The Show Must Go On

I notice they censored the interview with the supposed son and daughter of one of Dylann Roof’s alleged victims. A young Black man and woman, whose mother had just been shot dead by a literal Ku Klux Klansman waving a Confederate flag, and not a tear. Flat affect. The only thing they had to say, “she would have wanted to forgive.”

Is that how Black people act?

They now admit that Dylann Roof didn’t have a cousin, “Scott Roof,” the “journalist” just made the whole thing up. What else did they make up?

Ginnie Watson, a survivor of the Bataclan terrorist attacks. Look at her facial expressions starting at about a minute in.

She’s an actress, here is her IMDB page:

I find her performance as terrorist attack survivor very poor.

I remember the Terry Jones thing. Some pastor of some no-name church in Florida decides he is going to burn a Koran on the ten year anniversary of 9/11. For some reason, the international news media decides to make this a world wide news story.

Jonathan Revusky points out that 90% of Afghans have never heard of 9/11. It’s likely that 100% of them have never heard of Terry Jones nor his church in Florida. Yet General David Petraeus, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and even the Pope all decide to go on TV and beg Terry Jones to not burn a Koran because it may cause rioting in Afghanistan.

Thus, giving him the world-wide publicity he otherwise wouldn’t have.

Petraeus said it would “make his job harder” because “Islamophobia” in America is what is fueling resistance to US forces in the Muslim world.

Of course, this is all complete horseshit. No one anywhere in the Middle East would have ever heard of fringe preacher in Florida with a congregation of fifty.

It was all a complete media production.

A few years later, a similar stunt was pulled in Libya. A riot in Libya was blamed on some film supposedly mocking the Prophet Mohammad. But the “film” turned out to be an edit of a couple of other B-rated films originally having nothing to do with Mohammad, and the edit was created by a neo-con activist. The film was never seen by anyone. But nevertheless, Terry Jones was again named as “promoting” this film, and the entire world wide media decided to make it a world wide news event.

Of course, this was done on purpose. No one had heard of Terry Jones, and no one would have heard of Terry Jones, except the media – and the military and the government – decided to make him a major world wide media star.

Still – no one in Afghanistan nor Libya ever heard of this guy. The media, the military, and the government were all lying. The Afghans and the Libyans were not rioting due to “Islamophobia” in Florida. They were rioting because the United States was invading their country and killing them and their families and bombing their homes and weddings.

After 9/11, there were a half dozen fake “radical Muslim” groups – most of them literally Israeli Jews with towels on their heads – that got all sorts of media while they praised Osama Bin Laden and 9/11. “Revolution Muslims” was one, and “Youseph Al-Kattab” … aka, “Joseph Cohen.”

Not a single so-called “Dissident Right,” “White Nationalist,” or paleo-con ever pointed any of this out. In fact, they would have declared you a “conspiracy theorist” for questioning why some no-name nobody like Terry Jones was turned into a media star. Or, if you had wondered why a bunch of Israeli Jews were dressing up in a “Muslim costume” then praising Osama Bin Laden on TV.

No one on the Right ever expressed the slightest bit of criticism.

Back in the day, I foolishly thought that Michael Scheuer was a truth-teller. The “official” story line was that “the Muslims” had “attacked us for our freedoms.” For anyone who actually wanted some evidence, they trotted out the story of Sayyid Qutb, who had studied in America and didn’t like the “loose morals.” But Scheuer said, no, they are attacking us because we are invading their countries and propping up the dictators that are oppressing them.

Well, that was at least a more plausible story. But then, of course, later on I came to realize they are not attacking us at all. “Al Qaeda” is an invention of the United States. The 19 alleged hijackers were trained in Florida air schools run by “former” CIA officers. They were partying on Jack Abramoff’s SunCruz casino boats. They were allowed to do what they did by George Tenet of CIA.

Michael Scheuer never said that – so he was just a “limited hangout,” just another propagandist. I figured it out when Scheuer started promoting Thomas McInerney, the two bit propagandists that claimed the reason Bush didn’t find WMD’s in Iraq is because Russia snuck them into Syria – so we better invade Syria next! Scheuer had on McInerney to spew the idiotic “Chinese hacked the elections for Beijing Biden” nonsense – Russiagate for Republicans.

Today he had on Col Andy O’Meara, some fatuous old man who just blathered on about “the Chinese Communist Party” and how they infected us all with Covid and that Biden was taking bribes from China which is why he was allowing them to … do whatever we’re supposed to believe they are doing.

He talked about how “communities of faith” – like “the Jewish community” – are being so oppressed by Biden and the Democrats.

You know why there is so much Boomer Hate from the younger crowd online?

It is because the Boomers never called “bullshit” on 9/11. They never called “bullshit” on obvious psychological operations like Terry Jones and his Koran-burning.

It’s because Boomer Conservatives started reading passages out of the Koran – that they got from anti-Muslim Israeli propaganda blogs – and started claiming “Islam isn’t a religion” and how “we have to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.”

There is nothing the Boomer TV Generation won’t swallow. Nothing. An entire generation brainwashed beyond all reality, and so easily manipulated via emotions.

No one on The Right ever questioned any of this Zionist war propaganda – not even the ones supposedly “woke on the JQ.” No – they were often worse than the “normie” conservatives. Notice it was this Right that were all in on Zion Don – the ones most “woke on the JQ” were the ones pushing the most Zionist President in history, a literal agent of the Israelis with a Jewish family and Israeli grandchildren.

It’s hard to believe it, but we have right-wingers still to this day explaining to us that the real problem is democracy and equality. Because we have so much “democracy and equality” in the modern West, apparently.

And now, what do you know, the right-wingers are all geared up to go after China! But not a one will point out how our ruling class are the ones that merged the two countries in the first place.

I think of the last twenty years of the Dissident Right, even the White Nationalists, and I am just astonished at how disingenuous and dishonest they have always been. How utterly gullible these so-called “dissidents” are when confronted with a TV creation like Terry Jones. How willingly they swallowed the Covid narrative. Always so afraid of “conspiracy theories” – just as the normies are terrified of “racism” and “anti-semitism.”

They deserve no respect. We don’t have wise elders, we have doddering old fools. We do not have dissidents, we have craven gullible grifters.