On the Myth of the 20th Century podcast, someone asked if the “right” and the “left” really even have any meaning anymore, and Adam Smith replied, sure, the right means order and the left means freedom. That is often formulated as centralized vs. decentralized. But these are almost para-political categories. You can’t live in a society without any order and you wouldn’t want to live in a society without any freedom. Politics – really, all social things – are about finding the correct balance of both. Nothing is ever fully centralized or decentralized, at best you are moving toward one or the other.

The United States’ first-past-the-post voting system is what leads to there being only two parties. Each of the parties has been on the right or the left of each other at different times, they are not ideological institutions themselves, they are more like Red Team and Blue Team. You’ll notice that every election season, voters are discussed in explicit racial terms, it is assumed Blacks will vote as a block, it is assumed whites will break along ideological and class lines, and it is assumed that “Hispanics” will side with one party or another. Racial turnouts are discussed openly. Despite the constant rhetoric, race clearly factors into mainstream political analysis as much, if not more, than various flavors of ideology.

Aimee Terese’s political breakthrough two years ago was her simply formulation of what the American Left actually is: Boomer Democrats call themselves liberal, Gen-X Democrats call themselves progressive, Millennial Democrats call themselves socialist. There is no real ideological content, these labels match generations more than they match policy ideas. The Millennial socialists do not agitate for socialism, they simply advocate for welfare state programs that will benefit themselves.

One of the most bizarre features of the Left is their constant attacks on “fascists.” In 2020’s America, there are no “fascists.” There are no movements that have any decent from the European fascism of Mussolini or Franco, much less Hitler. The definition Leftists use for “fascism” is based on a fake quote attributed to Mussolini, “the merger of state and corporate power.” Not only did Mussolini not say that, the Left misunderstands how Mussolini used the term “corporate.” It does not mean “corporation” in the sense of “a business with a particular legal structure” – Mussolini’s use of the words translated as “corporate” really meant “united.”

I once made the great mistake of reading Leon Trotsky’s Fascism: What It Is And How To Fight It, thinking that this would explain the Left’s understand of “fascism” but their use of the label has next to nothing to do with Trotsky’s conception of “fascism.” First, Trotsky’s analysis of fascism seems simply wrong. Second, what the modern Left is working from is not Trotskyism, but Charlie Mansonsism.

Charlie Mansonism is what you get when you play the telephone game with Trotksy while on acid during a race riot. In Charlie Mansonism, the Blacks will rise up and kill the Pigs in the revolution called “Helter Skelter” then the Manson Family will become the new ruling class as the Blacks turn to them for leadership.

Considering that Gen-X Progressives and Millennial Socialists are merely Democrats, partisans not ideologues, it is helpful to put their self-conception in the contemporary context, as opposed to trying to import categories from Communist propaganda from 75 years ago.

For Gen-X Progressives, Jon Stewart Democrats, their opposition, the Republicans, are controlled by Rich White Males who are the CEO’s of Big Corporations, that use racism, sexism, anti-semitism and homophobia to trick dumb white hicks and stupid white Christians into “vote against their own interests” by cutting taxes for the rich. The Gen-X Progressives are smart and empathetic who should use government power to tax the rich and hire themselves as social workers to minister to the oppressed classes, like Blacks and gay teens who had to run away from their homophobic fundie parents.

For the Millennial Socialists, it’s the same, except add transphobia and undocumented workers, forgive their student loans, and make the CEO’s “literal fascists” and Republican politicians “literally Hitler.

How does a joke fraternity started by a comedian to protect Jews and gays from Islamofascists – the Proud Boys – get called “fascist” by the Left? Well, they voted for Trump and Republicans, so therefore they are “fascists.”

Why do socialists like Aimee Terese, Angela Nagle, and Malcom Kyeyune get called “fascists?” Simple: they sometimes speak with working class whites who are not Democrats, which is “platforming fascism.”

What about the “threat of the Red-Brown Alliance?” The “Red-Brown Alliance” is when leftists ally with working class white Republicans – who are fascists – instead of excluding working class white Republicans to “center” women, BIPOC, the undocumented, and LGBT.

So there is a couple of levels here. Since the Left are simply partisan Democrats, anyone who is not a Democrat is a “fascist.” White males who are insufficiently leftist are also “fascist,” because whiteness itself is “fascist.”

So why is it that “whites” are singled out here, despite the fact that the majority of Gen-X Progressives and Millennial Socialists are themselves “white?”

Why is the label “fascist” used for slightly right-of-center whites, leftists not attacking slightly right-of-center whites, Black groups like the Nation of Islam? For the same reason the Republicans called Muslims “Islamo-fascism.”

The “fascism” rhetoric centers Jewish ideology and interests. Jews are the central defining point of the Left, the Democratic party, because Jews are the ruling faction of the Democratic party.

So, for liberal Jews, their political opponents, the white working class, are the “fascists.” For neoconservative Jews, their targets, Muslim countries that Israel wants destroyed, are “Islamo-Fascist.” Any time you are hearing the use of the term “fascist” you are hearing the political interests of Jews being centered.

On the Left, only the white working class are “fascists” because the upper-middle class whites tend to vote for Democrats, and they are the most opposed to mass immigration to replace that class with diversity. So, when a Leftist steps out of line and tries to find common ground with the white working class, that is “platforming fascism.” If a Leftist does not want to replace the white working class with diversity, they are “platforming white supremacy.”

Since the Black vote is important for Democrats winning elections, and “racism” an important way to demonize the white working class, Blacks who are racist, unvaccinated, sexist, homophobic, and anti-immigrant are simply ignored, unless they are “anti-semitic” in which case they will be forced to apologize. Since Latinx are increasingly important to Democrats winning election, they are forgiven for racism, sexism, homophobia – except for Cuban, who are “white Hispanics” since they vote Republican and have traditionally been anti-Castro, not opposing Castro being an important issue for the Baby Boomer liberals from the JFK days.

The goal of the Democratic party is to “replace” whites with Immigrants of Color. Traditionally, they say they simple want to “abolish whiteness” but the more honest Jews and their collaborators increasingly admit their goal is physical elimination.

The mistake is to assume there are ideologies at work on the Left. There is no ideology, as the Left is not an intellectual project, it is a partisan project. Which is why explaining that you aren’t a “fascist” doesn’t work, because the label “fascist” has no ideological content to it. “Fascist” – like “racist” – is a racial slur. For a white person to try to explain to a Leftist that you aren’t a “fascist” is like a black person trying to explain to a Klansman that you aren’t a “ni**er.”

When someone who is ideologically socialist is attempting to explain to a Leftist that the white working class people you include in your political work are not “fascist,” it is like trying to explain to a Klansman that you aren’t a “ni**er-lover.”

If you are even neutral to the goal of “replacing” – i.e., genociding – white Americans, you are being neutral to “white supremacy.”

We are not dealing with ideologies. We are dealing with factions. This is why racial, religious, and class analysis, by themselves, don’t work.

In fact, this is a great way to recognize the pattern of leftist rhetoric. Take any leftist discussing the “Red Brown Alliance.” Change the term “Democrats” to “Klansman.” Change the terms “red,” “socialist,” and “progressive” to “white.” Change the terms “fascist” and “brown” to “ni**er.” Change the phrase “platforming fascism” to “ni**er-loving.”

This makes the pattern quite easy to see:

From Chelsea Manning’s messages to Glenn Greenwald:

Glenn this Tucker Carlson thing is really really off mark. TC is basically organizing as a ni**er-loving demagogue. You’re losing friends here. Who’s side are you on? You’re causing actual material harm embracing this mad ni**er-loving “eat the Klan” stuff.


From: “What is Red-Brownism”

One term you may sometimes hear in Klan circles is “white-ni**erism.” In this color scheme, the white refers to Klanism, and the ni**er refers to ni**erism — the implication being that the ideology bridges ni**ger and Klan politics.

Ni**er-loving media works the other way as well, where ostensibly white-wing shows play host to ni**eristic figures, whose views are whitewashed on the show. For instance, Loud & Clear on Sputnik radio, a Russian state media network, has ni**er-loved all sorts of ni**eristic and ni**er nationalist leaders.


From: “How COVID and Syria Conspiracies Introduce Fascism to the Left. Part I: The Red-Brown Media Spectrum”

Why is a supposedly US veteran’s organization, co-founded by someone active with the Ni**er Movement, spreading conspiracies about COVID-19 and Syria?… Welcome to the weird and, at times, shocking world of “white-ni**er” (ni**er movements with white-ni**er crossover) media ecosystems!

It’s no secret that ni**er supremacists and ni**ers more broadly flock towards conspiracy theories. What is less studied and far more strange is how ni**erism is able to mutate to adopt white-wing aesthetics to engage in entryism. Even amongst good-faith white organizations, the overlap with these networks can spread pro-ni**er talking points in a way that muddles the discourse and protects various ni**er geopolitical interests.

‘White-ni**er’ is the modern parlance for a syncretism, or weird intersections and crossovers, between ni**ers and white political ideology. Though white-ni**er’s most blatant examples lie in white-ni**ers like the National Ni**er (Nig-Honk) party and Ni**erism more generally, it’s spread is actually much wider. Ni**er-loving has become a common term for what generally amounts to ni**erist politics with white aesthetics, but can also bridge into complex topics like eco-ni**erism. While some explicit ni**er terrorists such as the Synagogue attacker identify as anti-imperialists, ni**er-loving politics exist in a spectrum.

How COVID and Syria Conspiracies Introduce Fascism to the Left. Part I: The Red-Brown Media Spectrum

You get the idea.

There is no ideological content to Leftist rhetoric. This is merely partisan, factional rhetoric. The white working class is not being attacked for having a “fascist” ideology, the white working class is called “fascist” because they are white working class.