Representative Thomas Massie, a Republican from Kentucky, is being smeared as an “anti-semite.” What did he do? Did he claim that Jews soak their matzo balls in the blood of Christian children?

Did he accuse Jews of poisoning wells?

Maybe he accused Jews of controlling the media?

No, Thomas “Hitler” Massie did far, far worse, and that is why he is called a “Jew Hater.”

Thomas “Jew Hater” Massie:

1. Voted against giving Israel more American tax money for the Iron Dome missile system.

2. Voting against suppressing free speech of American citizens over BDS.

3. Voting to preserve religious liberty and the separation of church and state by not voting to force non-Jewish children to be indoctrinated by Jewish religious propaganda.

4. Made some offhand comparison between the Covid mandates and World War II Germany.

Have you given money to Jews and Israel this week? If not, you’re a Jew Hater.

Have you bought Israeli manufactured goods and services this week? If not, you’re a Jew Hater.

Have you watched Schindler’s List recently? If not, you are Literally Hitler.

Have you ever compared some politician you don’t like to Hitler? That trivializes Jewish suffering, therefore, you are Literally Hitler.

In his recent interview, Megyn Kelly asked Tucker Carlson about the ADL’s latest slurs against him, and Tucker responded, “fuck them.” It seems certain taboos are weakening.