I think I first noticed the haters in New York around the 2004 elections. This was the first time I came across successful people who were driven by hate. I had known some unsuccessful people driven by hate: specifically, a set of actual late 90’s Antifa types I knew briefly. Literally, just a bunch of punk losers who picked up some political jargon for social signaling purposes and to have an out-group they could justify hating. The Antifa propaganda was embarrassingly simplistic and anti-intellectual, literally, thought-terminating cliches in Winnie-the-Pooh comic form.

But in 2004, the smart and successful white – and Jewish – crowd in NYC truly really did hate; and it wasn’t just contempt, it was active and aggressive hate. Partially, this was a backlash to Bush, and Bush was seen as the product of Evangelical Christians, and boy, oh boy, did they hate Evangelical Christians. Evangelical Christians were one of the most politically organized white conservative factions since the 1980’s, thus are hated by the Democratic party.

I want to understand the hate coming from the Left. So-called “dissident” right-wingers say it is ressentiment, but that is not right because these people definitely didn’t have any jealousy of nor an inferiority complex about Evangelical Christians or the white working class generally. Let’s jettison typical right-wing shibboleths and instead look at this as an Intersectional Marxist, and use some Critical Theory. As Max Horkheimer said, a theory is “critical” when it seeks “to liberate human beings from the circumstances that enslave them.” So my theory is going to be critical in that sense, liberating the white working class from the Left. So we are going to use the Intersection of class, race, and gender.

Since the Left is nothing but the Democratic party, let’s take a look at the New York magazine’s list of the most influential Democratic party donors in the last election:

Ranking the Most Influential Democratic Donors in the 2020 Race

The top eight: Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, George Soros, Dustin Moskovitz, Seth Klarman, Donald Sussman, Fred Eychaner, and Jim Simons.

During the Yeltsin years, Russia was controlled by eight oligarchs, who owned the entire country. Seven of them were Jewish, and the joke was, “only seven?”

Let’s apply Intersectional Critical Theory. In New York magazine’s list, all eight are men. All eight are are white. All are cisgendered. Seven of the eight are straight, all but Fred Eychaner, who is “openly gay.” Eychaner is also unique on the list in another way: he is the only one who is not Jewish; he was raised Methodist.

The Jewish ones are self-explanatory. What about Eychaner? I bet he doesn’t drink Florida orange juice!

Last week I watched a documentary on Anita Bryant. I had vaguely heard of her, a Christian pop singer that ran “Save Our Children,” a group formed to oppose a Florida law forcing Christian schools to hire openly gay teachers. For some reason, it didn’t even apply to the public schools. Most of the documentary was just news coverage of the campaign, and 40 years later it is shocking to see how even-handed the coverage was. After her success, she started campaigns in other cities.

It was obvious reading Democratic party online forums during the Bush and Obama years that the LGBT activist community hates Evangelical Christians with the heat of a thousand suns. They don’t hate Catholics nearly as much, and half of the liberal Protestants are LGBT themselves, East Coast Episcopalian churches literally have more rainbow flags than crosses these days.

LGBT is intimately tied to the Abortion Lobby, another anti-Christian intersection. And LGBT has unbelievably massive power in the Democratic coalition, in large part due to hundreds of millions in donations from oligarchs likes Fred Eychaner and extremely good organization.

Depending on how they skew the polls, either 1% or 5% of Americans are LGBT. According to Wikipedia, 2.2% of Americans are Jewish.

So, among the oligarchs who fund the Democratic party, the most “influential,” LGBT isn’t particularly over-represented, but Jews are super over-represented. And the agenda is set at the top.

There exists no real grassroots support for mass immigration, certainly not among the working class. African Americans tend to view immigrants as economic competitors. Only 14% of Hispanics want more immigration, and fully a quarter say there are “too many immigrants” in America.

Mass immigration has always been a Jewish project. Before World War II, after the massive wave of Ellis Island immigrants, immigration restrictions were put into place with the specific goal of keeping the ethnic balance more or less stable. The infuriated Jewish activists, who often saw themselves as “cosmopolitans,” “citizens of the world,” and used the myth of Jewish persecution to claim open borders are necessary for Jews to escape “anti-semitism.”

In America, Jews hate Christians, and they hate “people racialized as white but not Jewish” in general. Jewish conservatives like Ben Shapiro claim that “Europeans” get “anti-semitism from their mother’s milk.” Jewish organizations like the ADL and the SPLC openly celebrate “white but not Jewish” people becoming a minority in America, and, since the days of The Authoritarian Personality, the founding text of Critical Theory published by the American Jewish Committee, Jews have been the main intellectual – and financial – force behind anti-whiteness.

It is Jewish activist groups that are the first to attack anyone suggesting restricting immigration. The case of the ADL’s attacks on Tucker Carlson are what happens in the big leagues. The smears of Irish socialist Angela Nagle by small time academic Leftists are what happens in the little leagues. How David Gelbaum undercut the Sierra Club, by buying the management out, then organizing smear campaigns to call environmentalists “racist” when they attempted to fight back, is how it is done at the lobby level.

It is also Jewish groups like the ADL and the SPLC that constantly attack right-leaning Americans as “racist,” “fascist,” “white supremacist” and “anti-semitic,” using the Alisnky tactic of focusing on one person and using the politics of personal destruction. The ADL invented “cancel culture.” Increasingly, the SPLC has been more and more specifically attacking Christians for their religion, inspiring shootings, terrorism, and lawfare against them.

It’s clear that Jews are the driving force in the Democratic party, and since they took control of that political party, they have used a minoritarian strategy. They cultivate political leaders in the African American community while “canceling” problematic Blacks, like the Nation of Islam, and co-opting independents, like Al Sharpton. LGBT is another minority faction, highly politically engaged with a shared hatred of white Christians. White women who have had abortions and younger ones who plan to, along with white “feminists” generally, make up another minority faction funded and organized by the Jewish oligarchs. Whites in academia and certain sectors of the upper-middle class are cultivated by the Jewish Democrats, mostly via social shaming but increasingly via threats of discrimination in academia and corporate America for failure to comply.

Of all the discussions about the realignment of the two political parties, the Republicans becoming more “populist” and “white working class,” no one is allowed to point to the elephant in the room: those seven Jewish oligarchs that fund the Democratic party and set its agenda, and the “less than oligarch” but still wealthy and politically activist Jews that fund and staff the constellation of lobbies, pressure groups, and NGO’s that form the Democratic para-party.

It is this Jewish political tribe that organizes the minority factions against Americans “racialized as white but not Jewish,” and because they have no political power, it is the white working class that takes the brunt of it. Upper middle class whites, and those a part of favored factions, either have their own class or social reasons to hate the white working class, or simply imbibe the hostility.

Tucker Carlson has become the most popular media celebrity not actively hostile to the white working class, which makes him the target of Jewish groups like the ADL and the Democratic oligarchs.

The Democrats go back and forth on whether White Replacement is a “conspiracy theory” or a development to be celebrated. For fifty years, Jewish politicos and writers have openly claimed that as soon as America is minority white, they will no longer be able to form an “America First” party which is “fascist” and “Nazi.” If you want to understand the abject hatred and hostility Jews have for Americans racialized as white but not Jewish, just read Philip Roth’s Plot Against America and Portnoy’s Complaint – those racist attitudes are mainstream in American Jewish culture. Politically activist Jews, since the days of the Jewish Committee’s The Authoritarian Personality, have said they must disenfranchise white Americans “high on the fascism scale” which means, anyone who does not hold cosmopolitan, globalist values and anyone who is a conservative Christian.

You can’t have any serious political analysis unless you include the best financed, most organized, and most politically active faction in America, Jewish Democrats.

When Leftist Democrats want to criticize the Israel lobby, they know they cannot discuss the Jewish Democrats that pay their salaries, so they claim the Republicans are behind the Israel Lobby because of Christian Zionism, a conspiracy theory that no one actually takes seriously. It is Jewish money that funds the Israel lobby, and Jewish oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson and Norman Braman simply give millions to Republican politicians, like Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Ron DeSantis, to buy their support for Israel. A little Jeffrey Epstein style blackmail is also part of the mix.

Anyone who wants to stop the disenfranchisement of Americans via mass immigration is going to have to understand who is doing it and why. Otherwise, you’re not actually engaging in politics.

Once you incorporate this analysis, you can predict what will happen when you engage in politics, and develop strategies to implement your politics.