A Company Family: The Untold History of Obama and the CIA, Jeremy Kuzmarov, October 1, 2021, Covert Action

Most of this had leaked out occasionally over the last twenty-five years, but it is interesting to see it all put together in one place. The pictures tell the tale. The “birth certificate” thing is explained, as is Obama’s cover backstory.

As I’ve been writing for ten years now, CIA was always “liberal” – even “leftist” – despite the fact that most of the 60’s through 80’s critics of CIA always characterized it as “right-wing.” But then again, most of those “CIA critics” were themselves “former” CIA and often just a sort of limited hangout.

Considering that CIA’s predecessor was set up by the FDR administration and Britain’s MI6, it shouldn’t be a surprise. What also shouldn’t be a surprise is the fashionable leftist liberalism that was so popular among Anglo elites. The 60’s “radicals” were elites themselves and the 60’s Cultural Revolution an elite project to undermine the more conservative elites from the generation prior, especially the isolationist and immigration restrictionist elites that were not enthusiastic about the World Wars.

Apparently, her CIA parents liked to hang around radical Black Panther types, and couldn’t have been surprised he impregnated her. So he apparently paid the African guy to marry her and pretend to be the father to make it look respectable. But then Obama’s mamma basically became a swallow – a sex spy – for CIA, bedding and marrying various African and Southeast Asian men and recruiting anti-Communist assets in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Africa.

Obama was groomed by the wealthy, leftist elite of the Democratic party starting when he was a child. He barely attended Columbia because he was globe-trotting for CIA.

This seems to explain why the Bush family and the Obama family seemed frankly on the same side. Obama drone bombed more Muslims than Bush did, and no one could complain because that would be “racist.”

This also should cause many people to adjust our understanding of just what CIA, and the broader intelligence community, and the unofficial “Deep State” network, is actually like. It’s more like the radical social revolutionaries of the early Soviet Union than it is the Stalin-era KGB.

Panetta’s and Obama’s speeches to CIA 12 years ago really comes across quite different in hindsight. Remember, the Republicans were telling us that Obama was some sort of Egyptian Brotherhood agent and a peacenik that would destroy our military and be weak on Al Qaeda. The Democrats gave Obama a Peace Prize the day before he started his Drone War.

I love how Panetta assure everyone that Obama isn’t going to “punish” anyone for the “mistakes” of the past. So, business as usual.

It’s frankly comical and even funnier in hindsight.