So Youtube announces a new round of censorship – no questioning “the vaccines” and they even preemptively banned RFK Jr. and some doctors.

Why? Is something coming out they want to keep quiet?

I’m going to really lose it if all of those “5G Chip” nutjobs were actually correct.

I obviously have my own perspective on these things based on 9/11. In that case, it really was more the cover-up than the crime itself – you could start to understand what happened by what they did afterward.

It seems to me they have been greatly exaggerating the deaths since the very beginning. The PCR tests are said to be cycled very high, thus, giving a huge amount of false positives. The people dying are typically elderly people who were already on death’s door, and some protocols have been implemented that frankly seemed designed to kill people who otherwise may have recovered.

A normal, healthy, non-elderly person who contracts whatever this is seems to either have no symptoms, or to get what amounts to a common cold, sometimes a very bad one.

They are clearly lying about the “jabs.” People who are fully vaccinated who test positive are declared to be “unvaccinated” if they got “the jab” six months earlier. They are clearly going back and forth on the “booster shots.” They seem hesitant to start forcing shots on children, perhaps fearing a backlash.

The nurses worked all throughout the pandemic without a vaccine, now any nurses who won’t take the shot are being fired, and they are being replaced with … National Guardsman, some of whom are not even required to be vaccinated.

Clearly, this isn’t about public health. The “Vaccine Internal Passports” are Biden’s OSHA regulations are clearly not about public health. Everything they are doing is simple police state measures, meant to control the population.

What I know:

1. Event 201, which more or less was the plan they are rolling out now. According to the Plandemic guy, one of the CEO’s said that “the money will follow the media hype” and clearly, certain people – like Bill Gates – are making massive amounts of money on this.

2. Wuhan Lab. I’m perfectly willing to believe it is a bioweapon that was released either purposefully or accidentally, and some of the reaction may have been panic. But clearly it was not even close to as deadly as they originally claimed, to the extent it even exists.

3. Police state measures: typically governments want to do this anyway, but this is irrational. There are easier ways to go about this.

4. Social Credit Score. As someone pointed out, with a Social Credit Score you can’t get on an airplane unless you have a high enough score. But we already have that, it’s called your bank account. If your bank account score isn’t high enough, you can’t get on the airplane. You get a higher score for doing things people want, working to make money. I get they want insanity like Carbon Tracking, but again, this is weird.

5. The international coordination is truly stunning. I think it is fair to say that we have a Global Government already that is just sort of coming out of the closet now.

I really don’t understand the agenda here, aside from the obvious parts about money and control. I’m guessing there is an opportunistic agenda to do large scale human trials of the new mRNA technology, which they would have never been able to get away with without the blanket immunity from liability.

If there were millions of Africans dropping dead, I would totally believe this was a depopulation thing going on, but that is not the case. They are killing off the old people, to save the money they would have had to spend on their health care one assumes.

I’m also perfectly willing to believe there is some sterilization going on, if we see a wave of young women – or even men – becoming infertile, I would not be surprised.

But I’m really at a loss. This seems so absurd, so unnecessary, and even counter-productive. I could understand 9/11, the New Pearl Harbor. Murder a bunch of people, blame a boogey man, and get America to fight Israel’s enemies while also replacing the Cold War system with the new War on Terror system.

I hope my readers have a better idea of what is going on then I do, because I’m stumped.