I have a lot of new readers and new commenters, and with this comes new perspectives and what I would call “shifting alliances.”

It’s not 2010 anymore. It’s also not 2002 anymore. It’s 2021.

Back in 2014 to 2015, I spent a huge amount of time attacking Andrew Anglin and anyone associated with the Daily Stormer. I don’t really do that anymore, because things have changed. I attacked Anglin and the Daily Stormer quite a bit back in those days because Anglin, purposefully or not, was damaging a promising new alliance, the “Alt Right.” Even back around about 2010, Richard Spencer was doing really good speeches and doing a sort of “meta-political” work. It can be summarized with his slogan: “race is real, race is important, and race forms the foundation of identity.”

Saying such an obvious thing was important because it opposed the “race blind conservatism” of the Republican party at the time. In 2021, there is some woman set up by the usual faux-“dissident right” around the Zionist front groups Rebel Media and Breitbart saying “don’t call Critical Race Theory anti-white.”

Why not? Critical Race Theory *IS* anti-white. It is only aimed at white people. Well, the reason the Jews behind Rebel Media and Breitbart don’t want the term “anti-white” to be used is because once the concept of “anti-white” is mainstreamed, most normal white people are going to become “pro-white” and once that happens, we have already won.

Anglin’s “Nazi” gimmick was pretty funny at times, and being edgy taboo-breakers is fun for young guys. In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with it. But sometimes being a shit-talking “online edgelord” is counter productive. And with Richard Spencer doing a kind of pro-white “Alternative Right” that was getting some public exposure, Anglin’s 4chan act was just counter-productive. And they wouldn’t leave it where it belonged – on 4chan. No, every single online “Alt Right” property was constantly trolled by Anglin’s “troll army” posting “Nazi” shit, which had the effect of ruining the mainstream appeal of Richard Spencer’s Alt Right.

Of course, Spencer himself destroyed his own credibility by embracing Anglin just at the time he should have been ignoring him. Then, Spencer further blew up his own credibility through his own lack of discipline. He also failed, hard, at basic “opsec” by allowing himself to get drunk on camera and getting recorded ranting like a nutjob. And who has been basically “blackmailing” him with those videos? No less than Breitbart (this: Mossad) agent Milo Yiannopoulos, who openly said he had a “hard drive full of videos” of compromising material on various “Alt Right” type people. If you think about it, it was always kind of obvious, wasn’t it, that Milo was a “glowie?” I’ve been warning about Breitbart for years. It has long been known it’s an Israeli operation.

Spencer’s AltRight.com never knew what it wanted to be. Was AltRight.com going to be 4chan/Daily Stormer, complete with “Nazi” memes, or was it going to be a mainstream, adult platform for serious political work. When Trump won, Spencer was hinting that he had some contacts with the Trump administration and was going to use NPI to put out white papers. The idea was that NPI was going to be a serious political think tank. Certainly, the 2015 NPI conference was a serious win – it was even more of a win because Spencer kicked out that asshole idiots Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott, who were literally working directly with the SPLC and Antifa.

But on AltRight.com, when I would bring up something about NPI’s promised white papers, I was mocked, because who cares about white papers? Revolution, man, GTKRWN! “We can’t vote our way out of this problem!” North West Front! Secession!

It’s nobody’s fault but Spencer’s that NPI and AltRight.com failed. But there was a time when it seemed promising. I had aligned myself with that particular political faction and worked for its success.

But that is over now.

Someone last year made a comment here that Jared Taylor is a “scumbag” because he doesn’t discuss the Jewish problem. That is an idiotic attitude. Jared Taylor is doing good work. AmRen, along with VDare, it about the very best mainstream pro-white work being done right now.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I discuss the “Jewish Question” all the time. But I’m not going to undercut what Jared Taylor is doing, instead, I’m going to do something else. In fact, I’ve never posted at AmRen, because to do so would just discredit them. It is about the same with VDare. VDare is the very edge of the Overton Window – am I really going to complain that they also have Zionist Geisha Girl Michelle Malkin?

No – both Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow are doing good work. They are not being subversive. You know who is subversive? Breitbart and Rebel Media. Those two platforms attack pro-whites and “anti-semites.” Jared Taylor says “Jews look white to me and Jews can be men of the West.” I actually agree with Jared Taylor there, but the problem Taylor has is Jews don’t agree. But Jared Taylor doesn’t spend his time attacking “anti-semites.” You know who does? Colin Liddell. Colin Liddell could do what Jared Taylor does, and do pro-white work inclusive of Jews. But he doesn’t – instead, Colin Liddell spends all of his time attacking “anti-semites” and “nazis” and even calls himself “Antifa.” His second in command, James Lawrence, spends all of his time attacking “white nationalists.”

Can we see the difference?

I listened to Mike Enoch for a year or so. Never liked the guy, always thought his behavior at the NPI conference was exactly what ruined it – but again, the real fault of Spencer’s for inviting The Atlantic to film. But fat idiots like Enoch just had to do his Hitler salute gimmick in front of the media, thus giving the enemy media exactly what they wanted. Typical Andrew Anglin bullshit, “they are going to call us Nazis anyway so let’s give them what they want!”

It’s moronic. I actually think Mike Enoch understand a lot of the Jewish problem on a fundamental level, but he’s too invested in his narrow-minded gimmick to ever be effective. I wouldn’t go near any of their National Justice Party events because it’s just a counter-productive circle jerk. But I can appreciate the serious journalism that Erik Striker has done – but I’m still not going to associate with those people because they are just a bunch of clowns.

Fash The Nation, I will listen to, because James Alsup is fantastics, and “Jazzhands McFeels” is pretty good too, even though he has to carry around that stupid “Nazi” baggage with him, limiting his effectiveness.

But FTN made a good point about Tucker Carlson.

To call Tucker Carlson “controlled opposition” is too simplistic. To call Tucker Carlson an “ally” is also too simplistic. JM on FTN made a good point, but I have to sharpen it a little bit. JM said when Tucker Carlson starts using “our rhetoric” that is the time to “attack” him.

Carlson is using the “Replacement” talking point, but he’s doing a Lee Atwater, and turning it to the purposes of the Republican party. Carlson says, “it’s not about race, it’s about new Democratic voters.”

We don’t need to “attack” Tucker Carlson for saying that. Instead, we hijack his publicity and point out the truth: it’s not just about new Democratic voters – although it is that. It’s about making whites a minority. It is not just about disenfranchising Republicans voters – although it is that – it is about disenfranchising white Americans in America.

We don’t need to “attack” Tucker Carlson for saying that. Nor do we need to turn into mindless fans of Tucker Carlson. I hate Tucker Carlson, and always have, and always will – just like I despite that piece of shit Ann Coulter. Both were the nastiest smear merchants attacking the families of the victims of 9/11 and major attackers of 9/11 truth.

But both are saying things in public that I want said. They are public figures, with money and media behind them. I’m just a fringe blogger. So I try to hijack their key words so anybody looking up Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter might land on my blog, where I will say, yeah, Tucker Carlson is right – there is a Great Replacement going on. But Tucker won’t say the whole truth – it is not about the Republican party, it’s about white people – and yes, Jews are at the forefront of justifying the disenfranchising of white people, in preparation for a literal genocide, just like Jews helped to facilitate in the Soviet Union.

Tucker Carlson is not my “friend” – he is not even really my “ally.” It is better for him to talk about the Great Replacement on TV, even if he is giving a wrong explanation of it, because it gets the idea out there.

And like JM/FTN says, when Tucker starts saying this stuff, that is precisely the time to “attack” him – although “attack” is the wrong word, now is the time to say, yes, Tucker is right, there is a Great Replacement, but no, Tucker is wrong, it is not about Republican voters – it is about white people.

Let’s say Jared Taylor ran for Congress. I, of course, would totally support him. What I would not do? I would not go to mainstream websites and say, “I’m a Nazi and I support Jared Taylor! GTKRWN!”

Nor would I say, “no one ever mention Jews every against because it might hurt Jared Taylors chances!”

If RamZPaul ran for Congress, I would totally support him – even though I find his Ayn Randroid libertarian bullshit just that – complete bullshit – cringe-inducing bullshit. But it would be better to have RamZPaul in Congress than not having RamZPaul in Congress.

I don’t think this is some sort of “big brained take” here. I don’t think I’m making some super-sharp political strategic point. I think this is all just obvious common sense, which is why when people say otherwise, it makes me frankly suspicious.

As for the rest of it – I increasingly find the “Dissident Right” to be irrelevant to my interests. The last time I listened to a Richard Spencer interview I was bored to death, and his latest one about why he supports abortion, I’m not going to waste my time. I read his Twitter feed occasionally, and it is just pure cringe. He just postures as a good upper middle class liberal with some “hot takes” on race, and he is disgustingly pushing the vaccine mandates and status signaling about how stupid the anti-vaxxers are.

Literally – fuck him. He is clearly of no use to me.

Andrew Anglin? He’s on Unz.com now, doing his typical retard act, but I don’t need to attack him anymore, because he is not a threat to any political projects I care about.

The TRS crowd? They are popular, they have a little subculture around them, it may be interesting to young guys, and it may help red pill them – fine. I’m not joining any of that. I would not want my son anywhere near those people and I would explain to him exactly why. But I’ll still listen to Fash The Nation because they do some decent research and I always learn something from them.

I’ve never considered myself a “right-winger” and I find the “action” is no longer on the “Alt Right” or the “Dissident Right.” The action is now on the anti-Left that is attacking the Democratic party, especially over the vaccines, and the “Red Browns” who make a “Marxist case against mass immigration.”

So I’m sticking with those people for now, because they are more interesting to me, and I feel my interests are better served by them than whatever rump is left over from the “Dissident Right.” Dissident Right wingers talking about “egalitarianism” and why “equality is bad” are about as cringe as RamZPaul’s Ayn Randtardism. It is just not relevant.

As far as current events, there is the vaccine mandates and the police state totalitarianism, which must be opposed, and the always on political issue of mass immigration and anti-whiteness in general. It is the Left, not the Right, that are best poised to stop those things.

And, also, Tucker Carlson, pushing the envelope on the Great Replacement and the ADL. That’s all to the good.