ANITA BLANTON, WAVY: How do you define critical race theory?

TERRY MCAULIFFE: I answer this question very clearly. It is not taught in Virginia and has never been taught in Virginia. I've said this a lot. It is a dog whistle. It is racial. It is division. And it is used by Glenn Youngkin and others -- and it is the same thing as Trump and the border wall -- to divide people. We should not be dividing people in school...

ANITA BLANTON: But how do you define it?

MCAULIFFE: Doesn't matter, it is not taught here in Virginia. I'm not going to spend my time because the school board and everyone else has said it is not taught. It is racist. It is a dog whistle.

ANITA BLANTON: How can we say it is racist if we don't have a definition? I just want a definition from you.

MCAULIFFE: Yep. It is not taught here in Virginia.' 

This is nothing but a positive development. It is a local issue, but also national in the sense it is an issue in every locality. Its target is the public school bureacracy, a major Democratic power base and home of the extreme Left. It puts white mothers on the pro-white side. It is specifically anti-anti-white.

McAuliffe lead evaporates in Virginia as he smears critical race theory opponents as ‘racist’

When pressed to define critical race theory, McAuliffe said: “Doesn’t matter. It’s not taught here in Virginia. So I’m not going to spend my time. I’m not even spending my time because the school board and everyone else says it’s not taught. It’s racist. It’s a dog whistle.”

Youngkin shared a different view on critical race theory. “The idea that CRT is not embedded in our school system is wrong,” he said. “I don’t think we should bucket children into certain sectors as oppressors.”

McAuliffe previously faced public backlash after he said in the final gubernatorial debate that he doesn’t think “parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Attempt to contain the issue in the GOP has not worked. Conservative Inc. tried desperately to pretend Ciritical Race Theory was not “anti-white” they were laughed off of the stage. Republicans are officially promoting a “color blind” “MLK” line, but once whites get pushback they will have already gained a white identity – the exact problem that the liberal Democrats have been warning their Leftist faction about.

The Democrats are looking at a huge loss in the next two elections and are terrified of Trump running again. The last election was – to be euphemistic – unusual in the sense that Biden got a huge amount of votes but Democrats generally lost seats. Biden is deeply unpopular and the Democratic party is in shambles, hence, the increasingly authoritarian policies.

Bill Maher is leading the charge to both scare the Democrats into action as well as deligitimizing white Trump voters. Maher is claiming that because two thirds of the Republicans believe the last election was stolen, they are a “threat to democracy” if they vote for Trump. Maher is worried that the Democrats won’t be able to fix the next election, or “keep it won” as it was last time. He assumes that Trump will cheat and Trump’s “flunkies” in the state governments will support him “overturning the election.”

It’s a great example of projection.