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About a year and a half ago, someone posted a link to the What’s Left podcast with Aimee Terese and Oliver Bateman, with guests Angela Nagle and Malcom Kyeyune. These four were all supporters of Bernie Sanders in 2016 and considered themselves part of the Left and socialists with a Marxist perspective.

But they were all “canceled” by the Left, and smeared as “fascists” by leftists with large media outlets – and they can’t really understand why. I know why – I could tell them, but they will not like the answer. But if Aimee Terese keeps digging, she is going to figure it out, and if she dares to say it, she will get canceled for real this time.

Glenn Greenwald, the award winning journalist who published the Edward Snowden leaks, was canceled by his own Left because he wrote about the Hunter Biden scandals before the election, and the Democrats were terrified of the scandal losing the election. We saw the entire “mainstream” media act in lockstep, censoring the story and locking the Twitter account of the New York Post. Greenwald had to leave his own outlet and said it was pure partisanship, the “New York office” were all Joe Biden supporters and acted to make sure no damaging information about him would be published before the election.

Greenwald recently released text messages between himself and Chelsea Manning going back five years. Manning is the former Army soldier that leaked 750,000 classified documents to Wikileaks in 2010, and spent seven years in prison for violations of the Espionage Act. Glenn Greenwald called Manning the most important whistleblower since Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971, and gave major publicity to the case. But lately Manning had been smearing Greenwald, and Greenwald release their private messages to provide an explanation.

Glenn Greenwald hasn’t changed his opinions, but he has shown insufficient loyalty to the Democratic party, appearing on FOX News and even Tucker Carlson. The Left has been trying to get Tucker Carlson taken off of the air, the ADL being the forefront of the campaign. The Left, as an organ of the Democratic party, has constantly been calling Tucker Carlson a “fascist” – just like they called Angela Nagle and Malcom Kyeyune “fascists.”

Obviously, these accusations are absurd; Glenn Greenwald is a center-left Liberal. Tucker Carlson is a mainstream Republican. Nagle and Kyeyune are socialists. But they all committed a political sin, touched The Third Rail of Western Politics and thus, are now “fascists.”

Aimee Terese has been going through and documenting how all of the Left wing magazines, websites, Youtubers, and para-parties like the Democratic Socialists of America are all more or less simply extensions of the Democratic party itself. There is no “Left” outside of the Democratic party.

And what Terese is constantly coming up against – something that she cannot understand – is why all of these “socialists” hate the working class so much.

They cheer at every attack on the working class. They cheer for corporations firing workers that refuse to get an mRNA injection. They smear and slander the working class in America as “fascists.”

But why? It makes no sense. Terese has some ideas – first, she points out that the official Left is not a proletarian movement, it is a movement of the petite bourgeois. She also points out that this Left is funded by the Democratic party, and all of these institutions work to discipline the Left – they police the left edge of politics to keep them inside the Democratic party. For Terese, her Marxist analysis shows that this is a class issue; the Left, as petite bourgeois, acts in the interest of their class.

It pays to follow the money. What Terese is discovering and documenting on her Twitter feed is how all of these “far left” blogs, magazines, video channels, unions, they are all funded by the same people who fund the Democratic party.

Well, who funds the Democratic party? Capitalists? Yes. But they fund the Republican party too. Defense contractors, the “war pigs” as Aimee Terese calls them? Absolutely. But they fund the Republicans, too. Wall Street, the financial companies? Certainly. But they fund the Republicans, too.

What is the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans?

To understand, consider why Angela Nagle was called a “fascist.” What, specifically, did she do to earn that smear? What was the article that triggered it?

Aimee Terese might look at something that happened to the Sierra Club in the 1990’s.

In 2001, [David] Gelbaum branched out with two back-to-back anonymous gifts to the Sierra Club Foundation that dwarfed all previous individual contributions to the club. The $101.5 million in donations led to a 10-fold increase in the club’s Youth in Wilderness programs and expansion of many other club activities.

But he said Pope long had known where he stood on the contentious issue. ‘I did tell Carl Pope in 1994 or 1995 that if they ever came out anti-immigration, they would never get a dollar from me.’

How Deeply Did Wall Street Investor David Gelbaum Damage the Sierra Club? — Brenda Walker, Social Contract Journal, 2014

In 1989 the Club’s official position was: “Immigration to the U.S. should be no greater than that which will permit achievement of population stabilization in the U.S.” The aim was to create an environmentally sustainable America, where human population growth would not outstrip natural processes that renew water, soil, forests, and other resources vital to human existence.

So it was both mysterious and alarming to concerned Club members when in 1996 the Board of Directors voted to adopt a “neutrality” policy regarding immigration:

The Sierra Club, its entities, and those speaking in its name will take no position on immigration levels or on policies governing immigration into the United States. The Club remains committed to environmental rights and protections for all within our borders, without discrimination based on immigration status.

A group of Sierra Club members (including this writer) got together not long thereafter to work within the Club’s democratic process to return to the original policy. The association was at first called the Sierrans for US Population Stabilization, but the Club management threatened to sue (despite Gay & Lesbian Sierrans, Sierra Singles, etc.), so the name was shorted to the acronym and exists today online as SUSPS.org.

Aimee Terese and Angela Nagle will understand what comes next:

In 2004, SUSPS ran several highly qualified candidates for the Board, including the one-time Democratic Governor of Colorado Dick Lamm and former Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Frank Morris. Nevertheless, the Club management was worried enough about maintaining control that it launched a scorched-earth attack on the SUSPS candidates, accusing them of racism and a “hostile takeover attempt” — by an election! Those SUSPS reformers would try anything!

The Alinsky-style campaign of outrageous personal slander succeeded and SUSPS candidates lost, with the help of a snoozy media that couldn’t imagine that gentle greenies could do mean things. But some important questions came out at that time, such as the source of vast sums of money showing up in Sierra coffers.

Candidate Dick Lamm asked, “Is this foreign money? Is it money that comes with special obligations? It’s negligence to spend money of that amount without knowing the source.”

The jig was up when moneybags Wall Streeter David Gelbaum was outed as the open-borders puppetmaster of the compromised Sierra Club. That revelation happened in October 2004 when the Los Angeles Times published the article, “The Man behind the Land,” which revealed his gift-giving and stipulation:

What do all these things have in common? What is the common thread? What do Angela Nagle, Malcom Kyeyune – a half-African, half-Swedish socialist being attacked as a “white supremacist” – and Tucker Carlson have in common?

What third rail did they touch?

Obviously, mass immigration into Western countries.

The one issue the Democratic party, and the Left in general, will never give a single inch on is mass immigration. The environment? As we see in the case of the Sierra Club, any group that tries to limit mass immigration will be bought out by billionaires like David Gelbaum. The environment of California is not as important as keeping the mass immigration going. LGBT? Mass immigration from cultures with extremely anti-LGBT attitudes continues apace, LGBT rights be damned.

A “class first” analysis might point to “cheap labor.” Certainly, that is the case for certain Republican-aligned business interests. Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, the Koch Brothers played for the Democrats a similar role that George Soros has played for the Republicans, an easily demonizable hate figure. The Koch Brothers were known to support mass immigration policies.

But there is a difference here. The Koch Brothers run the sort of industry that profits from cheap labor. That is not really the case for industries that are aligned with the Democratic party.

Considering the changes in the economy, there is little need for more unskilled labor. As Terese has pointed out, the Democratic party aligned Left, the DSA types, they are already in fear of proletarianization, because there are more aspiring Woke college grads then there are Woke jobs at Woke corporate HR departments and Woke Democratic NGO’s. Yet the Democratic party aligned Left are the ones attacking people like Nagle and Kyeyune for their immigration restrictionist stances – a stance that would help, not hurt, the job prospects of Woke college grads.

What is the difference?

It’s quite easy to see – but seeing what is right in front of your face is the greatest taboo of all.

Forget ideology. Look at the Supreme Court. What is the non-ideological differences between the Republican appointed justices and the Democratic appointed justices?

What about Congress? What non-ideological differences are there between the Republican and Democratic caucuses? More tellingly, what does the Republican caucus almost completely lack that the Democratic party does not?

Both the Republican and the Democratic party are funded by billionaires, the RNC and the DNC are funded by the same class of billionaires.

But there is an obvious difference if one merely looks at the names of the billionaires and compare and contrast the ones funding the Republicans and the ones funding the Democrats.

Tucker Carlson, one of the most popular political news celebrities, is constantly under attack, and the Anti-Defamation League has been leading the charge to have him fired. He has already lost all major corporate advertisers due to their pressure.

What is the ADL? Tucker Carlson complained that when the ADL attacks him over discussing demographics, the ADL is a strong supporter of immigration restriction in Israel. The ADL wants Israeli to stay Jewish. But the ADL says that to want America to remain American is “white supremacist.”

Why the double standard?

Now consider the unhinged hatred that the Left displayed for the white working class specifically. How is it a Left that postures as “for the working class” hates the majority of that working class with such unhinged hatred?

Look at the makeup of the elite universities. Who runs them? Fifty years ago, the Ivy League had a large minority faction of conservatives. They have none now. Who has been able to purge the Ivy League universities of conservatives over the last fifty years?

Once Aimee Terese follows the money it is going to lead her to a very, very dark place. Anyone who shines a light on that very dark place is called a “fascist.”

What is a “fascist?” As Malcom Kyeyune correctly noted, “no one reads Strasser.” A “Red-Brown Alliance?” Such things don’t exist except in the fevered imaginations of Antifa. But who gets accused of being a “Strasserite?”

Why “fascism?” That is a long dead ideology.

Who is keeping the Ghost of Hitler alive, and for what purpose?

There is surely a class element to these issues. But it is not just class. There is a real division in the billionaire oligarch class – they have the same class interests, but only one faction of that class has an interest in mass immigration for social, not economic, reasons.

The best part about it? They are not at all shy about telling you why they are for mass immigration – even when that mass immigration hurts the environment, causes ethnic and racial conflict, and strains the social welfare safety net.

Because to a certain faction of the billionaire oligarch class, and their foot-soldiers on the Left, the Democratic party, and other institutions, there is a project far, far more important than any of those issues.

Forget the ideology. What do the slurs “fascist” and “Nazi” really have in common? What does the average person think when they hear the terms “fascist” and “Nazi?”

They can say it. But if you say it, you’re a “fascist.”

They are not shy about their plans – quite the opposite, they openly celebrate it and viciously attack anyone who tries to stop them.

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I know, you wish it weren’t true, but there it is.