My favorite author, Andrea Nolen, knocks another historical investigation out of the park.

Monroe, Wisconsin: The Wild Midwest

One of the founders of the Republican party, Salmon P. Chase, served as Lincoln’s Treasury Secretary, and was known for his “Greenbacks” monetary policy that helped win the war.

What no one ever mentions is that as a judge, he had previously granted pardons to a ring of counterfeiters and then hired that ring of counterfeiters to run his Greenbacks operations.

Then, the amazing story of Mormon Patriarch Brigham Young’s son, John Willard Young:

ASC was not McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt and Hanna’s first attempt at supplying the British with warships. The first attempt started in 1901 when Mormon leader Brigham Young’s son John Willard Young set up the United States Shipbuilding Company (USSC). The USSC represents an informal relationship between Mormon leadership and the Federal government.

John Willard Young was Brigham’s son by his second of fifty-four wives. John Willard grew up ‘on the road’, that is, during Brigham’s odyssey to establish his own theocracy in the wild Utah Territory. … By 1901 however, Mormon leadership came to understand the benefits of working with the Federal government and John Willard Young’s USSC was among the first fruits of that tree.

Submarines in the Great Lakes

Southerners might be interested to note how the Yankee Unionists had to force their own citizens to swear an oath of allegiance to the Union and promise to turn in anyone not sufficiently loyal to the Unionist cause. It is also interesting to note that the network of banks with international connections were the driving force behind the War Between The States.

In fact, it’s hard to not see these private banks – and their government sponsors – as anything less than a clandestine global government.

Also, interesting to note, the close connection between these banks, Mormon patriarch Brigham Young, and the Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg dynasty’s world wide women and children sex-trafficking ring that had been operating for centuries, the “Galacian Network” – a network that also trafficked in narcotics, counterfeit currency and bonds, and weapons.

There is a direct line from the Civil War to World War I.

In 1857, the Bonelatta counterfeiting family is busted and relocates to Monroe, WI; a few months later Salmon Portland Chase springs notorious counterfeiter Miner, who finds money to set up industrial-scale counterfeiting operations in NYC and hires Tom Ballard. Ballard’s Bonelatta gang contacts use Monroe as HQ distributing Ballard’s new product along the Mississippi. Monroe, WI banking and legal notables begin investing in railroads: first to the Mississippi. Arabut Ludlow (local banking boss) builds his luxuriant Ludlow Manor in this same year. In 1863, Chase initiates the “National Bank” scheme to support the Union during the War; Arabut founds his own “national bank” and persecutes political opponents of Chase. Monroe, WI becomes counterfeiting capital of the Midwest. Arabut’s national bank is the dominant bank in Green County, were everyone owed him money at one time or another and 40% of the townsfolk work with Latta. This nation-wide scheme unravels when Tom Ballard turns snitch. The key men in the scheme get presidential pardons; most gangmembers aren’t prosecuted.

There is more I have to say on this topic, but I think regular readers will see where this is going and how it relates to Leon Goetz’s weird sub patent forty years later— and clandestine Republican Party arms sales out of Ohio. I will next look at the 19th century counterfeit currency industry in more detail, highlighting connections with our old friend Brigham Young of the Later Day Saints and the Galician Network.