethic, scientifically minded, with a belief in meritocracy over hereditary aristocracy.

“Not a nation of immigrants.”

America was not founded by “immigrants.” The colonists of Jamestown and Plymouth did not “immigrate” and join the Cherokee nations. They settled on virgin, uninhabited land, and built a civilization where there had been none.

What the Zionist Jews lied about, “a land without people for a people without a land” was actually true in the case of North America. Most of the Indios were aborigines without permanent settlements, without advanced agriculture, with no industry, and no written language. Savages, many of whom had a religion of torture, similar to the human sacrifice culture of the Aztecs. They practiced the religion of Okee, the God of Pain, and their religious rituals involved slowly torturing and murdering people, including women and children. They practiced slavery and even cannibalism.

The Americans only engaged in fights with the Indios when they were attacked.

Originally Anglo – Franklin wanted to exclude even Germans – eventually America became a “melting pot” for Europeans generally.

Originally Protestant Christian, and the reason for that was quite simple: Catholics were believed, correctly, to have “dual loyalty” – in the same way that Jews have dual loyalty. Catholics were compelled to take the side of the Pope over the King, thus, they were a “nation within a nation.” The Protestant Reformation was the original anti-imperialist movement as Nations were formed out of the provinces of the falling Roman Empire – this process wasn’t even complete in Germany until the 1800’s.

The nature of American culture changed with the Fundamentalist–Modernist controversy of the 1920’s.

In Catholic England, you had monks doing religious rituals for superstitious reasons that were lost to history. Similar to the Desmond Hume character in the TV series Lost:

The hatch is revealed to be a research station built some thirty years earlier by the Dharma Initiative, a scientific research project that involved conducting experiments on the island. A man named Desmond Hume had been living in the hatch for three years, activating a computer program every 108 minutes to prevent an unknown catastrophic event from occurring.

The first Protestant martyrs of the New World were a sect executed by Catholic powers for rejecting the Catholic concept of transubstantiation instead believing that Communion was symbolic, based on the Bible passages in Luke 22:19-20, “do this in remembrance of me.” The history of Protestantism is a gradual rejection of the superstitions of Catholicism.

In the Fundamentalist vs. Modernist controversy in America of the 1920’s, the Anglo-Saxon Protestant educated elites simply took the final step and rejected all of Christian superstition and mythology; they became post-Protestant.

They became racialists, following the understanding of Charles Darwin. Madison Grant was typical of the new scientific, racialist, post-Protestant academic elite of the time:

Grant was a close friend of several U.S. presidents, including Theodore Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover, and also was an avid conservationist. He is credited with saving many natural species from extinction, and co-founded the Save the Redwoods League with Frederick Russell Burnham, John C. Merriam, and Henry Fairfield Osborn in 1918. He is also credited with helping develop the first deer hunting laws in New York state, legislation which spread to other states as well over time.

Grant’s The Passing of the Great Race was typical of the racialism of the time.

Other notables: John Harvey Kellogg, founder of the Race Betterment Foundation. Lothrop Stoddard, author of The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy.

Men such as these were the emerging American elite. They were post-Protestant and instead adopted a scientific and racialist world-view.

And it is precisely here where things get interesting, because this new American elite was very threatening to World Jewry.

Ashkenazi Jews were so successful in Eastern Europe, the Pale of Settlement, that they began to outgrow their traditional occupations: loan-sharking, alcohol and drug pushing, pimping, slaving and tax-farming. Like any animal population that was so successful at exploiting their environment it led to overpopulation.

But it was against the Jewish religion to engage in labor, such as agriculture, so they pressed the Catholic princes for even more power to exploit the peasantry, the goyim, which led to a backlash.

So the Rabbinate, the rulers of the Jewish people, decided to engage in a mass population transfer from Eastern Europe to the New World, especially the United States.

But they ran head-first into America’s new Immigration Restrictionist movement. The Post-Protestant Americans also no longer saw Jews as a religion but instead as an ethnicity, or a “sub-race.”

The Jewish backlash was intense. A number of pseudo-scientific movements, created with the intention of obscuring Jewish racialism, were founded. Franz Boas’ pseudo-anthropology was typical – created to undermine the racial worldviews of anyone except for Jews. The pseudo-psychology of Sigmund Freud another, a Jewish racial attack on European family and fertility.

But the Americans were able to more or less maintain control of the country until Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor was not a “false flag” attack in the sense that 9/11 was. In the case of 9/11, the Arab hijackers were not capable of performing their jobs, thus their controllers had to step in and simply use them as patsies. The Japanese Empire was perfectly capable of bombing Pearl Harbor. The FDR administration not only knew of the Japanese plan in advance, they had all but coerced Japan into attacking and were already making arrangements for the aftermath.

After Pearl Harbor, the America First movement led by Charles Lindbergh was suppressed and companies that were not sufficiently pro-war, such as Disney, saw their offices raided.

By the end of the war, the Jews had complete control of all three radio networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, all of the Hollywood studios, and most major newspapers were either directly controlled by Jews or influenced by Jewish advertisers. By the time television was invented and mainstreamed, the entire electronic mass media in America was controlled by a tiny handful of Ashkenazi Jews, most of whom knew each other.

Their first order of business was “Never Again.” The National Socialist German Worker’s Party had fired just about every Jew in their government and had joined the Zionists in transferring their Jewish population to Palestine. Groups like the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee immediately went to work destroying the racial solidarity of Americans, concerned that America could also unite racially and expel Jews from government and other positions of power.

The Civil Rights movement was one way, a television production in which Saintly Negroes were portrayed as the hapless victims of Demonic Southern Segregationists. To understand the reality, just consider the mainstream media portrayal of last year’s Black Lives Matter riots.

But the Jews believed that their only real way of preventing the rise of a populist movement that would throw them out of power was through mass immigration. Still outraged by the immigration restrictions of the 1920’s, they pushed through the Hart-Cellar Act of 1964, and their media went into overdrive demonizing anyone who opposed the replacement of Americans with foreigners as “racist.”

The Jews, almost universally Zionist and Communist, began their “Long March Through the Institutions” using “Affirmative Action” and “diversity quotas” to fire Americans in the elite institutions, and have Jews and non-whites take their place. This continues today: BlackRock, a Jewish company, demands that any company they invest in implement a “diversity quota” which typically means firing an American man and replacing him with a Jewish woman, or an Indian or an Asian.

The Left is quite correct that America was founded on White Supremacy.

But the Left is wrong in that the new ruling class in America is not “white American” – the new ruling class is Ashkenazi Jewish. Their basic world-view is Jewish Supremacy.

Many Americans who are not Jewish are themselves Jewish Supremacists. You can tell by simply talking to them. It is OK to discriminate against an American for his race or religion, it is not OK to discriminate against a Jew for his race or religion.

A wealthy Jew is allowed to engage in philanthropy to help uplift his tribe: no one would complain about a Jewish College Fund. But an American College Fund that gives scholarships to American college students would be considered “racist” and Jewish lawyers would sue it out of existence.

The Anti-Defamation League is open about keeping Israel Jewish while making America non-American. It is all but illegal for Americans to demand a Palestinian majority in Palestine or an end to mass immigration to keep America majority American.

Even the word, “American,” is no longer used to refer to the founding people of America and their posterity. Jewish media and academia have claimed that a Chinese woman who gets an American passport is “more American” than the actual American people.

Jewish Supremacy is not the “only problem” that Americans face. It is, however, what prevents Americans from solving those problems, because any time they try, Jewish Supremacists censor them, shut them down, even imprison and torture them.

Jews took over Russia in 1917, and they were not fully kicked out of power until the 1950’s; they had ruled Russia for forty or so years.

In America, Jews took over about the 1960’s and have ruled just over fifty years.

Joe Biden’s cabinet – and his own personal family – are almost entirely Jewish. One reason you see the new totalitarianism, the new restrictions, the censorship, is that Jews are increasingly nervous about Trump’s America First rhetoric.

While Trump himself was completely controlled by Jews, a new populist leader could come along and take Trump’s audience and actually implement an America First agenda.

That is why Biden’s administration has let in hundreds of thousands of illegal foreigners in just his first year, and the Democratic party is completely dedicated to mass immigration.

Jews must make Americans a minority in America to prevent the rise of an “American Hitler” – meaning, an American leader that would keep America American, which would likely lead to the fall of the Jewish oligarchy.

This conflict is what is behind every single political issue. To ignore this basic conflict is to simply engage in mystification.